Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2nd Gmarket Haul Delivered!!!

Finally we received our 2nd order!! Yayyy ^^ and surprisingly, we had it delivered to our apartment! Yes, to our apartment, not to nearby post office as usual. And secondly, it was delivered on Queen's Birthday! That's public holiday!! Double surprise ^^

See all of the ordered items in the box? I had to stop my sisters from pulling them out just to take the photo :P I was a bit dissapointed when I opened it though, it wasn't full to the top lol :P

This blue floral dress is actually the one I mentioned in my previous blog. I thought I ordered it on my 1st order, only realising that I didn't once I received the parcel -_-" So finally I ordered it this time, and I didn't regret it. I haven't actually tried it on, but it looks the same as the picture so I'm happy :D Material is ok, just like normal floral dress. Colour is a bit different compared to the photo, but it's still good really. 16,900 Won from here.

That white t-shirt with eyes, nose, mouth and paws are my cousin's. The shoulder is fine, not too big, but chest down, it's big. The material is good although it's not that thick, it's perfect for spring. 23,800 Won + 2,500 Won delivery from here. The one next to it is my youngest sister's. Standard quality T-shirt, but for 10 bucks, it's good :) 9,900 Won from here.

It is different from what we saw in Paddy's Market!!! Lucky we bought it. For 17 bucks I think it's a bargain :D the material is soft and the colour is nice (of course photo looks nicer, but this isn't dissapointing at all!!). Click here to buy :P

This grey top is pretty nice too (Again, I haven't tried it on, but it surely will fit :P). It's just the colour is a bit darker than the photo. But with flash, it is exactly the same. Fabric quality wise, I'd say it's very good :)) 14,800 won here.

These two are normal. The grey t-shirt is pretty thin I'd say. It's more like Cotton On's t-shirt quality. But yeah, it was only 7,800 won here. The purple sweater is a bit thin too, but not very thin. But it is still wearable in Spring, so you know it's not very thick. Colour is exactly the same as in the photo. 11,900 Won + 2,500 won here.

My sisters love these jumpers :D Again, they are not thick. How come it is so hard to find winter suitable clothings in Gmarket :/ is it because it's summer there? :/ Anyway, though they are not thick enough for winter, they are not as thin as T-shirt (the jumpers I bought on my 1st haul were as thin as T-shirts). Wear long john underneath and they will be alright for winter :D The material is great - apart from the thickness ofcourse :P 11,900 Won and 2,500 Won delivery fee here.

And final one, my cousin's boots (My cousin actually ordered mascara, BB cream, shirt and another t-shirt, but I didn't open the makeups and the shirt. Will let them open them :D Spare them the joy of opening parcels lol :P But the shirt looks okay. And the quality of grey sleeveless top I mentioned before is very good. She actually bought white, not grey :P). Anywayyyyy (I always do this, say 1 sentence and then 5 sentences of background information :P), these boots were the culprit of delaying our order to be delivered. This seller always takes their time, don't they? The other stuffs arrived at Gmarket 2 days after I placed the order, these arrived 7 days after the order -_-" The floral dress took sometime too, but not that long. However, I'm pleased to say the wait was worth it. They are very good!!!! My sister wants 1 too now lol. The left top image is without flash, right top is with flash. Colour is actually chocolatey brown. And look at the inside of the boots, they are lined with very soft fur!!! Mine was not lined with soft fur :( Not fair :(( (But I still love mine very much!) So yeah, they are good buy!! Highly recommended seller, but you have to wait. Maybe place the order for the shoes first while still browsing before making whole batch order will do the trick. So all of them arrive at the same time @Gmarket. And then, combine the order. I've never done this before, but maybe this can work. 16,800 Won + 2,500 Won delivery here. Oh btw, I put wrong image for the boots in my previous post =P Sorry >.<
Finally, just letting you guys know, I've received the refund for my cancelled item from Gmarket. They did respond when I enquiried about it that Paypal was having issues in refunding, not sure what issue. But it would be good if they can let me know without me having to chase them for the refund. The most important thing is, it's refunded ^^ Problem solved!! :)
Now, time for bed, and I hope Spain, and Chile win tonight, and Argentina tomorrow :P
Good night!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

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