Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tourists Shopping Style by Country

Working for years in tourism industry, I picked up that each different country has their own distinctive characteristics when shopping for souvenirs. Be it their attitude, or their questions...

Chinese tourists: 你说华语吗?

Shopkeeper: Sorry, I don't speak Chinese..

Chinese tourists: Do you sell You-Gee-Gee?

Shopkeeper: you-gee-gee??? *confused*

Chinese tourists: yeah Youuuu-Geeeee-geeeee!

Shopkeeper: *thinking... You-gee-gee? U-gee-gee?? U-G-G?* UGG????

Chinese tourists: yeah!! You-gee-gee! You have??

Shopkeeper: -____- it's called UGG!! Not you-gee-gee!!! *pulling hair* -____-

French tourists (who almost all of them believe that French is international language, not English)
Tourist: (speaking French) bla bla bla... Bla bla bla... Bla bla?
Shopkeeper: (blank face) sorry... I don't speak French...
Tourists: bla bla bla... Blaaaa blaaaa blaaaa (still continue in French)
Shopkeeper: ??? I.. don't... Understand what you're saying....
Tourists: bla bla bla blaaaaaaa
Shopkeeper: :l

Indian tourists (who love berkilo2 of gold)
Tourists: (looking at a necklace that has a small glass pendant filled with gold FLAKES with a tag on it saying 99.99% pure gold) how many carat is this?
Shopkeeper: it's pure gold.
Tourists: how many carat is this?
Shopkeeper: it's pure gold!! 99.99% pure gold!
Tourists: yeah how many carat is this?
Shopkeeper: (kill me now...)

Tourists: (while looking at the same damn necklace which btw is pretty) how many grams of gold is this?
Shopkeeper: -_-" it's only gold flakes, just flakes. Very very thin and light...
Tourists: yeah, but do you know how much gram is in there?
Shopkeeper: -_- it's just flakes!

Japanese tourists (i'm really speechless about this)
Tourists: (after they paid for their shopping) ummm... (pointing to the shopping) presento... can I... have more bags please?
Shopkeeper: how many?
Tourists: (cheerfully) 20 PLEASE!! (big smile)
Shopkeeper: -______-

Philipino tourists typical question:
Do you accept USD?

Phillipino tourists: can I have 5 extra bags please?
Shopkeeper: sorry, we can only give 2 extra.
Tourists: why?
Shopkeeper: To save the environment. Those bags are not good for the environment you know.
Tourists: Don't worry!! I'm bringing them back to Philippines!!
Shopkeeper: Errrrr..... @__@

Indonesian tourists when finding out the cashier girl is an Indonesian
Older generation: Oooh.... You're an Indonesian!! How long have you been here? Do you study here? Is this your shop? How cool that I meet an Indonesian here!

20++ generation, particularly tante2 group: Oh?? You're Indonesian?? You should have said so from the beginningggggg, so I don't need to hardly speak Englishhhhh!! You stay here? Not going back?? Do you have family here? Which city are you from? How long have you been here? You like living here better than Indo eh? Is this store yours? No? Who's the boss? Indonesian or Oz?? How much do you get per hour? Good? How much?? Eh is there any discount? We buy a lottttt!! 

Shopkeeper: @___@ *headache* (and ended up forgot to change the wrong price of some items.. suckersssss :P)

Below 21: from the beginning till the end doesn't want to say a word.

That's all I can remember for now. As I usually say, I write this just so I don't forget it in the future. After all, looking back, there were pretty interesting, though annoying when those actually happened. So don't get offended if you're one of those nationalities, I myself is also one of those ;)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

10 Things You Don't Know About Me ;)

Just a quick post so I don't forget, been having short term memory lost lately so I better write this down quickly. I got the idea from Off the Great Wall channel on YouTube, which btw is my favourite channel on YouTube. They were doing top 10 things you might not know about them, so I thought hmmm I should do it too! So here we go :)

1. My favourite US drama series are Criminal Minds, Bones and Castle. Those are the only ones I can have a crave for :p
2. I don't like Mars Bar. But I love Deep Fried Mars Bar.
3. I didn't graduate from high school and therefore does not have high school certificate. My name did not even appear in my high school year book -_-" I'm still cross about it until now.
4. I don't like caramel.
5. Except swimming and badminton, I don't enjoy sports. I can't actually find which part of sports is the fun part.
6. Eventhough all fancy doughnuts appear within the past years, I still love Dunkin Donuts classic strawberry icing donut. I always look for it everytime I go home. But it is really hard to find now T____T
7. I hate corriander. Just a tiny bite can ruin all my appetite.
8. My parents took me to psychiatric when I was really little because I used to sleepwalk and cry at certain time every night.
9. I can't ride a bicycle.
10. I was born with calcium deficit eventhough my mum took calcium tablets until later months of her pregnancy. When I was small, if I forgot to take the calcium, I would have a really really bad stomach cramps.

Hmm.. it was fun! Might do part 2 in the future :)


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Super Excited Back In Action

I did mention in my previous post that super excited is like Sheldon from Big Bang didn't I? Well today he played up again, so let me tell you a bit about him.

First thing that makes him Sheldon is seat. In our forever meeting, he always sits on the same spot EVERY single week. If there is a newbie who sits there, everybody would go "Don't sit there!! It's HIS chair!" in the manner similar to Sheldon's friends when there is someone new coming to his apartment. AND, he doesn't like to have anyone sitting behind him. Getting him wary. He did mention that even at the restaurants he always wants to sit where he can see everything that's going on and no one is behind him -_- so Sheldon eh?

Super excited takes professional work personally. He expects everyone to give him a heads up when we start thinking about leaving the company. Yep, when we start thinking. Unlike employees in other companies, he wants us to tell him first that we intend to find a job, then we go find a job. Finding a job first and then resign is a No NO in ... well most situation :P

The first not so cool thing he did in regards to quitting happened about 5 years ago maybe... There was this girl working in our company, just say her name was Betty Boop (don't think much, I saw Easter Show Bags catalogue today and the Betty Boop Show Bag is as usual pretty good and worth it :p). Anyway Betty Boop was still on her 3 or 6 months probation period, our office was far from her home and she hated the job. So, just like other normal people she tried to find another one closer to home and that is more flexible as she is a mum. When she got an offer, she immediately resigned and gave them 3 weeks notice. Super excited was not happy at all. He tried to get her to stay etc etc, but she had made up his mind. Then one day, in our forever meeting, he whispered something to Lao-Er, Lao-Er stood up, walked to Betty Boop, said something to her and then she pushed her chair back to her desk and started working. I already smelled something fishy, and later that day she told us that super excited got Lao-Er to tell her that she didn't need to come to the meeting anymore and should just work. What the... -___-

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Introducing Our Office Big Bang Theory Casts

This was actually something that my colleague, let say his name is Slitherin, said to me today. I think it's funny and I don't want to forget this one day, so now I'm writing it.

As usual, we had our forever meeting this morning, and the super-excited was happily chirping. Across to him, Lao-Er was seated. Lao-Er's left side was Creamer, and his right side was Ante Meridiem. Across to Lao-Er, Poker Face was seated.

Then suddenly when super-excited was talking about coffee machine in our kitchen, and how he is very fussy about how he likes his coffee and also because IT IS his coffee machine, he strongly stressed that if we want to use his coffee machine, DO NOT, DO NOT TOUCH THE BUTTONS! Which actually got everybody thinking "Then how am I going to use the machine if I'm not allowed to touch the buttons??"

I actually thought it was very funny lol.  I've never used the coffee machine, so I don't know what buttons are there, but I am pretty sure to turn it on we need to press a button somehow hahahahaha XD So funny remembering their faces when they heard him saying it lol. Anyway it turned out that what he meant was not to mess up with the settings :P

Well all this time, we (apparently) always secretly think that super-excited is just like Sheldon. From the story of the coffee machine, you can see the resemblance with Sheldon, can't you? (There are actually more things that support this theory, but I will tell you one day). And while we were in the middle of all that, Slitherin had Big Bang Theory suddenly appearing in his mind. He saw the complete cast of Big Bang Theory! Super-excited as Sheldon, Lao-Er as Leonard, Poker Face as Wollowitz, Creamer as Raj Kootrapali and ante meridiem as Penny!!

How funny! And it was actually right to each of their characteristics, not all, but you can see it. Lao-Er has always been quiet and nice, but can't win a fight with Sheldon, so he's perfect as Leonard. Poker Face... Hm.. this is where it's hard to reason, but I think he is like Wollowitz in the sense that he has the ability to sweet talk people. Raj talks a LOT normally, but in the presence of women, he becomes very quiet. Creamer is like that, but not in the presence of women, it's in the presence of super-excited :) And ante meridiem... To be honest, apart from they are both loud and females, I can't see any similarities. Slitherin did admit she became Penny just because she was there.

So there you go, our own office Big Bang Theory Casts :)) Funny how Slitherin could suddenly think about all this, he's usually a good boy hahaha XD