Sunday, June 27, 2010

Susie's Home and Hobbies Nails Giveaway ^^

I've been reading this blog lately and I just found out that she's having a giveaway!!! Only 8 people left when I found this, so lucky ^^ I hope I'll win :))

Here's the link:

See the prize!!! I want them T__________T

Ethics? or Work Code?

My shift was canceled today, and I didn't know about it until I got in the store. See conversation below:
Me: *running into the store exactly at 12 noon* Hi Jen!
Jen: Hi... why are you here?
Me: I work today
Jen: *at the same time* You aren't working today..
Me: Yes I'm working today!! 12 to 6!
Jen: Noooo
Me: *checking roster...* ughhhhhh my shift was crossed out for 12-6 -_-"""""""

Lucky I live nearby anyway, but what did I wake up forrrrrrr???? And why did I have breakfast and lunch only 5 minutes apart for?????? -_-" ah well.. at least it was the first time it happened to me. My work mates have these many many times already. So I'm lucky enough. And few hours after, I got a phone call asking me to work tonight, which was longer than my original shift yayyy ^^ Lucky me! :) But then... the reason I was called was because the area manager wanted the store be recovered and CLEANED. See that caps?? So I did MASSIVE cleaning (dusting, wiping, etc) of the store. I don't even do this type of cleaning for my apartment unless it's Chinese New Year :P

Anyway, that wasn't the point. The point was, when I was working, there was this guy looking at cute koala & kangaroo small purses for kids. They were 5 dollars each or 15 dollars for 5. He was like "Can you make it $4? I only have 2 daughters..." I really felt bad, but I couldn't give that price to him. I said to him, he could give them to nieces, but those purses were for little kids, and he doesn't have nieces in that age. He then grabbed 2 and walked around the store. I was this close to ask him if he'll still be in Sydney tomorrow. If yes, just go to Paddy's Market and see. I know the same purse is sold around 3 bucks in Paddy's market. I wanted to say to him to go there tomorrow and see, if he can't find it, he can always go back. But then I remember that I am a staff in this store and is it right to push customer away to buy it in some other place? As a stingy person, I really really wanted to tell him. I mean, if you could get it cheaper somewhere else, why would you buy the more expensive one? But if I told him, I felt that I betrayed my store. At the end I didn't say anything to him. I think what I did was right, but I still think about it though :/

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a day for Australia

It really feels like Deja Vu. I remember many years ago I saw our former President giving speech that he was stepping down as the president and the vice president will act as president for the rest of reigning years. And then few years after that, I saw on TV again, our other former President being forced to step down by the people. And then he made a speech that he was stepping down. Today, Kevin Rudd stepped down from his position as the Prime Minister of Australia. My sister said it right after breaking news last night when he said he was not stepping down and still intended to continue the job. I was like oh.. yeah.. it is similar. And this morning, he stepped down without even doing the voting which is surprising as he looked so insist to do so yesterday, it really felt like Deja Vu. And now Australia has the very first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

I personally didn't want it to happen. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with her. It's just eventhough I'm a female, I actually think women are more annoying compared to guys in terms of leadership. I have had a lot of male managers and few female managers. But my female managers were more bitchy type. So, don't blame me for having this assumption :P Maybe because I'm a girl too so they were bitchy to me :P

Anyway, hopefully she can be a good PM until next election, and I do feel very sorry for Kevin Rudd. I think he looks like a good guy, but maybe a good guy is not what a country needs. But I mean, he was not a PM for long, and it wasn't his fault to be a PM on a financial crisis period. It's not easy to fix and it does take a lot of years to fix, not just 1-2 years. It's just like asking Indonesian president to fix the country just within 3 years(or 5? I can't remember how long each presidential period anymore. The constitution changed not long before I finished school so pardon me please :P), it's impossible!! It's obviously impossible to fix it in 5 years, I'd even say it won't be fixed in 20 years. Oh yeah.. true, it's been 10 years and it's still the same (Or well.. slightttttttttly changed maybe? or even worse? Traffic everywhere, flood, black out etc -_-). Well.. anyway it's done. I'm curious, I have no idea about politics, but people chose Kevin Rudd, is it actually legal for government to just pick another PM? @__@ From my office lunch room conversation, I found out that none of my colleague (on same lunch time with me) prefers Julia to Kevin. I wonder if our lunch room colleagues represent the people of Australia :/

Second thing, Australia won againsts Serbia this morning yayyy!! ^^ No wonder I won 7 bucks :P I was wondering how come I got that much since I thought Oz lost :P (I only read "Socceroos dream is over" heading and assumed they lost :P). But yeah, eventhough they won, the dream is over, we didn't get enough goals to qualify :(( I'm not a fan of soccer so I'm not sure how this qualify thing works, but that's what I think it is.

So yeah, what a day.. 24 July 2010.. it will be in history.

And today too, Joanne was kicked out from Master Chef!!!!!! Hoorayyyyyyyyyyy ^^ been waiting for ages!!!!! Finally, finally, finally!!!! Jonathan is really the eliminator, 7 times!! He should be in the Guiness Book of Record. Finally something good happened today :P

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2nd Gmarket Haul Delivered!!!

Finally we received our 2nd order!! Yayyy ^^ and surprisingly, we had it delivered to our apartment! Yes, to our apartment, not to nearby post office as usual. And secondly, it was delivered on Queen's Birthday! That's public holiday!! Double surprise ^^

See all of the ordered items in the box? I had to stop my sisters from pulling them out just to take the photo :P I was a bit dissapointed when I opened it though, it wasn't full to the top lol :P

This blue floral dress is actually the one I mentioned in my previous blog. I thought I ordered it on my 1st order, only realising that I didn't once I received the parcel -_-" So finally I ordered it this time, and I didn't regret it. I haven't actually tried it on, but it looks the same as the picture so I'm happy :D Material is ok, just like normal floral dress. Colour is a bit different compared to the photo, but it's still good really. 16,900 Won from here.

That white t-shirt with eyes, nose, mouth and paws are my cousin's. The shoulder is fine, not too big, but chest down, it's big. The material is good although it's not that thick, it's perfect for spring. 23,800 Won + 2,500 Won delivery from here. The one next to it is my youngest sister's. Standard quality T-shirt, but for 10 bucks, it's good :) 9,900 Won from here.

It is different from what we saw in Paddy's Market!!! Lucky we bought it. For 17 bucks I think it's a bargain :D the material is soft and the colour is nice (of course photo looks nicer, but this isn't dissapointing at all!!). Click here to buy :P

This grey top is pretty nice too (Again, I haven't tried it on, but it surely will fit :P). It's just the colour is a bit darker than the photo. But with flash, it is exactly the same. Fabric quality wise, I'd say it's very good :)) 14,800 won here.

These two are normal. The grey t-shirt is pretty thin I'd say. It's more like Cotton On's t-shirt quality. But yeah, it was only 7,800 won here. The purple sweater is a bit thin too, but not very thin. But it is still wearable in Spring, so you know it's not very thick. Colour is exactly the same as in the photo. 11,900 Won + 2,500 won here.

My sisters love these jumpers :D Again, they are not thick. How come it is so hard to find winter suitable clothings in Gmarket :/ is it because it's summer there? :/ Anyway, though they are not thick enough for winter, they are not as thin as T-shirt (the jumpers I bought on my 1st haul were as thin as T-shirts). Wear long john underneath and they will be alright for winter :D The material is great - apart from the thickness ofcourse :P 11,900 Won and 2,500 Won delivery fee here.

And final one, my cousin's boots (My cousin actually ordered mascara, BB cream, shirt and another t-shirt, but I didn't open the makeups and the shirt. Will let them open them :D Spare them the joy of opening parcels lol :P But the shirt looks okay. And the quality of grey sleeveless top I mentioned before is very good. She actually bought white, not grey :P). Anywayyyyy (I always do this, say 1 sentence and then 5 sentences of background information :P), these boots were the culprit of delaying our order to be delivered. This seller always takes their time, don't they? The other stuffs arrived at Gmarket 2 days after I placed the order, these arrived 7 days after the order -_-" The floral dress took sometime too, but not that long. However, I'm pleased to say the wait was worth it. They are very good!!!! My sister wants 1 too now lol. The left top image is without flash, right top is with flash. Colour is actually chocolatey brown. And look at the inside of the boots, they are lined with very soft fur!!! Mine was not lined with soft fur :( Not fair :(( (But I still love mine very much!) So yeah, they are good buy!! Highly recommended seller, but you have to wait. Maybe place the order for the shoes first while still browsing before making whole batch order will do the trick. So all of them arrive at the same time @Gmarket. And then, combine the order. I've never done this before, but maybe this can work. 16,800 Won + 2,500 Won delivery here. Oh btw, I put wrong image for the boots in my previous post =P Sorry >.<
Finally, just letting you guys know, I've received the refund for my cancelled item from Gmarket. They did respond when I enquiried about it that Paypal was having issues in refunding, not sure what issue. But it would be good if they can let me know without me having to chase them for the refund. The most important thing is, it's refunded ^^ Problem solved!! :)
Now, time for bed, and I hope Spain, and Chile win tonight, and Argentina tomorrow :P
Good night!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Waiting on 2nd Gmarket Haul :D

As I said yesterday, my 2nd Gmarket haul is at Sydney Airport now ^^ And as I've promised yesterday (promised to nobody actually :/ just to my blog :P), here are the items we ordered.

There are 16 items in total. 8 for me and my sis, 8 for my cousins.

We found these jumpers at this link. They are so cute so my sister bought 1 of each, and my cousin bought the love one :D And they were cheap too! Only 11,900 Won and 2,500 Won delivery fee. But we bought 3, so it's only 80+ won shipping each.

I can't remember which one my sister ordered, and she's fallen asleep in front of the TV already, so I just put both picture. She only ordered 1 though. It's 9,900 Won here. No delivery fee! ^^

My younger sister likes this summer/beach dress. And you know what? Just before I placed the order, we were just looking around Paddy's market and saw quite the same dress sold there for $25! To tell you the truth, the one in Paddy's market didn't look that nice. But we weren't sure the dress was exactly the same as this one (This one looks much nicer and prettier :P), so we decided to just order it. Worst scenario, the dress would go straight as night gown :P It's 16,900 Won here.

I ordered that purple turtle neck long sleeves top here for 11,900 Won + 2,500 won delivery fee. Now that I think about it, this top was not cheap :/ I wonder why I ordered it. But I am very short of winter clothes anyway, so I don't regret it. Plus this top looks nice :P I bought the purple one. That brown photo is just for display purposes as you can't see the length on that purple photo :D

The grey t-shirt on the left was cheap so I bought it :P I found it here for 7,800 won. For the photo next to it, I actually found it in plus size category and loved it the minute I saw it, but the size was all big, so disappointingly I didn't order it. But after that, I browsed around and found this again and this time in my size!! Hoorayyy ^^ I ordered the grey one for 14,800 won here.

Those 4 items above are my cousins order. All of the items in this order arrived in Gmarket 3 days after ordering, but the shoes arrived 7 days after ordering -_-" This seller is actually the same seller whom I bought my boots from last time. And last time it took them about 5 days too to send to Gmarket! Luckily the boots were good so it was worth the wait. Anyway, here are the links for those 4 items:
  • Blue shirt 9,800 Won here.
  • Shoes 16,800 Won + 2,500 Won delivery here.
  • White hoodies with eyes 23,800 Won 2,500 Won delivery here. My cousin actually bought something else on this same link, but I can't remember which one.
  • Grey sleeveless top 15,800 Won + 2,500 Won delivery here.
My cousin also ordered BB Cream from this seller, but I have no idea which one was the one she ordered. It was ₩15,800. Also a mascara from Etude House for ₩8,500 (I wonder if she'll get a freebie.. Etude House is famous for their generousity :P). And finally, I bought a dress from here for 16,900 ^^ I actually thought I had ordered this on my first Gmarket haul -_-"" I was waiting eagerly waiting thinking I ordered it! Here's my conversation with my sister after she picked up the parcel:
My sis: "I've picked up the parcel" ^^
Me: "Oh, are they good?" ^^
My sis: "Yeah, some are too big, but most of them are alright :D"
Me: "How bout my dress?" ^^
My sis: "What dress?"
Me: "I ordered a dress. That should be the only dress we ordered" :/
My sis: "Wait... I can't remember seeing a dress, let me check..."
My sis: "I can't see any dress :/" :S
Me: "Are there 19 items?"
My sis: "Yeah... I don't think we ordered a dress.... Are you sure you ordered it?"
Me: "Not sure.." T_________________T "Maybe I thought I ordered it but didn't?" T___T "arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" >>>___<<<<

So I insisted to order this dress this time :P Hopefully it turns out okay :P You know dresses are risky to buy online :( But I can't post photo now, it's not in there anymore. Will post it once I got them :D

Ah! Past midnight!! Bed time now!!! Have a good night and Happy Queen's Birthday!!!! ^^

PS: I spent my whole arvo (
3 - 11) watching Hanayome wa Yakudoshi ep 4-12. It was good :) But suddenly it was night LOL :P

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Luvluv.Biz Refunded, FINALLY!!!

Remember my previous post about my order from Luvluv.Biz last year that I haven't received yet? I've been sending them emails but they always said they had problems please be patience bla bla bla.... I finally sent my final email asking for a refund and lodged a Paypal investigation. I guess that's what I need to scare them off, coz.... I just got an email from Paypal saying "We are writing to you in regards to your recent transaction involving The seller has requested that we issue you a full refund, and we have issued the refund accordingly." Hoorayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! ^^ FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! After more than 6 months!!! Coincidently, I was just thinking yesterday to lodge a claim to my credit card provider as I have buyer protection with them. Now I don't have to do it anymore yayyy ^^ But I still won't recommend anyone to buy off them.

I was planning to post my upcoming 2nd Gmarket order (They are in Sydney airport now btw :D), but my cousin, auntie, sisters and I went to Blue Mountain today and I'm so damn tired right now. My feet are sore and my eyes only have few watt left. I'll go straight to bed after posting this. BUT, I'm sooooo happy ^^ The trip was great. It was so cold (max 9 degree Celcius), but the scenery was so beautiful. It was relaxing and the walk was enjoyable. We gossiped a lot too LOL :P So yeah, I think all of us had a great time. Next time we'll stay overnight :P

Anyway, that 2nd order post has to wait till tomorrow. Good night everyone and for people in Oz (excluding WA), enjoy the long weekend!!! :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Animal Carousel Baby Gift Project

I wrote on the title of this blog "will contain my complaints and praises about anything! And a bit of show off too". This is what I'm gonna show off :P
My sisters and I made this ^^ It was a gift for my colleague at work who's just given birth to a baby girl on 10 May 2010. Nice date huh? I was saying to the other colleague, it would be good if it's born on 5 May 2010, 5-5-10. But then 5 May past. And I said again to that colleague, well... 10-5-10 then, still good. And the baby was born that date hueheheh :P

I designed the overall design, and since I'm not good with drawing, I asked my beloved cousin to draw the animals (She's the one who designed most of my handmade felt projects). The pig, giraffe and duck are actually the animals my pregnant colleague likes, so I put them in. My colleague wanted a surprise, so she didn't ask the gender. As the result, I couldn't use pink or blue. The nursery is cream, so I thought green and yellow would match (I did not plan for green and gold okay, they are just neutral colours). The flower on top was stitched on after baby Olivia was born. It turned out nice! I still wished I still have it with me, but I gave it to her already :P

My original thought was to make a mobile that can be hung not against the wall, but I was worried it won't be balanced. So swapped to the one hanging against the wall. But this is actually quite balanced, it doesn't have to be hung against the wall to be balanced :)) Quite happy about it ^^

My best friend keeps telling me to try selling my handmade crafts, but I thought I don't have the time to make a lot. But if you like it and want me to make a custom made for you (maybe like 1 or 2, not hundreds okay?), feel free to contact me :D There's no harm in asking right? Plus, I will know if there's any chance of business for me :)

More photos, but please pardon my camera :P

Note: Of course those big pig, sheep, cow and duck stuffed animals are not handmade :P

Past my bed time again, niteeeeeeee...

PS: My sisters fall asleep already so Gmarket order is delayed until tomorrow =P