Wednesday, March 19, 2014

10 Things You Don't Know About Me ;)

Just a quick post so I don't forget, been having short term memory lost lately so I better write this down quickly. I got the idea from Off the Great Wall channel on YouTube, which btw is my favourite channel on YouTube. They were doing top 10 things you might not know about them, so I thought hmmm I should do it too! So here we go :)

1. My favourite US drama series are Criminal Minds, Bones and Castle. Those are the only ones I can have a crave for :p
2. I don't like Mars Bar. But I love Deep Fried Mars Bar.
3. I didn't graduate from high school and therefore does not have high school certificate. My name did not even appear in my high school year book -_-" I'm still cross about it until now.
4. I don't like caramel.
5. Except swimming and badminton, I don't enjoy sports. I can't actually find which part of sports is the fun part.
6. Eventhough all fancy doughnuts appear within the past years, I still love Dunkin Donuts classic strawberry icing donut. I always look for it everytime I go home. But it is really hard to find now T____T
7. I hate corriander. Just a tiny bite can ruin all my appetite.
8. My parents took me to psychiatric when I was really little because I used to sleepwalk and cry at certain time every night.
9. I can't ride a bicycle.
10. I was born with calcium deficit eventhough my mum took calcium tablets until later months of her pregnancy. When I was small, if I forgot to take the calcium, I would have a really really bad stomach cramps.

Hmm.. it was fun! Might do part 2 in the future :)


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