Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Animal Carousel Baby Gift Project

I wrote on the title of this blog "will contain my complaints and praises about anything! And a bit of show off too". This is what I'm gonna show off :P
My sisters and I made this ^^ It was a gift for my colleague at work who's just given birth to a baby girl on 10 May 2010. Nice date huh? I was saying to the other colleague, it would be good if it's born on 5 May 2010, 5-5-10. But then 5 May past. And I said again to that colleague, well... 10-5-10 then, still good. And the baby was born that date hueheheh :P

I designed the overall design, and since I'm not good with drawing, I asked my beloved cousin to draw the animals (She's the one who designed most of my handmade felt projects). The pig, giraffe and duck are actually the animals my pregnant colleague likes, so I put them in. My colleague wanted a surprise, so she didn't ask the gender. As the result, I couldn't use pink or blue. The nursery is cream, so I thought green and yellow would match (I did not plan for green and gold okay, they are just neutral colours). The flower on top was stitched on after baby Olivia was born. It turned out nice! I still wished I still have it with me, but I gave it to her already :P

My original thought was to make a mobile that can be hung not against the wall, but I was worried it won't be balanced. So swapped to the one hanging against the wall. But this is actually quite balanced, it doesn't have to be hung against the wall to be balanced :)) Quite happy about it ^^

My best friend keeps telling me to try selling my handmade crafts, but I thought I don't have the time to make a lot. But if you like it and want me to make a custom made for you (maybe like 1 or 2, not hundreds okay?), feel free to contact me :D There's no harm in asking right? Plus, I will know if there's any chance of business for me :)

More photos, but please pardon my camera :P

Note: Of course those big pig, sheep, cow and duck stuffed animals are not handmade :P

Past my bed time again, niteeeeeeee...

PS: My sisters fall asleep already so Gmarket order is delayed until tomorrow =P

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