Monday, August 1, 2016

Another Random Blabbering Post

It's COLDDDDD!! When will spring come? I really can't wait!

For the past few years, winter in Sydney has been pretty warm. My home is cold last year too, but going to work, going out for lunch etc wasn't that cold. This year it seems like the coldness has been saved for 3 years and released all at once.

On another note, it's August already! It is scary how fast time flies. I always wonder if Earth rotates faster and faster as it ages. But then again, how come the clocks all know about it and adjust their ticking to it? Could they be communicating somehow? I hope they don't, coz that means time has always been the same and I just have more things to do compared to before and I can slow it down if I cut down the list of things I want or need to do.

My mum went home yesterday. So only dad is still here in Sydney. I wonder how we go. I wonder if he will attempt cooking XD will he do some of the housework? I don't really mind, as long as he doesn't complain we don't clean it up enough. We're pretty relaxed on this, especially with the weather this cold, it's good enough I manage to drag myself out of my blanket every morning.

Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin were married yesterday in Bali. I told my bestie, "You should have gone to the wedding venue pretending to be a reporter! You would have got a Hong bao filled with 660 yuan and we can divide among us two" lol XD She laughingly said, "I should have! And I bet if you were working in that venue, you would be begging to work on their wedding day!". That's true, I would have PAID to be working on that day lol. There goes my actor crush lol, but I'm actually genuinely happy with this pair. Both are my favorite actor and actress and both seem nice. And both are past marriageable age. I'm always happy when a couple are both of older age (or should I say mature?), jd ngga ambil pasaran orang laen lol. But I might change my actor crush to Hu Ge now that Wallace is now married? XD just kidding :P

Have a good day!