Thursday, April 28, 2016

I Miss English!

I miss English!! I'm currently in New Zealand doing a 9 day tour of north and south islands with my whole family. The tour is Chinese tour. And yep I miss English so much.

Everyone in the tour speaks Mandarin, Shanghainese and Cantonese. Only the youngsters can speak English. Even the tour guide sucks in English. I mean suck, really suck. He speaks really little English.

So, I constantly have to think during the tour. Listening to people takes effort, talking requires even more effort. Hotel staffs are my favorite people to speak to as it's a breeze and requires 0 effort. I never realized how good I am with English now. Of course I'm not 100% fluent, I don't think I will ever be, but the effort I need to put in to communicate in English is almost nothing now.

My dad said, if it's like this everyday, my Mandarin would improve a lot. Yeah definitely. This tour guide speaks on the coach non-stop just like a broken radio and he repeats things every day and more than once a day too! Let say he talks about something on the first day which I don't even bother to listen, and then I notice it without understanding 100%, and then completely understand what he says about it, and then I'm now complaining to my dad because this tour guide keeps saying the same thing over and over!

So yeah. We'll see what happens at the end of the tour. We'll leave him tomorrow, but there would be other guide for the south island. Hope he can speak decent English! *fingers crossed*

PS: apparently that tour guide has been in NZ for 17 years!! Why???!!! @___@

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