Monday, May 31, 2010

Nothing really.. :/

I just want to bla bla bla though nothing much really happening lately :/ plus, I looked at this blog and realised I only did about 4 posts within 2 weeks. So I thought I'll post another one :P

I was planning to order Gmarket tonight, but just before I placed the order, I found this seller who sells a lot of long sleeves t-shirts. My sisters and I are in DESPERATE need of long sleeve tops. It's winter here in Sydney and we always have to dig our wardrobe every morning trying to find long sleeves clothes. My bestfriend told me of Coco Latte, she said they sell cheap cardigans, tank tops etc, but I work full time if not over time, so my only day off is pretty much Sunday after church. When I went there 2 weeks ago, they were closed -_- so bad luck for me and them as I can't buy from them, and lucky for Gmarket and me as I can order from them lol :P Well anyway, after we found this Gmarket seller, my sister's eyes only had like 0.5 watt left so we have to leave it till tomorrow for ordering. Nevermind, more time means wiser thought before purchasing right? :D

So far my shopping cart has 18 items. 8 for my cousins, 10 for me and sis. I said to my cousin the other day that this order would just be for doing her a favor (she missed out the first order due to studying day and night :P), so I won't order as many as last time (15). Now I'm not so sure >>>___<<<

Bed time now, will post the stuffs I order when I order them :P

Nightttttttt :)

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