Tuesday, January 4, 2011

13 Days of Surprises Project - Full Credit =P

Just want to say thank you to everyone involved in 13 Days of Surprises project and to give credit to the websites that gave me the idea for the gifts :)

So, big big thank you to my 2 sisters, Fei and Han for their effort, hard work, and sleepless nights when helping me with this project. *hugssss and kissesss*. Fei for her effort and Han for her effort as well plus her googling experience :) Most of the images used were found by her on Google.

Thank you to my cousin too who came all the way from Manly to help with Final day gift :) I know you love me very much :P

And here are the full credit for all those days :)

Day 1: The bouquet was my idea :P I did google how to make the flowers, but none actually right to my liking, so I ended up just did it myself. The note background was found on Internet using google. Didn't keep the actual source, but it has Cyworld on it.

Day 2: I think I got the idea from 100 homemade gift idea, but the exact place is here. I modified it though, I used the spare mirror from my broken compact powder and bought the tin box at Lincraft. Shoebox is way too big :p The piggy balloon photo came from here.

Day 3: To be honest, I can't remember where I saw those turkeys the first time :/ I think I was just googling for gift ideas for this project and somehow came across it. I think this was what I ended up using as a guide. I quickly googled the image just before my lunch break, so I didn't keep the url :(

Day 4: I really thought I saw the recipe for the first time from Kevin and Amanda's newsletter.. but when I checked again, the date was December 29, 2010 :/ Oh, I think I found it when looking through some blogs and got redirected to Babbling Brooke's blog. Here's the recipe :) And here's the image :) Thank's to Riot for the scrapbook paper I used to make the cone (My sister bought it there).

Day 5: This voucher has been my catch phrase for so long lol :P Everytime someone asks me what I'd give them for their birthday, I would say "Voucher for hugs and kisses!!" lol :P FINALLY I got the chance to do it hahahahhahaha ^^ soo happy hahahhaha ^^ The box, ribbon and giftbag were really from Tiffany & Co. (In fact, I've still got like about 15 of them at home due to the vouchers I needed to pick up for my work ;P). The images I used for the voucher were from Google image. FYI, it wasn't already made up as a voucher. I combined them myself. Didn't keep the link though :( Sorry :(

Day 6: Got the idea from Craftbits.com. I modified the poem a bit though ehhehe.... my bestfriend couldn't really say if the poem was written by me or off the internet :p The cookie mix was from Coles Bondi Junction, special thanks for my sister to buy it for me :D

Day 7: The idea is from here :) I found it so sweet, so I decided to make it part of my project. The concept of band aid mending your heart is just so sweet and warm (to me ;P). We googled the quotes and most of them came from Disney, Confucius and Hellen Keller. We also used some quotes from book of homilies featured in Can't Buy Me Love (TVB Drama). The images were from google. The box was recycled from heat plaster box :P The instruction at the back was written by me, though i might copy the way it was written from the koyo box :P but everything was straight from my mind (I put all my heart writing it :P).

Day 8: My idea. Ok confession, I was kinda running out of ideas, this was the back up plan. But since I couldn't find anything better than this, than it was used :p So again, my original idea!!! ;p

Day 9: My idea again, triggered by my best friend's comment "Mirror mirror on the wall... just like sleeping beauty" lol :P The facts were from different places. Mostly wikipedia I think. I believe the envelope was from Sunhat Hut :p and the paper from Lincraft (I paid for it ;p When i bought it, I had bad stomachache -_-" I had to run all the way to Myer foodcourt bcoz of it -_-)

Day 10: My idea again, but it's just cookies. So, ordinary idea. It was 1 of my original plan (before it went out of hand and became a big project rather than really really little surprise everyday :p). The recipe came from Better Homes and Gardens that I saw longggggggggg time ago. I found it again on Better Homes and Gardens website. I like the concept of old time chinese wine jar, so I wrapped the paper on the lid, looks nice huh? The paper came from..... Japan City recycled wrapping paper :P The tag was from here with text removed.

Day 11: It was movie ticket, so really no special idea there, but it was my sisters who suggested it. The envelope was actually the real event cinema gift card/voucher's envelope.

Day 12: As I said in previous post, this came from a dare. I couldn't knit, so I had to ask my friend Pipit to teach me how to knit. I was a very bad student -_- knitting was hard for me to get used to, it just didn't make sense to me :p AND, I bought the wrong type of yarn for a beginner :P The button was a spare button from one of my clothes (See how nice I am?? Sacrificing my own clothes? :P) The box was actually ferrero rocher box. MY idea :P Looks nice huh? :))

Finally, Day 13: The original plan was just to give a small cake, and I mean small, like 7x7 cm. I ended up baking a whole cake :S Recipe came from here. Ingredients from Coles :P and the big box was bought from Hot Dollar from across my apartment :p And again, thanks to my sisters and cousin who helped me baking it :) We started in the afternoon and finished at around 8 or 9 PM :p

So that's all!!! I think blogspot will date this post as at when it started to be written, but today is actually 9 Apr 2011 3:16 AM. It did take a long time to finish this post lol :p

Now, bed time.

Good night all :)