Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Complain about Luvluv.biz -_-"

I did check my Inbox again to see if I've got response from Luvluv.Biz, but nope, no response. So... let's begin my first complain -_-"

I ordered a "YY54 Korean Japan Blue Summer Evening Sequins Dress" off eBay back in November and guess what? I haven't received it until now!! Ughhhhhhhh I'm so annoyeddddd -____-" The seller did send me email maybe in December telling me that they had problem with their supplier and will have it sent once it's sorted. They offered refund if I could not wait (I think they did, but I might have to double check my inbox), or as a thank you for waiting patiently, they'll give me a free dress. Well.. of course I chose free dress! However, after going back and forth about the sizes (and she did say it will be sent to me!) she emailed me that I won't be getting the dress as I did not give positive feedback before her eBay account was unregistered! How could I give her positive feedback if I haven't got the dress???????????????????????????? Okay... patience.... that's okay the dress might not fit anyway as the size was pretty small... so.. okay... I'll wait... hang on... why didn't I swap to refund that time???? silly me!!!!!!! *pulling my hair outttt* -_-

So I kept waiting and January came. I was worried the dress would be sent when I was away in Jakarta, so I sent her another email. She replied saying she still had problem with supplier, sorry, and it will be sent once it's sorted. Okay... wait.... and last month I couldn't wait any longer, I sent her email asking for refund. And then I lodged Paypal investigation. But since it's WAY over 45 days since purchase, I'm not covered by the Buyer protection -_- I forwarded last month's email to her too yesterday, and I haven't heard anything.

So anyone out there who buys dresses off someone from luvluv.biz, better beware..

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