Sunday, October 31, 2010

Random blabbering :P

Nothing special really, I just thought it's been a while since I posted something last time on my blog, so I want to write something. So it's just an update :)

1. My "little brother" and my "sister-in-law" had their first baby last month on 8 Sep 2010. What a good birthdate :) 8-9-10. He's named Steven. Personally, I don't like name Steven :P and they know that so I don't have to worry if my little brother reads my blog :p One, it's too common. My ex-boss in ASS was a Steven, and my ex-colleague was a Steve, and my manager is Stephen too. See how common it is? Two, well... I just don't like Steven :P I've been liking Aiden lately, but my "sis-in-law" rejected it due to its meaning of little fire. She said, this baby is born in Tiger year, she's worried giving another fire to it will make him too fierce :(

2. My ex-colleague gave birth to a baby boy too last month :) 25 Sep I think.. named Joshua Alexander :) and also, my highschool friend gave birth to a baby girl on 28 Sep, named Josephine. So many babies lately! I haven't got the chance to visit my ex-colleague. As for the other two, they are in Singapore, so my text messages will do LOL :P

3. I don't wanna create a fight here, so let me just say first that this is what I found out when watching my customers. I'm not trying to be racist or anything, it's just experience okay? So I won't accept any provocative comments. What I found out lately is that my french customers (that I found out to be french) are all rude and proud. They generally (like 9 out of 10) don't speak English. Which is fine, really, I won't be going to German and be able to speak German anyway, so it is understandable (though if I think about it again, English is international language. How can you not now even 1 to 10? :/). BUT, if I happen to go to German with no German language skill, if I happen to need to ask someone about anything, I'll be relying on body language! Well.. not for these french customers. They still talk FULL fast sentences!!!!!!!! They might be thinking I was looking like a french and just pretending I could not speak french -_-" oh my goodness -_-" SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!! PLUS, they are loud and from their speaking tone, it seemed like they were yelling at me for not understanding them! ughhhhhhhhhhhh what do you guys expect????? that I should be able to speak ALL languages spoken in the world????? YOU DO IT YOURSELF!! And after that, they don't say thank you! Oh wait, they actually spoke 1 word in english, "NO". And they said it quite a few times. Hey... does that mean they actually understood what I was saying to them and just pretended they didn't understand??? You only say NO LOUDLY, STRONGLY and FREQUENTLY if you know it's not what you mean right????? UGHHHHHHHHHHHH....... After those incidents, of course I talked about it with my work mates, and their comments were all like "oh?? french huh?" (before I even say it was french customers), or "yeah, french customers are so arrogant and rude" or "oh yeah, even if they speak english, they won't speak english" HELLOOOOOOOOOO what's the purpose of being able to speak if you don't use it??? it's like you buy a burger and just put it in your bag and won't eat it -_- whatever. And again, it's just based on my experience, that's what I experienced with them so if you're lucky enough for not having similar experience as mine, please don't ask me to change how I felt about french customers because I am not as lucky as you.

4. My 4th Gmarket order is on overseas shipping process yayyyyyy ^^ This time I ordered lots of skin care products from Etude. I hope they are okay with my skin. I also bought some facial masks, a pair of shoes, Elisha Coy and Tony Moly skin care. My sis bought some clothes and I could wear them too hehehe :D will post the full list later when they arrive.

I better go to bed now, been a tiring week. I work 5 days plus staying back in the office, and yesterday I worked in the office too from 1-5. Our company has been doing very well lately... meaning.... we are SUPER busy and IT department is understaffed due to 4 people quited pretty much around the same time. We hired 4 new people, 1 of them was sacked after 2 weeks. The rest are okay, but they are new and need time to adjust, also, we still need 1 more person, so me and my team leader are still very busy. Because of this, since last week IT people have been coming on Sat for 4 hours to catch up with things. And after that, I had to go to the other work from 6-11 >>_<< I didn't have enough rest again this weekend *sigh... but I'm rich this week *sigh... lol :P

Anywayyyyyy good nite all ^^