Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thank you 2016

Quick end of year post before 2016 ends.

I think this year is quite an easy year for me. I kinda think I let myself go easy and more relaxed than before. Enjoy more me time, just do what you can etc. But at the same time I think I get tired and sleepy easily at night! How annoying!

My most memorable drama this year would be Another Oh Hae Young. I loveeee that drama 😊 and the trip to HK and Korea was awesome! I wanna go there again 😊

Sadly, a lot of famous people died this year, Prince, Princess Leia, her mum, and more.

This year is also a year where I follow Indonesian news closely. So many news made me shake my head and wonder how come people be so stupid, selfish, uptight, close-minded, and have so thick skin. The memorable news are Ahok vs religion, sari roti, 212, Moslem tolerant vs Moslem fanatics, Moslem vs non-moslem, and the replacement of Ahok during his leave.

I spent more time with my ATG friends this year. We had camping, more sleepovers, more shopping together, more gym together, more hang outs and more holidays together. If I look back to how this year was, I think I see them in most memories. It's good. Hopefully we can stay this way. We also survived an overseas holiday, that is an achievement lol

Ah of course I can't forget the bus drivers who always take me home every day. I guess I take bus quite often so they recognize me. They honk the horn if they see me at the street even when I'm not taking their bus, they honk when they see my dad working in the garden, one of them even bought my sister an ice cream lol! They really made this year a kinder year ;)

I had back issue this year and had to have physio and a lot of massages. Massages are great though hahaha.. The paying part is not great. I haven't even started talking about physio.

I had 2 overseas holidays this year yayyy! Hope I can have 2 every year hahaha...

Overall it was a good year. Hopefully next year would be better 😊

And hopefully next year people would be nicer to each other 😊

Happy New Year 2017!!!!! Please be kind and generous to us all! 😊

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

To Judge

I haven't blogged for a while, and since I have nothing to do now on the train, and since I have neither book nor internet connection on my mobile, here I am typing away πŸ˜ͺ

The other day I was talking to my sister, and she mentioned about her colleague. This colleague stays with her mum, boyfriend and her sister and brother-in-law their kids, so, her nephews and nieces. When I heard she was moving in with those bunch of people, I already thought how crowded it was going to be. Plus with nephews and nieces, you'd help to help raising them for sure.

So yeah, that's what happens. She sometimes complains to my sister, some days she would be so tired and doesn't want to do anything, but the others don't watch and take care of the kids, so she had to do it anyway.

That got me thinking. We all read news about accidents due to negligence every day. Don't you sometimes ask how could that happen when there are so many people in the house? Those people must be terrible people and so on.

But it could be that there's 1 person who usually cares, but on that day she/he is just so dead tired and just for that night, went to bed early. Just for that 1 night. On the other nights she'd always be taking care of the kids, watching them play, putting them to bed etc. And that 1 night something happens.

When it's all over the news, surely most people think, what's wrong with these people?? Not even 1 of them actually watch the kids?? And that 1 person who usually does every single night, even when they are not actually their kids, might be blaming himself/herself to death for being tired, for going to bed early on that particular one night so she/he couldn't prevent the accident from happening.

It's so easy to judge other people isn't it? It's human nature. Probably because we all need reasons for everything, and probably because blaming others is the easiest reason we could come up with. However, judging people is so hard you. If we count how many times our judgement actually passes as true, it would be more that are actually wrong. Yet, it is hard to stop ourselves to judge.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hong Kong & South Korea Trip - Hong Kong Part

Hi hi!!! I'm back!! I just arrived last Saturday afternoon after 2 weeks holiday in Hong Kong and South Korea. How was it? It was AWESOME!!!

My holiday started 1 day late though, due to typhoon in Hong Kong -_- I kinda had the feeling it was going to be cancelled as my flight was supposed to arrive on the day of the typhoon at 3PM. And that typhoon was predicted to hit in the afternoon. So yeah.

Because of that, I only had 3 nights and 2.5 days in Hong Kong. Disneyland had to be cut out -.- but my friends who've been there assure me that I didn't miss a thing as the one in Japan was way way way way wayyyy bigger and better. So that comforted me a bit hahaha... xD

When in Hong Kong we visited the harbour, Fa Yuen market, Ladies market, Ngongping Village, Tai O fishing village and Temple St market. We sacrificed Disneyland so we could visit those 2 villages. I thought, only 2 days in HK, if I went to Disneyland, I wouldn't be able to see much of Hong Kong at all! So far, everyone I talked to said I made a wise decision *wide grin*

Those places except Temple St market made quite an impression on me. Fa Yuen market was good for us who don't like to bargain, the price there can only be haggled a bit. This market has clothes, souvenirs, fresh fruit and food stalls too. I bought some stinky tofu, pig insides, fish balls and some other skewers.

Ladies market however, is no good for my heart. I was so scared every time I named my price! My heartbeat raced each time we bargained. So, no, not good for my heart lol

The price there, unfortunately, needs to be haggled. For example, I bought this big bunny keyring that Asian girls put on their purse nowadays, the fluffy one, in that market. The stallkeeper said 120HKD. That's 20AUD!! So I said no. She then gave me the calculator and told me to name my price. I hesitated for a loooooooonnnnnngggggg time before saying 60. Then she said, no, 100. I kept saying no, and she kept dropping it until 60HKD @__@ At the end of it, I was dumbfounded. I was speechless and still felt cheated even though I got it at the price I named.

In another stall, I wanted a fridge magnet. The seller said it was 55AUD. And again asked me to name a price. I didn't know what to bargain it for, then my friend said $35 for 2. The seller got personal and yelled, "I said $55 for 1 and you ask $35 for 2???". Then we ran away from that stall. But later on, we actually bought the same thing 2 for $40 :/ you get what I mean?

However, they do have good range of stuffs to sell. Souvenirs, tshirts, umbrellas, even bed linens. But yeah, you have to haggle.

Ngongping Village was a good place to spend time in. Aside from the lady at the ticket booth who was very rude even when unprovoked, my day in Ngongping was very enjoyable. The view from the cable car was amazing. It was worth the money I paid for the ride. The temple and monastery were great too. Just keep in mind there are a lot of stairs to climb. And wisdom path was PREEEEEETTTTYYYYYY! it wasn't 10 minutes walk per the sign said, more like 15 minutes. But it was very pretty! Nothing there apart from the wooden sticks, but go there for the view. We almost got lost on the way back, so keep an eye on the signage.

We pretty much ate all our way in Tai O πŸ˜‚ we had giant squid, grilled dried squid, tofu hua, and I can't remember what else. It's like traditional market street, the dry one though. But we arrived late arvo, so I'm not sure if it's like that in the morning too.

Temple St market was so so. More cheap Chinese products there I think. I didn't buy anything there, but from memory the price was very reasonable compared to ladies market. Maybe you can haggle a bit, but not that much. However, I think the stuffs here are old stocks. They were looking pretty dusty.

We took 4:40 AM bus to the airport the next day. We arrived at the airport even before they turned on all the lights :l

Overall, Hong Kong was quite enjoyable. It was hot though, we arrived at the end of October and it was still hot and humid. My leggings was wet with sweat so quickly @_@ food was good, even though not as cheap I was hoping it to be. AND, I was very surprised to find that only a number of people can speak English! Even just to ask for directions, once I spoke English, most of them just waved their hand and left. I tried with the youngsters too, and they didn't even know the place when I showed them the instructions from Google Map! They had to google it themselves using Chinese and then Ohhhhh it's that one.... -__-

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Picture Perfect

Last night I was flicking through the channels and came across this TV show on SBS (PS: I probably only watch SBS like few times a year. It's a pretty boring channel to me). Anyway, what caught my interest was, I was 98% sure the girl who was talking was an Indo, AND she was talking about her flat nose. I was so sure then she was Indo. Later on they showed her name, and yep, Indo πŸ˜†

Anyway, she was saying how everybody was always commenting about her flat nose and they started to touch her nose a lot. Then, her mum started pinning a clothes peg on her nose everyday after school in an attempt to lengthen it.

I can't remember what the host asked her after, but she replied, saying that beauty in Indonesia is related to financial security. There's this perception that if you're pretty, then you will have good financial in the future. I. E. Marrying a rich guy. She said, even her mum was telling her when she was in school, "You have to do well in your studies, because... You know.... ". Which she responded, "Yes, mum, I know. I won't be marrying a rich guy". And her mum would be, "Yeah... He he he... "

The show was called Insight, and the topic was Picture Perfect. It was pretty much talking about plastic cosmetic surgery to young people. It's an Australian show and the audience were a mixed of races of young people, both females and males who live in Australia. What made them do it, and would there be anything that could prevent them to do it?

This girl hasn't had any cosmetic surgery, but she believes that if she had one to lengthen her nose, then she would be very happy. She said, once she went to South Korea, and a random girl said to her, "I think you need a plastic surgery". She took out her tablet, took her photo and asked which part she wanted changed if she had surgery, and she said nose. Then the girl cut a nose out of her favorite actress and put it on her photo to replace her nose. She said it looked weird, but she was happy and excited about it.

The host then asked her, would there be anything that can make you change your mind about how you look? To not considering plastic surgery? Her answer made me laugh, but also made me wince. Her answer was, "Yeah.. If I don't go back to my home country. If I just stay here".

She said that everytime she went back to Indonesia, their first comments would be, "You're getting fat! " or "You're getting uglier! ". They didn't ask her how she was going or how was her study, they commented on her look or body.

When I heard that, I was laughing. I wasn't laughing at her, but because I was happy that it isn't only me who receives those comments when I go home. I still remember the first comment my 11 years old cousin said to me when I first saw her last time I went back home, I was in a formal dress about to attend a wedding reception all dressed up and with make up on, she said, "Big sister, your tummy is so big!" -___-" really? You haven't seen me in a year and that's your first greeting to me? And I remember my trip to Bali with the whole family, and there was once in the car ride that my uncle said to me repeatedly that I was fat. FYI, I wore size 8 or 10 back then. For sure I wasn't skinny, but I wasn't fat. For the whole ride, I was thinking of ways to change to my other uncle's car (and whatsapping my oz colleagues about it. To which she horrifyingly replied "YOU ARE NOT FAT!!!!" The good thing is, living in Sydney makes my skin color go fairer. So most of the time I was complimented on my skin color.

But yeah, if an 11 years old girl could comment on my tummy the first time we met after a year, no wonder the adults can say negative comments about how people look without batting an eyelash. If their comment is legit, I. E. The person is really fat and needs to lose some weight then it's OK. It's good for them. But if they are just not crazily skinny or not crazily pretty, then don't say they're fat or ugly.

But all these do happen back home. And other countries of course. When I go home, on every first meetings with extended family, I'd be toughen up my heart and skin a bit and be worried about what they would comment on. Luckily, living in Australia does give me that "I don't give a damn" or "whatever" attitude. So even though I do get pissed off listening to those, it doesn't make me hate how I look. And plus, size 8 or 10 is really not fat man!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

Friday, September 9, 2016

Sacrifices and Taking Things for Granted

My dad is going back home this Saturday. I never have told my parents, but every time they are here, at the last week of the stay I try not to go out and have dinner at home.

I guess if I say it directly to them, they might feel happy. People are always happy when they know other people are making sacrifices for their sake or go out of their way for them.

It reminds me of few years ago when I had my bestie still in Australia. Back then I used to work on the weekends, so I couldn't hang out much. She was always out during weekends with friends. There were times when she went out without asking me to join because she thought I was working, or because she just didn't think of it, or simply because there was no more space in her flatmate's car. Sometimes she went to restaurants I had been craving to go too, and places I also wanted to go.

Every time that happened, I got upset and we had a fight or cold war (Thanks to Facebook, I got to know where she went all those time. Now that I think about it, some of those fights wouldn't have happened if Facebook didn't exist :/) She was stubborn and I was sensitive. The cycle went on and on, even until I quit my weekend job. I still am a sensitive person, but after the last few years I realise that nothing really last forever. So don't waste your time and energy to fight, they are going to leave soon anyway. It is not worth fighting for.

But back then, I wanted to make a point. I guess I wanted myself heard, that she knew that it was making me upset. I didn't want that one day she would say, "I didn't know you were upset. You should have said something". Well.. not that I could keep it to myself anyway, I am after all a very expressive person and can't hide my emotion at all. I guess, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't taken for granted.

Nobody likes to be taken for granted, right?

Monday, August 1, 2016

Another Random Blabbering Post

It's COLDDDDD!! When will spring come? I really can't wait!

For the past few years, winter in Sydney has been pretty warm. My home is cold last year too, but going to work, going out for lunch etc wasn't that cold. This year it seems like the coldness has been saved for 3 years and released all at once.

On another note, it's August already! It is scary how fast time flies. I always wonder if Earth rotates faster and faster as it ages. But then again, how come the clocks all know about it and adjust their ticking to it? Could they be communicating somehow? I hope they don't, coz that means time has always been the same and I just have more things to do compared to before and I can slow it down if I cut down the list of things I want or need to do.

My mum went home yesterday. So only dad is still here in Sydney. I wonder how we go. I wonder if he will attempt cooking XD will he do some of the housework? I don't really mind, as long as he doesn't complain we don't clean it up enough. We're pretty relaxed on this, especially with the weather this cold, it's good enough I manage to drag myself out of my blanket every morning.

Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin were married yesterday in Bali. I told my bestie, "You should have gone to the wedding venue pretending to be a reporter! You would have got a Hong bao filled with 660 yuan and we can divide among us two" lol XD She laughingly said, "I should have! And I bet if you were working in that venue, you would be begging to work on their wedding day!". That's true, I would have PAID to be working on that day lol. There goes my actor crush lol, but I'm actually genuinely happy with this pair. Both are my favorite actor and actress and both seem nice. And both are past marriageable age. I'm always happy when a couple are both of older age (or should I say mature?), jd ngga ambil pasaran orang laen lol. But I might change my actor crush to Hu Ge now that Wallace is now married? XD just kidding :P

Have a good day!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I Was Sick Last Week

Enak ya bobo 8 jam on weekdays XD this is one of my rambling post by the way. I don't know if there would be any point in this one lol

I was sick last week. To be exact it was more than a week. It started on Fri the week before, I woke up with really really dry throat. I thought, it's definitely going to be a cough for sure. And yep, I started coughing and had sore throat too because of it. It wasn't that bad that day, I even joked to Crown Prince when he asked me if I was getting sick. I said dunno, but I hope it comes on Monday, not on my weekend! And don't tell Superexcited! He was like yeah yeah sure, that's human nature, I understand ;)

That night was Turkieto's last night in Sydney, so we went to have dinner together. The plan was hotpot since it was freaking cold! But since the restaurant we went in only had hotpot buffet, and it was $40 a head!!! What the heck??? Hot pot $40 a head is really a rip of!! So we changed the plan and had the spicy stir fry wok. That is still spicy. We also ordered some spicy beef and tribes slices cold dish and some grilled lamb skewers. That night I was ok.

Saturday and Sunday the cough got worse. I mostly stayed home, keep warm, and watched what I ate. But on Sunday night it really was bad. My mum nagged me not to go to work on Monday.

I was sick, yes. But the problem is, I don't get sick often. I also didn't have a fever. So apart from coughing my throat out, I actually felt fine. But yeah with that kind of cough, people on the train surely will give me death stare :l what I mean is, kl itu hari2 biasa, kayanya sih aku bakalan masuk senennya. Tp secara pas itu Jumat aku lg super bete sm kantorrrrr (refer ke post sebelonnya), so alhasil aku keukeuh mau di rumah aja hari senen *peace sign* mamaku jg, dia ngotot gitu suru aku gak masuk, pdhl biasanya sih terserah2 aja. Yah, dia jg bete abis kuceritain soalnya hahahahhaa.... Now u know where I got my character right? :P

I went to GP on Monday. I woke up like 5 times last night coz of the cough. Damn oz doctor, soooooooooo not wanting to give patients medicine unless it's really really bad! He said I've got cold and there's nothing he could prescribe me with. He said it was viral and antibiotics won't work. Just have some lozenges and sip lemon water every 10 minutes. I think my jaw must have dropped, coz he looked at me and said "I'm so sorry..." And he only gave me 1 day medical certificate -_-

At the end of the day the cough was the same and I got runny/blocked nose. My mum nagged me again to not come in the next day. I said to her, "Bukannya mama biasanya bilang, kalo dulu sih pas mama buka toko, paling sebel kalo pegawai bolos berhari2??" :P Dia nyengir and bilang, "Ya... Abis mama jg kesel" hauahahhahahah XD

The next day I called in sick and I went to different doctor this time. It starts to bugging me now coz last night I woke up every freaking hour!! (I checked my mobile every time I woke up). Luckily this time the doctor gave me antibiotics. He said I've got infection. Yeah of course, after coughing for whole day yesterday, surely it would have hurt something! And cough syrup. And this doctor told me to rest 2 more days yay! ^^

So I didn't go to work for 2 days, then I came in on Thu. I thought I felt alright, but as the day goes, I cough even more. Fri I came to work, but I coughed even worse and by 12, Water tap couldn't take it anymore.

Water tap: "You shouldn't have come today."
Me: "I was alright in the morning"
Water tap: "Oh.. yeah, must be the aircon. Just go home. Go to Lao-er and say you don't feel well and go home."
Me: "Oh? No, it's ok, it's just a cough"
Water tap: "No, I'm serious! There's nothing urgent to be done here anyway. Just go to him and ask."

I saw he was serious, so I told Creamer which he approved right away. I haven't even told him why and he ok it. I guess it's obvious then?

So yep, only came to work 1.5 days last week. On Thursday, they were talking about meeting on Friday. And I was like, "Oh? Already Fri? So fast!!" XD and everyone was like, "Of course it's fast! You didn't even come for the whole week! You only came today!".


Sunday, July 17, 2016

What Business Are We In By The Way??

Kadang aku heran ya, katanya kita in Motivation Business -> why the hell am I using caps there??? Can't believe I'm typing using bawel's typing style ughhhhhhhhhh... anyway, katanya kita in motivation business, mbok ya konsisten gitu lho and motivate your own employee gitu, bukannya demotivating us????

Contoh ya, inget kan soal kontrak 3 bulan lalu yg mereka suru semua pegawai sign, buat bikin kita2 kasi notice kl mau quit 1 bulan kalo kita uda kerja 1 taon, 2 bulan kalo uda kerja 2 taon, or 3 bulan kalo uda kerja 3 taon ke atas? Setelah kurang lebih 3 bulanan mereka lupa, kayanya si bawel ingetin bosku n 1 bos laen lagi deh. Jadinya, one day....

Si Red Head br performance review, feedbacknya positive banget and katanya bakalan naek gaji. Tp 1-2 minggu kemudian, si Poker Face tau2 nyamperin si Red Head.

Poker Face: I was just chasing Lao-Er about your raise, and he mentioned that you haven't signed the contract yet... I'd love to give you a raise, I'm on your side. I just want this to be sorted... bla bla bla bla.... ya intinya loe belon naek gaji soalnya loe belon sign contract.
Red Head: I don't think it's fair for someone junior like me to give 2++ months notice to quit.
Poker Face: Please think about it and get back to me and Lao Er.
Red Head: Lao Er mentioned that I don't have to give the full notice period if I've already got a job, but that isn't in the contract.
Poker Face: I understand.... but if it's in there then it would make the new contract the same as the old one...

See? Demotivating kan? Tiap hari berkoar2 soal success of a company depends on the employees, kita musti motivate employees supaya mrk kerjanya jg makin ok and bikin company makin sukses. Kenyataannya? Yah itu buat company org donk, kl buat sendiri mah laen cerita. Kl buat sendiri mah, ikettttt selama kita masi butuh, kalo bisa suru tanda tangan buat kerja seumur idup, tp kalo uda ga butuh, tiap hari bikin bete aja smp akhirnya keluar sendiri. Sorry deh, aku sendiri Asian, tp serasa kerja sama Asians man...

The funny thing was, pas sehari sesudahnya, si Red Head sakit, beneran sakit, bukannya bolos, dia emang ternyata agak2 penyakitan, jd normal buat dia tau2 sakit. Bosku kepikiran lolllll dia nanya ke temen si Red Head, dia beneran sakit ato ada alesan laen? HUHAUAHHAHUAHAHAAHAHAA sukurinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn XD And the next day wkt Red Head masuk kantor, si Poker Face lgs samperin dia, dia bilang dia bakalan tetep naek gaji regardless of the contract issue, Dia bilang, "I didn't want you to think that we were pressuring you". Hell right you weren't, wong dia pretty much bilang we'd love to give you a raise, but yeah you haven't signed the contract, so please sign so we can give you a raise. Gitu kan kasarnya?? Ampun dah. Dia pikir org2 bego apa -__-

Uda gitu ya, yg aku lagi sebel, kantor kita tuh tiap 3 bulan ada penghargaan buat pegawai teladan gituan lahhhhh periode terakhir kmrn br diumumin and aku gak dapet. Gendek sih, secara aku uda kerja keras 3 bulan terakhir. Honestly, aku uda rada nyerah sih dr brp taon lalu. Abis gimana coba, masa aku ga dpt2 lagi dari maybe 4 taon lalu, terus abis 2 taon baru dpt 1, itu juga bukannya pas period aku ngerasa kerja keras. Aku inget pas aku dpt dl, aku mikirnya cuma, "About time." Abis dr sana, smp skg aku ga pernah dpt lagi. Brp kl taon lalu aku pikir bakalan dapet, eh ga dapet juga, to the point aku uda mikir, udalah, uda diblacklist ga bakal dpt lg, so don't bother trying next time. I stayed true to that the period before last, bodo amat deh, ga ada kerja keras kerja keras apaan juga, krj biasa aja lah, enjoy ur time.

Tp 3 bulan terakhir tuh i had no choice man. Si manager pegi pacaran ke London, terus kmrn itu mudik ke bombay juga tunangan, kita jg baru launch 1 website yg oh my godddddd brief tuh ya either almost non-existent, or bisa ada berapa dokumen and gak jelas musti ikutin yg mana. Kl ikutin yg ini, aku diomelin dibilang pake dokumen onoooooo jangan iniiiii, tar laen kali aku cuekin dokumen ini, and pake dokumen ono, diomelin lageeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dibilang knp ikutin dokumen ini???? kl aku bilang lah kan wkt itu dibilang yg dokumen ini ngaco, jgn diikutin, aku diomelin lagi, dibilang beda kasus ya beda beda lahhhhhhhhhhh WOOOOOOOOIIIIIIII how do i know??????? dia jg ga bilang2???? and emang aku apaan bisa inget kl sales pake dokumen ini, kalo marketing pake ono, kl advertising pake ini, dll dll, kenapa ga update aja itu dokumen, apus2in yg gak bener???????????? Belon lagi itu project managernya yg nggak banget deh management skillnya, super micro management and super fucking annoying mannnnn, bingung deh bisa ada org kaya begituan -_- Uda 3 bawahan dia at least yg minta pindah duduk dr depan meja dia soalnya gak tahan being watched like a hawk. Not my word. His own word in the email yg gak sengaja kekirim ke bawahan dia instead of ke boss (dia mau ngadu ceritanya).

Anyway long story short, it wasn't my choice to work hard last qtr, but I still did my best and I still maintained my quality of code ya. Gak cuma asal copy paste biar cepet aje. Kemaren itu aku liat code si little missy, ya ampun nengggggggg, coding bok ya jangan copy paste 5 kali and cm ganti where ajaaaaaa.... gpp deh kl itu table cm 100 records or 1000 juga gpp dehhhhh, wong ini millions of records gitu lho, gak heran lama bener itu page ngeload -_- yg beresin sopo? ME! Belon lagi aku musti baca codenya sendiri n figure out itu code ngapain sebenernya (managers sibuk, ga sempet jelasin isi itu code ngapain).

And where's the appreciation? 0 besar.

Kemaren itu aku ada bilang si manager pas dia ngeledek soal aku cancel lunch rame2 buat ditraktir little missy (i'm honest ya, so what i say in here is the truth and only the truth, aku lagi sakit leher kmrn itu, and uda janji makan di pub sebelah, which u know lah makanana pub gorengan semua, bisa jadi apa tenggorokanku ntar?? jd ya aku cancel lah. Eh pas si little missy menang itu penghargaan, and seperti biasa, aku dgn ga tau malunya malak traktir lunch. Bodo. Aku uda sebel ga dapet, at least aku dpt makan gratis wekkk plus aku berani jamin si little missy dpt itu penghargaan, dikit banyak aku jg ada andil di situ pasti). Anyway si manager intinya ambil kesimpulan kalo aku cancel gara2 mau traktiran. So aku bales, just drop it, I'm still dissapointed aku ga dpt itu penghargaan, so don't rub it in. Dia bales, iya, gw uda perkirain you'd feel that way. I wanted to give you a heads up yesterday, I know you've been trying and working hard, you're almost there, I appreciate your effort bla bla bla... Again, aku itu jujur orgnya, so I said yes I'm disappointed, I did a lot this qtr. Terus dia bales bilang, "Don't be too disappointed, I remember I worked really hard one quarter and I didn't get it, I was really disappointed. But then another qtr I got it even when I had annual leave". Now, hold it there.

Kita itu kerja di bisnis apa ya anak2?? Motivation Business buuuuuuu. Terus, supaya pegawai bisa motivated, musti kapan ya good worknya direcognise?? Right there and then buuuu. Kenapa ya?? Soalnya kalo uda kelamaan uda basi buuuu, gak ngefek lagiii...bisa backfire malah. See? and really aku uda kelamaan di sini man, aku kerja di IT, tp kenapa bisa tau segala macem ginian instead of angular, mvc, nodeJS etc etc????? Remember what I said was in my mind wkt aku dpt itu penghargaan 1.5 years ago? "About time". I wasn't ecstatic. "About time" was exactly how I felt. I should have got that sooner. Robin Hood had same experience. 1 period dia kerja setengah mati and gak dapet, next period dia gak gitu kerja gimana and dia dpt, you know what she said? "When I got it, I was furious! You didn't give it to me when I worked so hard, why are you giving it to me now???" In my case now, aku mustinya uda dpt 2x at least in the last 1.5 years -__-

Also, si manager blg Almost there? aku uda kerja segitu keras masi dibilang almost there??? When you want to motivate people, you set them targets. Reasonable targets. Not too low, not too high, it has to be reachable so people don't get put off and just give up from the beginning. Honestly aku ngerasa targetku uda not reachable anymore and i should just not give a damn about it. Lebih repot kl itu target ga diannounce. Hmm.... remind me again kenapa kita taro targets and results di clients websites, bolak balik kirim email suru pegawai mereka login, buat apa ya coba??

What business are we in again? Why is it different for your own employees??? Tell me why.

Friday, July 8, 2016


I was cleaning my room and I came across an overheard clip I got from mX. Oh how I missed mX overheard.... so here we go..

Guy: "Girls always think it's hot when you put 'ladies' at the end of a sentence. Like, I'm going to the bathroom - ladies."

Girl: "What's in my food, man?"
Friend: "MSG"
Girl: "Is that like, OMG?"

Guy 1: "That thing on the wall looks like it's reflecting."
Guy 2: "That's coz it's a mirror."

Girl to friend: "She's litery the dumbest girl I know... wait, is that right? Litery?"
Friend: "I think you just took the crown."

Girl to friend: "My Biggest Loser diet was going great 'til I got real baked and ate, like three bag of chips."

Man: "We must be walking slowly because that pregnant woman just passed us."
Friend: "Yeah? Well she has an extra set of legs."

Taken from mX - 12 May 2010.

But I bet even if mX still exists nowadays, people won't be able to send many of these as we're always on our earphones :/

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What a sucky sucky day!

Superexcited played up today. He complained to Lao er and my manager saying that he had to turn down a demo to a potential client because we haven't got the demo site ready. I honestly don't know the way he complained, but that made Lao er and water tap turned panicky and cranky. And when they superexcited puts so much pressure on them, they turn... Simply annoying!

Superexcited said that IT is not proactive enough. We need to be chased, if not then we don't give them updates. For example on the page he asked little missy to work on. He said he hasn't heard anything from him, but the truth is, little missy had shown him last Friday but superexcited didn't like it, so little missy needs to rework it. Today is Tuesday. He complained this morning.

Second one which makes him really really angry was the fact that he had to turn down the demo request. He said it's been weeks and IT hasn't finished it. When Lao-er told us about it, Barbie girl said that we've only discussed it on Friday and we've just got the mock up yesterday morning. Lao er, exactly his wordings, "I don't care about any excuses, but this is a hundred thousand potential client, so it needs to be done. And when the director wants something done, you do it!". Woah woah.. what the....

The thing is, the directors knew we're gonna be asked for demo this week. And all along, superexcited has been checking the progress. Barbie girl has been working with him all these time and been given grief as his requirements keep changing all the time! Superexcited knows the progress, so why suddenly gets aggravated?? You know everything and had reviewed it last Friday! He reminds me of the boss in My Stupid Boss. Amnesia akut!

And then water tap. Because of all these proactive stuffs, he got me to fwd the notification emails that get sent when I update a task to the people within the campaign. But, the words he said to me was, "for the next 3 weeks, everytime you update a task, fwd that email to everyone in the campaign. Because people don't read those notification emails". Hearing that, what I thought was, those notifications emails get sent to notify you any updates. It's everyone's jobs to read it, why don't you fix the people who don't do it instead of spoonfeeding it to their mouth??? But I only said yes.

Then, when I updated the task, I forwarded the email to everyone within the task. Then came all these questions, Broken water tap: "Why did you send it to Slitherin? Why did you send it to Crown Prince? Why did you send to so many people??".

Purple Lady: "??? You said to send it to everyone within the project??! Slitherin is in the notification list, crown prince is in the project, all those people are in the notification list!".

Broken Water Tap: "you don't understand what I mean! Don't send to everyone! Just send to people who need to know!"

Purple Lady: (saying to myself how do I know what u mean? You only said send to everyone in the campaign!!) Well they are all in the project, shouldn't they all need to know?? You said they don't read those notifications.

Broken water tap: not everyone doesn't read those. Only me, creamer, Lao er, prick and poker face!

Purple Lady: how do I know who doesn't read those emails????

Broken water tap: I told you I didn't read those emails!

Purple Lady: yeah but how do I know who else doesn't???

Leaking water tap: me, prick, Lao er get so many emails so we don't check them. You have to think!

Purple Lady: ok, so I just send it to those 5?

Rusty broken water tap: "Don't take it per condition like that, every case is different! Send only if they are in the campaign!"

Purple Lady: YEAHHH I mean if any of those 5 are in the project!!! (duh?? You said not to take it as condition like that, while u didn't specify exactly what you want. Now when I said those 5, but with pre conditions they are in the project, you yell at me because I didnt specify!! JERKKKKKKK *throwing a big rock at him*)

Damn water tap: "I'll send the emails next time, you don't understand"

Purple Lady: (I'm gonna swallow you whole alive) !?@%#&+#++@??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

Get the idea??? Those 2 are ughhhhhhh when superexcited pressures them. Can't believe Lao-er said "i don't care about excuses"! Barbie girl didn't even give excuses, he was just stating facts! And damn water tapppppppppp this is the second time he turns annoying like this. And after that in the arvo he acts like nothing happened! I still wanna eat youuuuuuuuu -_-!!!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

We Don't Own YouTube....

Water tap told this story last night.

Our company created a video about our company. Superexcited then wants to put it up on YouTube. So Water tap set up a YouTube channel to put it up. This is how he told me last night in our VIP group:

Miss Green: Hey, I saw the company video last night. Did you guys make it or outsourced it?

Water Tap: We made it...

Little Miss Nice: I saw the video as well.. Poker Face posted it the other day.
They started working on it last year yeah? Lol Is superexcited happy with it

Purple Lady: I haven't seen it XD

Miss Green: Surprised they haven't shown it in your meeting :-p

Water Tap: They did. Purple Lady must be sleeping in the meeting ;P nah... She was away when they did.

Water Tap: I set up the YouTube channel. I spent literally one whole day with you-know-who adding copy.

He wanted everything centered ... And it was really hard to explain him that we don't own YouTube ...

Little Miss Nice (and everyone in the group I'm sure): LMAO!

Little Miss Nice: Not laughing at you. Just at you-know-who. He just really doesn't get somethings ay lol I can only imagine how annoyed you would have been

Purple Lady: Nahhh he was looking very happy all day. I don't know if it was genuinely happy or hopeless happy hahahahaha

Water Tap: ha ha

Purple Lady: I like that quote, "hard to explain to him that we don't own YouTube" lol

Water Tap: He wanted to stop the next videos playing after our company video...
I was like ...

Purple Lady: *rolling on the floor laughing* hhahahhaahhahahahaha XD

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Seriously Stupid Colleague

I've mention this stupid colleague of mine before, let's call him Dudul. Because of him I came up with this idea, that he doesn't have ANY right to be a smartass. In order to be a smartass, you need to be smart and an ass. He's an ass, but not smart. So therefore he doesn't have the right to act like a smartass.

He's complained about me twice already. He said I was rude to him. So instead of writing "Hi Dudul, You did notice the person who wrote that note was water tap, didn't you?" (which I did), I should have written, "Hi Dudul, How are you? You might not notice, but it was water tap who wrote that note, not me."

Funny that he didn't complain about me when I told him, "Sometimes you just have to use common sense" -> I was really subtle saying "You're so dumb! Use your brain, will you??". He only said, "But sometimes when I do use common sense, it's still not right!". That means your so called common sense is not the other people's common sense you dummy!!

The other day he put on a note on a task that I was working on. He said, "Don't work on this anymore guys, I checked, and it seems that it fixes itself". Upon reading that, I straight away thought, "There's no way it fixed itself! It's data issue, it won't fix itself!". So I ran my checks and I was right. The data was still wrong. He just didn't know what to check -_- then I replied, "Are you sure? Please check Amy Adams for 1 May and 3 May. It's still wrong". Later on he replied, "One team, one unit! We should always back each other up! Thank you Purple Lady, you're right it's still wrong". -_-!! The reason my alert was on was because it's YOU! Because it was him who said it was fixed! It's because he always, always, and always makes mistakes! So I don't trust anything he says be it "this page doesn't work" or "I've checked and it's correct".

Not long after that, he came when I was helping Little Missy debugging. While we were talking, he cut us out and asked if the data sent to us this morning has been summarized. First thing first, I definitely hate it when people cut me off and then say "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt". Once is still valid, but if it happens every.single.time. he comes? You definitely mean to interrupt. So don't you dare saying you didn't mean to! That's what Dudul does.

So, back to that data. We straight away checked, and even though I checked until 2 AM records, I couldn't find those files.

Then I asked, "What time did they come?" Dudul: "10?"
*little birdie flies by..... This convo happened at 9:30 AM.
Little Missy and I (looked at the clock and in sync turned and faced him): "Last night?"
Dudul: "Yes"
Me: (face saying you are an idiot)
Little Missy: "You consider last night this morning?"
Dudul: (laughing like he is not an idiot and it is a completely normal mistake that anyone normal makes) I haven't had my coffee guys.
Me (straight face): I never had coffee in the morning. Everyone in IT never had coffee in the morning *continuing in my mind with "and we work with brain and we don't get dumb in the morning"*
Dudul (excitedly and proudly): "Yeah, but I'm different with you guys! I'm an addict! I need caffeine! I have drunk coffee since I was 4!" -> is that a thing to be proud of??
Me and Little Missy: (speechlessly laughing. I was really really speechless)
Me: (saying in my mind) "Maybe that's why you become so stupid. Too much coffee! Who drinks coffee since he's 4??? You're supposed to drink milk, you stupid!!!"

Seriously if there is any nicorete for coffee addicts, I'm considering shoving it into his mouth! We'll see if he's still this stupid after that -_-"

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

50+ Years of Friendship. Don't we all want that?

Hi!!! I'm just back from my holiday in New Zealand. Overall it was a great holiday, not as relaxing as I wanted it to be, but I'm pretty sure my mandarin listening has improved lol which reminds me that I have to reply to my cousin's email in Mandarin ughhhh.. it will take me at least an hour to write -.-

Anyway, there is this quote I heard in Criminal Minds.
Reid: There's an old Buddhist saying that, when you meet your soulmate, remember that the act to bring you together was 500 years in the making. So always appreciate and be kind to each other.
Lewis: That's lovely.
Reid: There's a corollary for friends. When you meet a true friend, you will be bound together though space and time for 500 years.

During this trip, we met 5 older women traveling together. They have been friends since they were in kindergarten. They are still very good friends until now that they each have grandchild! They are also still as crazy as they were younger lol They all live on the same road and they travel every year just the 5 of them, leaving the husbands at home. They said, they can't act crazy if their husbands are around XD Now 1 of them is living in Melbourne to help taking care of her newborn grandchild, so this year, the other 4 flew from Shanghai to Melbourne to meet her and then go on tours to New Zealand, Sydney, Gold Coast, Canberra and Brisbane. I believe they are still on tours now.

I think they are very blessed to be friends like that. That's a 50+ years of friendship! We'd be lucky enough if we have 10+ friendship that's still going strong. I do have a couple of great friends from 10 years ago, and I do hope we can still be close in 10 years time, but I know it's not everyone's blessing to have it. I think in Chinese they say, θΏ™ζ˜―ε₯Ήδ»¬ηš„福气. I hope they stay friends until the end :)

So, make sure to treasure our friends and not take them for granted. One day we might not be close anymore, or one day they might get tired of asking you out and getting rejected and finally give up. So when it's still on, why don't we keep going on?

For my bestie, we're both besties and "hubbies" lol so, meaning our meeting has been in the making for 500 years, plus now that we are bestfriends now, we'll still be stuck together for another 500 years. So that's 1000 years of friendship!! We've done well lol XD and yep, you heard it right, still another 500 years stuck with me my friend :P

Thursday, April 28, 2016

I Miss English!

I miss English!! I'm currently in New Zealand doing a 9 day tour of north and south islands with my whole family. The tour is Chinese tour. And yep I miss English so much.

Everyone in the tour speaks Mandarin, Shanghainese and Cantonese. Only the youngsters can speak English. Even the tour guide sucks in English. I mean suck, really suck. He speaks really little English.

So, I constantly have to think during the tour. Listening to people takes effort, talking requires even more effort. Hotel staffs are my favorite people to speak to as it's a breeze and requires 0 effort. I never realized how good I am with English now. Of course I'm not 100% fluent, I don't think I will ever be, but the effort I need to put in to communicate in English is almost nothing now.

My dad said, if it's like this everyday, my Mandarin would improve a lot. Yeah definitely. This tour guide speaks on the coach non-stop just like a broken radio and he repeats things every day and more than once a day too! Let say he talks about something on the first day which I don't even bother to listen, and then I notice it without understanding 100%, and then completely understand what he says about it, and then I'm now complaining to my dad because this tour guide keeps saying the same thing over and over!

So yeah. We'll see what happens at the end of the tour. We'll leave him tomorrow, but there would be other guide for the south island. Hope he can speak decent English! *fingers crossed*

PS: apparently that tour guide has been in NZ for 17 years!! Why???!!! @___@

Monday, April 25, 2016

How 2016 is So Unpredictable, So Far.

What 2016 has so far taught me is how quick things could happen. 1 minute everything is fine, next minute my colleague has just resigned. 1 minute life is good, the next minute that damn email telling us to sign that contract arrives in our mailbox and causing headaches to all of us. One night I didn't have job application sent, the next day I've got an interview scheduled. You really never know what could happen.

The other day I booked my tickets for the next holiday. The dates overlap with tap water's holiday, but I have lodged this holiday from long ago so I shouldn't be the one to freak out. But I did. I was so worried of what ifs and I thought I would just push the dates a week earlier just to save me headache and nervous breakdowns.

He was surprised. He said I didn't have to, but it would be great if I could. So he doesn't have to leave his job. Remember this point. So he doesn't have to leave his job to have holiday. I have paid, but the tickets haven't been issued, so I told the agent to hold the booking, called everyone who's going and asked if the could change and then contacted the travel agent. Took me 2 hours at work to sort all this out. And you know what, even my mobile phone credit ran out in the middle of a phone call dammittt! I had to call up again and repeat everything again. Finally it's sorted out.

But then after that, little missy said to me, "Ni wan dan le!". Turned out that he and his wife wanted to go to Europe in that month too! By me changing my dates, the dates became overlap with his dates! Oh God, so much drama. His wife insisted on going on the planned dates because she wanted to have her birthday overseas! Little missy was so pissed off and went on seek looking for jobs -_- I did tell you before, our IT dept has become so small that it is impossible for 2 people to take leave at the same time.

I tried to fix an issue and it caused even worse problem. That day I thought little missy was mad at me, but luckily it turned out that he was mad at his wife for being stubborn.

The next day he came happily again. They moved the dates a week early too. However he said to me, if he can't take 3 weeks off, he will find another job. He also asked me if I was thinking to find new job? He said he wants to try. I'm not sure if that's only if he can't take holiday or not.

But now, can you see the pattern? Honestly I thought the same thing too when my leave overlapped with water tap. I thought if I couldn't take it, I'd just leave my job. Water tap did too. And now little missy too. I didn't tell him about my plan at all, but he has same idea as me and water tap. Nobody is attached to this company and doesn't mind if he/she has to quit. It's so fragile, don't you think?

Anyway that night I fell asleep by 10:30. Too much stress on that day, my energy was completely drained -_- wasn't a good sleep though, waking up during the night and woke up at 5:30 in the morning.

But at least, little missy won't leave the company because of me. So hard pleasing everyone eh? Tried to make things better for me and water tap, but ended up making it hard for little missy -.- but yeah little missy hasn't even lodged the annual leave yet, how would I know??!! Water tap told me not to feel bad as it wasn't my fault, but I still felt bad. If there is medicine I can take to make me a little bit more ignorant, please let me know. I need plenty of that!

Not my fault, but why do I feel bad??

Sometimes I wished I don't get to feel bad easily. People who are ignorant are really blessed.

I've booked our tickets for our next holiday. But after I booked it, I remember that my friend did say to let her know if we're going, so I told her. Once I told her, she said she wants to go, but apparently she might not be able to take leave on the dates we've already decided. Now, I feel bad because I can't change the dates.

Last week was the same too. Water tap booked his holiday without checking if someone else already booked annual leave, and it clashes with me! He asked if I could change the date, which I can't, as my sisters can only go on those days. He said no worries, he should have checked anyway, but I still felt really bad.

Back to the friend who wants to join us for holiday. She can join the Hong Kong part, which is 5 days in total flying in and out. Only around 3.5 days full time free though. I also feel sorry coz I feel it's not enough time for her for holiday. I've suggested that she stays longer or come ahead of us so she has more time to enjoy, but she doesn't want to be alone :l

This all reminds me of what I said to Robin Hood last week. She felt bad that her desk was moved, her manager apologized to her (Mr Prick had treated her like slave for the whole project and thought that she's his. He complained she's slow while giving her all the work with no clear briefing whatsoever. He doesn't want her to do any other work except his work, eventhough he knows she has other work to do. Such a dickhead) and huge meeting was held after she complained about 1 of our projects that's super overbudget. She said, she felt sorry coz they did all those for her. To which I replied, why do you feel sorry that he had treated you so badly??? It's clearly not her fault that he was being super bossy and all, but she felt bad when he apologized.

And now I'm kinda the same. How can I be more ignorant? :/

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tired tired tired...

Did I tell you I've been feeling so tired these days? By the time I walk out of the office, my brain feels like it's been fried crispy. Or like it's been squeezed dry. My work has always been very busy. Since my very first day, it was busy. That's why I've been wondering why the last few weeks have left me feeling so drained. I should be used to it right?

But I should have known anyway. Our IT department is the smallest that's ever be since I joined. 5 full time developers that include the manager, and 1 contractor that works once a week less than 8 hours. To make it worse, we have a lot of developments going on, bugs to fix, and the manager is on holiday. Leaving only 4 full time developers and 1 contractor (7 hours only per week).

I said to little missy yesterday, I feel very tired everyday, my brain is very tired. He replied, "everytime I go home, I only want to sleep". That's the same with me. I still hold the urge to sleep, but by Friday night, I can fall asleep as early as 9:30. Not because I want to, but because I can't stay awake. I asked him, "are we very busy? Why am I so tired??". To tell you the truth, busy is normal for our company. You can notice when it's not busy, but busy is our office nature. You can feel guilty when you have nothing to do for half hour. He then said, "of course we are busy, so many projects and we are 4 people doing 5 people work". I think he actually meant 6 people work. Because even when that manager is here, we're still very busy.

True that. I just never thought about it. It doesn't make it easier too that the other department is full of newbies that can't make our work lighter. Incomplete or incorrect information being supplied, errors that are not really errors... Those cause us to waste so much time coding and investigating just for nothing. Plus I have personal stuffs to think about too.

Everyday after work I furiously play piano tiles 2 on my mobile on the train just to untangle and relax my brain. Weird you might think, but it does relax my strained brain. Criminal minds relaxes my brain quicker though. Unfortunately it's only on once a week :( but yesterday, I really didn't want to concentrate and think to relax, so I went to a book store, went to children section and just read Noddy and His Car.

Damn... Why retirement is still 30++ years away???

Interview Stress and Office Drama is Not Good For My Health

I went to an interview yesterday. My first interview in over 8 years. And you know what? If I had more interviews aligned, by the end of it I would be as skinny as my sister.

Since it was arranged last Friday I lost my appetite to eat. Completely lost it. That day I only had half sausage roll for lunch, small piece of meat with salad for dinner. Sat lunch half eaten rad naa, dinner very little of my mum's cooking. Sunday lunch cereals. Not even a full bowl. Dinner rice with bakut teh, mostly just the broth. Monday lunch 2 small fruit buns. Dinner little rice with omelette and veggie. Tue lunch tea and 1 biscuit -_- I really need to weigh myself. I can feel my pants loose around the waist. I'm actually hungry, but just no appetite.

I haven't even told you about my sleep. I wake up as early as 5:30 since Saturday! Even when I slept at 12:30-1AM. Once I open my eyes, I start worrying again. It's really not a good thing for my health.

About the interview, I pray pray and pray that they don't call me back for second round. I don't think I did well anyway. Plus it's really opposite of what I want. It is not bad, but just not what I wished it would be. And I'm worried I would take it just to escape my current company and regret it afterwards.

Another thing that I worry about is the contract. Last Friday DaShaBi signed it, Monday brush head signed it. Yesterday, Lao-Er asked red head and little missy to sign it. They both managed to delay it, but they don't know how they can get away. I don't know either. We really need help from fairwork. If only someone can tip them off :(

Ah and finally Robin Hood talked to superexcited yesterday. Telling him about how prick has been treating and micromanaging her all these time. About time, I said. As the result, she's moving desk further from him today and would be off that big annoying project by the end of next month. Prick was called into meeting to explain why that big annoying project is 5 times over the budget. His excuse is the cost was done before the requirements document was made. Water Tap and I were like, well... You should have worked around the budget. It's like you pay $1000 for a party, but don't know how many are coming. When you finally know how many are coming, then you decide on appropriate food. If 50 people come, then they get $20 of food each. But if 100 come, well tough luck, you get cheaper one. Isn't it?

The problem with prick is, he over over OVERcomplicates things. The brief could be just a page with list of things to do. He will turn it into an online checklist where you can check off when you finish it. It's a great idea ofcourse, but not when the client doesn't pay for it???

Later that day, Prick went to Robin Hood and apologize. She said she almost felt sorry for him as he was teary eyed. That's the good thing about Prick. He can easily apologize to people. But yeah about changing? Don't wish so much. This is at least the third time someone who works with him has requested to be moved away from him.

Anyway wish me a good and peaceful day please. I really really need it. And please please please don't ask me about that interview, at least for the next 6 months, since it's giving me headache -_-

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Candy Candy's Resignation - Who Misses Superexcited??

To those of you who missed superexcited, I've got a new story for you.

Yesterday, my colleague, Candy Candy, told me that he had resigned. I noticed he hasn't been happy at work, and his creativity has been restricted a lot by superexcited who again and again changes his designs. Well, the end result is not THAT bad, but I can see traces of superexcited in there. The worst would be our Christmas party invitation last year. It was so bad that I was speechless when Candy Candy showed me the invitation. I could only say "Oh!" And then didn't know what to say. Then I asked, "Did superexcited tell you to put those opera house and fireworks?". He said, "He changed everything! My original design wasn't anything like this". I said to him, "Sorry, Candy Candy, but I can make this myself. Just cut opera house and fireworks and dump them there." He said, "Yeah, I know! I showed this to my girlfriend, and she said, you didn't design this, did you??".

He's a very nice guy and I don't know why, he sometimes calls me over and asks my opinion of his designs (FYI, I'm not a designer at all. I think I mentioned it before, but my old boss once told me I have no eyes for colors and should get someone else to choose colors for me). I do give honest opinion and have developed a reputation of being a blunt and hard critic in the office. Part of this is really because I don't care anymore if I get sacked. So I just say whatever I want. But really, I don't say bad things anyway, just honest.

Anyway back to him, I remember seeing his design etc and said it was good or gave suggestions, but when I saw the end result, it was different. When I asked him, he said superexcited changed it -_- last week was one of them. He created a card for water tap anniversary on a white background. The card ended up on a dark background. Water tap's skin is dark, so dark background makes him invisible *slapping my forehead and shaking my head* Obviously someone else has worse eyes for colors than me. Plus the original background shows a coding screen, while the end result eventhough still showing coding screen, on dark background it looks more like stockbroker screen -_-

Candy Candy said he gave his resignation last week and it was rejected by superexcited (as always). They had 1 hour discussion in superexcited's room where he said that Candy Candy was being disrespectful and unprofessional for resigning after working for only less than a year AND for not telling them first before finding a new job. He said during his interview, he already said that he expects people to work at least 3 years. Now he has to train new person etc. The thing with superexcited, he has that skill to manipulate you and to make you doubt yourself. Girls cried during these kind of meetings and he doesn't shut up even when they cry. Candy Candy said he broke down yesterday too (outside, not in front of superexcited thank god) because it was too much stress! So yeah imagine that.

Then this Friday is our company get together event, Candy Candy doesn't know if he should come. He feels that superexcited wouldn't want him to be there. Honestly I think he's right. It would be awkward. So he asked Lao Er if he should come. Lao Er said he'll check with superexcited. Lao Er is also a director, but see his reply? He doesn't have power at all! As much as I love Lao Er, I wished he can stand up more for himself :( honestly, if superexcited says he's not allowed to come, we can really report him to fairwork Australia for discrimination and bullying. If he allows Candy Candy to come, there are 2 options: either superexcited is going to completely ignore him or he's going to give him dead stare etc. Actually, I was surprised Candy Candy wasn't ushered out of the building straight away after he resigned :l

I don't know what is going to happen when it's my turn *sigh...

Saturday, March 26, 2016

I Didn't Win Those!! XD

Happy Easter guys!! We in Australia are enjoying out 4 days long weekend. I need that! Work has been busy with our developer team smaller than ever during my whole employment there and the complexity of work and difficulty level is higher than when we had the lowest number of employees before. However, in terms of amount of work, I'm not really complaining. It makes work goes quickly, and luckily, either I'm becoming more used to deal with dealing with the not so smart or asshole consultants, or they just have been avoiding me. From all my posts all this time, I guess you might already know my character, so you shouldn't be surprised lol. If I have to sum up my characteristic, I'd say when I love/like someone, I love him/her to the bone, if I hate someone, I also would hate him/her to the bone. I'm pretty fair on this matter :P

Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I sometimes win competitions. People might say I very often win something. Let me say it this way. The other day, one of my friends commented on my instagram post, "How lucky you are! How can you win this??". The truth is, that post was to enter the comp. Not announcing that I won something. Later on that week, I received a bunch of stuffs that I ordered online, so I posted it up. My bestie straight away liked it. I messaged her saying, "I bought those stuffs btw. Just incase you thought I won them!". She replied, "Lol! I did!". She also said that her sister said to her the other day, "Purple lady won a bunch of stickers! How could she win all the time?". My bestie said, "Purple Lady won movie tickets too the other day". Her sister then said, "See?? Just making people soooo jealous!! It's not about the prize, but how can she win all the time??" And just reminding, I didn't win those stickers!!

Okay let me clarify this here. I don't win all the time. I entered more competitions than winning them. Just like gamblers, you'd say they win all the time, but you don't really know how much they have lost right? Plus, I have to admit, I have entered more competitions than anyone else I know. You can say I'm more diligent in the matter. Let me tell you an example, when I enter a comp, I sometimes send the link to my relatives so they can enter too. But very very rarely they actually entered. Got the idea? I do have the luck, but I do put in more effort :) though I only have won very few 25 words or less type of competition :l I'm still grateful though :)

I've reached my station. Talk to you later and enjoy your weekend! :D

Friday, March 4, 2016

Changes to Notice of Resignation

I've been having headache since yesterday because of superexcited. We received an email from Lao Er, asking us to sign the new contract as it's been changed a bit.

That bit is on notice of resignation. It says, upon leaving the company, if you've worked for 1 year, you need to give 1 month notice. If you've worked for 2 years, you need to give 2 months notice. And if you've worked for 3 or more years, you need to give 3 months notice.

Tell me, which company will hire you if you say you can only start 3 months later? I don't know if this is even legal. However I did check fairwork australia website and it says 1 week for 1 year employment, 2 weeks for 2 years, 3 for 3 years and 4 weeks max after.

I've spoken to the other ex-colleagues too and they all say not to sign. Eventhough it's not legally binding, knowing how superexcited is, he'll surely throw a tantrum and use the point of "you signed it!" to make us stay 3 months.

They wrote in the contract, it applies for both parties. So when the company wants to end your employment, they will have to give that much too. However, from past history, they will have closed door conversation and then tell us that they have reached a mutual agreement and Mr X has decided to leave and the company gives him 1 month salary. They never gave more than a month. Plus they do say, when there is need for less notice period, it will be case per case bases. I guess, that is the case.

I don't see how that contract will benefit us as employees. They say it's a win win solution that gives company enough time to hire and train new person and for us to find future employment. I can't see the benefit for us though. It only benefits them to find replacement but if we can't find a job, we will still have to go right? In the past they say it can be extended, but one ex-colleague left without new job on hand because he couldn't stand being asked every single day if he's got any offer yet.

I asked people around and most if not all of them said not to sign it. The rest say to sign it but then when it's time to go, just give 1 month and then leave. Basically to sign and not honor it. Some actually wonder why the boss insists to keep someone who already plans to leave to stay for that long. Imagine how unproductive that person would be. That's true though. I got my uni offer before I graduated and final months of my high school scores? Average of 30s lol.

I will just wait and see. I wonder if they will come and ask us personally for that signed contract. Coz as far as I can see, no one signed it yet.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Little Miss Nice Says Goodbye

Yesterday was Little Miss Nice's last day. She resigned a month ago because she couldn't stand to be here anymore. Honestly, everyone in my company would understand her. Except you know who.

She worked very long hours and she lives 2 hours away be it public transport or driving. Driving even can take more than 2 hours. Last week she left home at 6:40 am (i usually still in the process of pushing myself to get out of bed at that time) and arrived at work at 8:50, late. On her lucky day, she would leave work at 6. But usually, 6.30-7.

She's lost so much weight over the past few months, didn't have enough sleep during the weekdays, really nowhere near enough and had to depend on coffee to keep her alert. She still performed well at her work, but having too much things on her palate, she started to forget things too. The bad thing is, she's the only reliable and dependable one in her team.

She has 2 subordinates. 1 has been working here for more than a year and just before Little Miss Nice was announced leaving, that Da Sha Bi was promoted to the same level as Little Miss Nice (Shoot me -_-). He is nowhere near Little Miss Nice in terms of skills, attitudes and knowledge of his campaign. It's that bad so that I never confirm with him in regards to requirements, because I can't trust that it's what the client wants and covered in the document and not just another one of his ideas. It's really that bad so when I inducted a new IT guy, I told him to ALWAYS confirm with the other guys before doing Da Sha Bi's requests. Do not just do it. Same with the other guys in my department. They also don't trust him and labels him stupid.

Another one, Foxy, has been working less than a year. If you want to know about her ability, let me tell you this. It was Da Sha Bi who gave her induction and training, so what can you expect?

The only difference between the two shows when they make mistakes. Da Sha Bi gets anxious and panic, he feels guilty and realises he should have known better. Then he pesters IT to fix the issues ASAP ughh..
(if IT can fix it). Foxy on the other hand, when she makes mistakes, she doesn't feel like she should have known not to do it. She feels nothing wrong with not knowing. Eventhough really she should have known. She comes to IT calmly as normal and even laughs when telling us she's made a mistake and needs us to fix it. Got the idea? Bottom line is, both are 11-12. I.e. pretty much the same -_-

The website they work on is a big and complex website. It used to have like 5 people managing it - 1 senior, 2 mid levels and 2 juniors, and now it's only 1 senior with 2 juniors (1 of them thinks he's at least a mid level though, another ugh...). So yeah, imagine the workload. Even the smallest thing, the juniors couldn't handle it properly. To put it simply, previously their department chased IT to do work. Now, IT has to chase them to do their work, whether it's testing, getting further info from client or going live.

So yeah last month, Little Miss Nice resigned. Superexcited didn't accept her resignation. He kept telling her to sleep on it, think about it again. He even went as far as avoiding her everytime she tried to talk to him. Same with Poker Face. He kinda avoided her. On the other hand, Lao Er accepted her resignation immediately. He understood when she said it's been affecting her health, how she's losing a lot of weight etc. He said, at the end of the day Superexcited will have to accept it. But he told her to keep trying talking to him.

She gave her resignation on Tuesday, but it was only finally accepted on Friday COB. You might say, it's a resignation. Nobody can force you to stay, why do you need it accepted?? Well, I don't know why, but our company has this talent to hire mostly decent people who always want to do the right thing.

So there goes the first week of her 4 weeks notice. Then another week flew by before finally we received an email from Superexcited announcing her leave. However, in that email it said, "Little Miss Nice is going on 'sabbatical leave' and will be joining us again in the new financial year". I called her right away and said, "so apparently you're going on sabbatical and gonna come back next financial year eh?" LOL

I read her resignation letter. There's nowhere in that letter indicating her intention to return. She told me, youknowwho told her, "i'm going to write this, is this alright?". Well.. what can she say? Even Lao Er told her to just go along with it just so he can let her go :l

Third week comes and she still couldn't teach someone to take over her responsibility. She previously couldn't do so as it was not announced yet. But now it's because they haven't decided who'll take over her work. Third week man! Forth week went almost the same. She might only explained half or even less of what she knew.

Usually when someone has been working more than 3 years, then collection will go around and directors chip in too to buy something as farewell gift. Little Miss Nice has been working for almost 4 years, so she is eligible (I honestly think more than a year is already eligible. But I'm not the boss). So on that final week, one of us went to youknowwho to ask about the collection. To which he replied, "What for? She's coming back! Do you know something that I don't know?". Man, everybody knows it, only you like to believe otherwise...

Because of that, we had to go around his back to arrange card and gifts for Little Miss Nice. Little Miss Nice is very dedicated, nice, polite, and pleasant, everybody likes her. So everyone naturally wanted to get her something. The other department collected money to get her her favourite bottle. And I collected money from IT and accounting department and went and bought her a pearl bracelet and a pair of pearl earrings (the bracelet is so pretty I even want it for myself T__T). And I asked our graphic designer to design and make a farewell card for her. Even we had to mention to him not to make it too big to make it easier to discreetly distribute it for everyone to sign.

We had to think about the people who we could tell to. Directors were definitely excluded. Then I was tossing if I should tell Creamer, but he worked with her the most and he asked her out too as mentioned in previous story, so I told him about the collection with strict instructions NOT to tell superexcited. I said, "I know you're close to him. So do not tell him". Mr Prick is excluded too coz we can't trust him to shut his mouth.

Even we were worried about when to give the presents. On her last day, we had arranged for lunch, drinks after work and dinner with Little Miss Nice. Giving it during the drinks is a straight no no, directors would be there. Dinner... Crown Prince would be there hmmm.... He would definitely tell superexcited for sure. So lunch time... But then prick might be there :l see? Even just giving it to her we needed to consider so many things! Luckily, Mr prick didn't come that day woohooo ^^ if not, we'd resort to giving the gifts in the name of one of the colleague who's going to leave soon, and she would tell her the truth later on.

So yeah, even on her last day Superexcited still said things like about her coming back in financial year, that he'd call her next week to discuss etc etc. Little Miss Nice talked to Lao Er saying she didn't mention anything about coming back at all! Lao Er replied saying that superexcited started the lie and seemed like now believing it as the truth :l that is really crazy.

Which reminds me, some time ago Lao Er mentioned the story of how they got together and built this company. He said they left the old company because the director was crazy. He said white lies and things to board members that they've done this and that, but they actually haven't! But then later on, he started believing his own lies! Talk about history repeating?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Xin Nian Kuai Le! ^^

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! Xin Nian Kuai Le! Gong Xi Fa Cai, Wan Shi Ru Yi, Nian Nian You Yu :)

This year my parents are here with us in Sydney, sooo we had our family dinner with our cousins at our place, and I got red pocket!!! ^^ well I know you might say, "You're already working anyway, you shouldn't get red pockets anymore!!". But still, getting red pockets take me back to my childhood when eventhough we weren't allowed to publicly display the celebration, had to have a letter written by my mum to get us out of school for the day, but we actually celebrated it quite festive.

Compared to kids nowadays, I think we had it better when we were kids. We always got new pyjamas and clothes for Chinese New Year (get cut growing up, but usually at least we got new t-shirt for pyjamas), had cookies, cakes, cashews and lollies ready at home for the guests, and on the day we went to relatives houses to say happy new year. Mind you, we didn't get red pockets from all of the relatives. Growing up, my uncles and aunties from my dad's side never ever ever EVER gave us red pockets. They all had mutual agreement of not giving them away to their kids. So what I was looking for was really the cakes and cookies and cordials lol XD I guess I was glutton even since I was small :P orrrrr I've always been able to find the good thing in everything ;)

We also always had Chinese New Year's Eve dinner with my dad's siblings family. I personally did not enjoy those dinners. 1. It was 10 dish Chinese dinner. Every food came 1 by 1 and took 2-3 hours just to get all the food out. 2. Apart from me and my sisters, we only had 2 similar age cousins. 1 of them is a boy, so he didn't count back then lol. The rest of the cousins were at least 6 years older, so sitting with them - who I honestly think had no interests whatsoever to 4 of us - was very boring. We weren't close either. The only occasions where we meet during a year were Chinese New Year and weddings. But at least we had those dinners as a tradition.

The one we always looked forward to was either going to my mum's family home on the Chinese New Year. That's the time we got our red pockets and meet the cousins from my mum's side. Compared to from dad's side, this cousin relationship is way way way wayyyy closer. We're all pretty much 1 year apart to one another, so it's really easy for us to get close to each other. Eventhough in total we had 6 years gap between me who was the eldest and the youngest one, each of us had few kids to play with, and 5 of them actually lived in the same house, so we were all close.

The food was more enjoyable too considering we didn't have to sit on the dining table and eat nicely. There wasn't enough chairs on the table, so we got to sit on the couch or sitting on the floor eating. It was so much fun :)

It's good that we were all growing up together. Looking at my 2 little cousins now, I'm pretty sure receiving my red pockets were more fun than them receiving theirs. Now it's only 2 of them getting the red pockets while on my time, there would probably be 5-6 cousins with me excitedly shouting Kiong Hee to an uncle or auntie who just arrived at the door and not even in yet XD It was fun times. I'm glad I have those memories :)

This year we tried to make our house look festive too. We had the cookies and cashews prepared, hung the Chinese ornaments and also stick some paper cutting and of course the monkey king decoration on the wall :) the only bad thing was just we still had to go to work :(

Well... at least I've got my colleagues wishing Happy Chinese New Year to me :)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! ^^

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Star Wars, The Revenant and Joy - Review

This week we made a record of watching 3 movies in the cinema within 5 days. Don't say I'm wasting money etc etc, I didn't give the cinema more money than I think they deserve to get for each ticket. And luckily, I have the skill for it ;)

We watched Star Wars last Friday, The Revenant on Sunday and Joy last night. Star Wars was really not my kind of movie. First, they made the movie looking 'old', just like the other Star Wars movies. I've never watched the others, but I know the colors of those movies and they are the same. I'm not fan of 'old movies' colors, so that's the first thing I noticed that I didn't like. Second, I'm really not into Star Wars. The reason I went to see it is because my friend didn't have anyone else to go with. I've experienced the time when I wanted to go see a movie in the cinema and nobody else could come with me, either they have watched it or they haven't seen the previous series. So, remembering it, I agreed to go. However, from the first half hour, I kept checking on my watch! I'm sorry to everyone who made it, it was really not my cup of tea. It was made well, but yeah I kept checking on my watch and even tried to fall asleep, failed attempt though.

The Revenant, I could tell straight away why Leonardo DiCaprio won the Golden Globes Awards. His acting was brilliant and there was so much effort and energy put into it. He has to crawl through almost half of the movie, he doesnt have much dialogue for probably half of the movie either, so he had to act just using his eyes. Great acting. Unfortunately the story itself was a bit boring at times and I fell asleep for the first half hour. The cinematography was great and scenery was pretty. But as the story was about the survival in the middle of snowy mountain, that's all you see, snowy mountain and snowy forest. That film reminded me of Grey, a movie of Liam Neelson where he was in a snowy mountain/forest infested with wolves. Everything was just like the title, grey. And *spoiler alert* even worse, everyone died in the end -_-

Joy was the best movie out of the 3 I watched. Jennifer Lawrence very much deserves her second Golden Globes trophy. Her acting was spot on and very smooth. It was very easy to watch and you can't keep your eyes off her. She displayed all the emotions perfectly and just right. No overacting at all. Though I always think she has mature look, originally I thought that role would make her look old, but she looked like a young mum. Perfect for the role. All the other casts were great too. They show you exactly how annoying family can be, intentionally and unintentionally, consciously and unconsciously, and whether they mean well or not. After all, family consists of humans who happen to be born within your family tree.They are still human. The only difference is they are stuck with you forever whether you like it or not. The role that stuck out for me was her ex-husband. Usually ex-husbands in the movies are bitter, but not this one. He still cares and looks out for her. He was the only one who stayed on her side throughout the whole thing. I haven't read the real story though, so I don't know if that's just dramatized.

Believe me, I wasn't planning on writing movies review, but it turned out this way lol. Still good I think?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Good Thing Out Of Bad Things

My friend asked me what's the story about being annoyed by someone that led up to me winning a draw. So, let me explain it here :)

2 months ago, one of my colleagues moved house and he was selling off his old furniture and stuffs. He was putting them up on Gumtree and he showed me one of them to ask if the price is alright and jokingly asked if I wanted to buy. It was a TV.

I didn't really need an additional TV, and I don't know much about current prices. So I did a little bit of research. Turned out the price was ok. I thought hmm... I can replace the bulky old TV that doesn't work anymore without topbox in my dining room. We haven't managed to successfully turned it on again after the move. But it was more like a temptation rather than a need, so I said give me few hours and I'll think about it. He said ok. He said he'd sell me the TV with the 3D glasses, and he'll chuck in the table and also the TV brackets too. I then asked, would you deliver?? He said "Yeah yeah, I can deliver, no problem."

So I thought and thought. By 6, he asked me again, coz he's got someone who's interested in it. I said give me half hour, my sis is going to finish work at 6 so I will discuss.

Around 7, I texted him and said I would buy. He called me not long after, "Are you sure? I don't want you to just get excited and buy it and regret it later".

I said to him, "I want it! And you make it sound like the TV doesn't work! Does it work??".

He said, "It works, it works. Well I never really used the 3D, but last time we did, it worked. Are you home? I can deliver it tonight."

Me: "No, I'm outside having dinner. But there's someone at home."

Him: "Oh okay, I will let you know later then. Do you need the table too? I can bring them all together."

Me: "yeah, ok. If it fits in the car."

Him: "Yeah it fits. How much are you going to give me for it?"

Me: (thinking) huh? I thought he said he could chuck them in for free? But I don't really need it anyway, so I let go and asked "I don't know. How much do you want?"

Him: "I put it on gumtree for $80. I can sell it to you for $50"

Me: "I will let you know".

Then we hang up. Later on I said I wasn't taking the table. Honestly I thought it's included so yeah, but if not then I don't really need one.

10 minutes after, he sent me a text message, " Purple Lady, sorry do u have anyone who can pickup?" Wangbadan...

He said, "Ok. I can't deliver it today. It's getting late. Will see for tom. Just checking if you have anyone."

So long story short, I had to ask my friends if any of them could help with this. This is where I realised who are purely your friends and willing to help you and who are just friends for when they feel like it. And for this, I trully was grateful.

So I ended up had to go pick it up with my friends. However, there was baby expo that weekend. Therefore, we went to baby expo first with them. During the expo, almost every single stall had draw where you can scan your ticket to be in it to win whatever prize they are having. Since I wasn't having a baby, that was quite the entertainment for me lol well plus the other non baby related stuffs they sold.

Even that day, that particular colleague was being difficult. Originally he said I could come anytime. Just give him a call half an hour before and he'd come. Then he said he had a party so he wanted me to come before 6. It was still okay, but later on when I reminded him about the 3D glasses and TV brackets, he said, "I will find the 3D glasses. But TV brackets I've already have someone who wants to buy them. I thought you said you didn't need them".

I exploded. My sister too. I did say I didn't really need them. But I didn't say I didn't want them! He said he would chuck in the table, 3D glasses and TV brackets and would deliver. However he asked me to find someone who can pick up. Then he asked me to pay for the TV table, suddenly said he had a party, and then this?? If I didn't remember I would see him again Monday at work,  I would have given him a lecture. My sister grabbed my mobile and typed in a long message of complaint (which I edited a lot due to the reason mentioned before. Plus I consulted with my friend who had clearer head than ours).

At the end, I sent him this, " We need those both. I will get my dad to mount it. If it doesn't come with the brackets and 3D glasses, we'll cancel the tv.  Let me know so me and my friends don't need to waste time going there."

He got the message, " Ohh wow. Getting angry Purple Lady....

3D glasses are coming with it don't worry. My wife packed them up. I will def get it. It's just too many boxes to look them up for today.

I will also get the brackets. Don't worry. I will let the buyer know that it's sold out. I didn't think you wanted it."

So yep we picked up the TV, 3D glasses and half of the TV brackets that day. He couldn't find the rest of them so he would give them the following week. But it turned out that he lost the half of them, probably the builders threw them out and bought me a new set instead. I guess he felt bad to tell me that considering all those drama earlier and just went on to buy them. It kinda put a strain to our relationship at work, I still work well with him, but I didn't offer him tea anymore.

And you know what, I do have a bad temper. One day, I lost a small tub of yogurt at work. I had it for a while and still didn't eat it. Then one day when I wanted to have it, it wasn't in the fridge. I thought, ok, maybe I HAVE eaten it and forgot. Though I highly doubt it considering it was a weird flavour combination and I can't recall the taste. Then, I bought 6 tubs and put them in the fridge. Next day, 1 gone. I was furious and went around the office asking people. Turned out this colleague ate it thinking it was from our morning breakfast. It's true he wasn't here on the day we had breakfast, so he didn't know what they were. I exploded and just walked off. I was so angry because he only laughed when he found out about it and didn't even say sorry.

It was silly really. If I think about it again, it is silly. But adding up to the TV experience, it's just like adding oil into a flame. I was really furious seeing him laughing out loud. I emailed him later on asking if he ate the earlier one I lost lol. He said no. We talked about it. He explained how he didn't know what to do as I just stormed off looking pissed off. Which I replied he could apologize after I came back from the kitchen. He apologized and all sorted out.

The week before Christmas, I received a missed call from an unknown number during my lunch time. Lately I've been receiving phone calls from some spamming promotion so I usually ignored unknown and private numbers. Same thing with this number, I saw the missed call and didn't think about it. Then, it called again some time after. I thought well, just pick it up then. That call was from Sydney Medical Services On Call 24 hours telling me I won $200 Toys R Us voucher from the draw I entered in that BABY EXPO!!! If my colleague didn't back out from delivering, we wouldn't have gone to that baby expo in the first place and entered the draw!! ^^

Straight after I'm back at work, I told water tap about it MUAHAHAHAHAHA XD