Wednesday, January 18, 2017

First Office Incident in 2017

Don't you miss superexcited?

So, the other day we had our daily catch-up. This time, Creamer closed the door of the room we had the catch-up in. He usually never closes the door. I was like hmm is there anything happening? But then he picked up the phone and started calling water tap, so I thought oh okay, maybe it's just so it's not too loud for the people outside.

Then he said, "Hello, water tap, how's your morning going? It should be better than my morning". 😮

So apparently you know who went off at him that morning. It was so bad that Creamer warned us, "I've seen him angry before many times. I saw him getting angry on project X, I've seen him angry on project Y, but I've never seen him THIS angry. So, be careful today guys. You've been warned". Oh dear god...

What happened was (according to what I heard, since everything is always hush hush in this company), 1. Creamer went live with a pop up without showing it beforehand to super excited, and 2. Dudul sent a wrong link to the client.

The story goes like this... Creamer went live with a pop up that day. I'm not sure if the other department told him to do it or not, but neither he nor anybody else showed super excited that pop up before going Live. However, on Creamer's defence, the day before he went live, you know who was upset because that pop up couldn't go Live that day! So in Creamer's mind, that pop up has to go Live ASAP. In addition, the text within that pop up was dictated directly by super excited! In super excited mind? He felt everybody went around his back. Talk about being sensitive *rolling my eyes*

Second one was about an email. Apparently an email was sent to the client (by dudul), containing a link to go to Testing site instead of Live site. That email was going to be forwarded by the client to his subordinates. Superexcited was FURIOUS!

You know who: "Who gave Dudul that link? Did you give that to Dudul?".
Creamer: "No, I only gave him the code".
You know who: "Why did you not provide the link to Dudul???? "
Creamer: ???

The thing is, that website has been tested by Dudul and his team. How would they test it if they didn't know the URL? Why should we give them the link again??? The issue was just he didn't think while he did that and putting the Testing site rather than Live site!

The other department had a full half hour eavesdropping (not really, since everyone within 10 meter distance from superexcited's office would have heard it anyway) superexcited's yapping to the other senior people about the incident. Dudul didn't come earlier the next morning, so he was only listening to the last 10 minutes probably.

Our department on the other hand, heard him going off at Creamer and our boss. It was hush hush, but I could still hear bits and pieces of it and still got the full picture. He was saying things like, "If you guys think you can run this place better than I do, then I'm done here. I'm done! ". My 👀 lit up, inside I said, "Do it! Do it!!!" 😆😆

Oh I haven't told you this. That email was sent by Dudul yes. However, prior to sending that email, Dudul and youknowwho sat together reviewing the email!!! So yeppp... You know what I mean right? *wink wink*

As the result of this incident, there's a new rule in the office in regards to sending email containing links to client. IT has to provide the link to the other department to be sent to the client. Not everything, just new development that bla bla bla... I wasn't really listening, they will ask me anyway when they need it later 😗

Oh, and a little birdie told me Dudul has resigned. Not sure if it's true though. But I bet the most of IT Dept would be relieved to hear that news. I know I'm a bad person.

OMG 37 degree today!! Now is not even 8 AM yet, but it's already 34 degree!! And I forgot my lunch. Damn.