Sunday, April 20, 2014

Earlier 10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Apparently I have done a 10 random things about me 5 years ago on Facebook hahaha :P I really grow old -_-"

 Anyhow... here they are, the earlier 10 things you might not know about me, some of them are in my previous post, some of them are not, and some of them are not valid anymore ;)

10 Random Facts abt me :D
1. I can sleep anywhere
2. I adapt too easily
3. I still have the guling I have since I was very very small :D
4. People say I'm not as light as they thought I would be
5. I eat a lot & I don't think I eat as much as before anymore, but I still love food very much :))
6. I hate coriander, capsicum, celery and tomato & I haven't changed one bit ;p
7. I don't like mars, but I love deep fried mars
8. I want a Wii but can't bring myself to buy one T____T & I finally bought one when it was on sale, bundled and using my friend's staff discount :P
9. I like Edward Cullen in the book and in the movie, but I don't like Robert Pattinson :/
10. Only 1 person knows my meaning of "fair enough" and I told her, the guy I like has to know the meaning too.

February 21, 2009 at 1:53pm
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Super excited played up again - final

Long story short, he won --__-- GI Jane handed in her resignation. The date is not what super excited wanted, but he agreed with it. Which is kinda surprising to me considering he always gets what he wants.

Anyway, GI Jane did call Fair Work Australia to ask for advice in regards to this issue, and they told her your boss can't ask you to resign, they have to fire you. If they ask you to resign, then she can report them for unfair dismissal. However, I understand why she didn't want to report it. She simply doesn't want to make her life harder. True, if she did, and she would still work here, it would be awkward for her meeting super excited every day. And super excited, being the person he is, will definitely make sure her life feels like in hell both in amount of work he's giving her and his treatment to her. I've seen pretty bad example of that in the past, so trust me on that.

However, on the other hand, it was really unfair to GI Jane. All these time she has been working hard, and some of the great things this company has achieved, big parts of them were done by her. And then now that she's not useful anymore, he kept saying that her performance these past few months have been very bad and she didn't earn her salary. All those words were just to create excuses to make her feel guilty and then resign. He wanted to make excuses and cover the fact that her role is now redundant. It's obvious that it's all about money.

Having GI Jane resigned voluntarily will surely give impact to super excited and to us, the fellow colleagues. Super excited will definitely be even more aggressive in the future and us will be even more pressured to follow what he wants us to do. Only God can help us, that's what Water Tap said to me.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Super excited plays up again part 3 - getting worse

Let's start part 3 shall we?

After that talk, well there's nothing GI Jane could do except just applying to whatever job she can apply. However, as we all know, life always makes fun of us. When we don't need something, we get offers. When we really really need something badly, we don't get anything.

Then, one day GI Jane got called up to Lao-Er's office. He said super excited told him, he's sick of talking to her and listening to her updates. ... -_-"""" *wishing I learnt how to voodoo someone* godddddd what a girl!!! Seriously he is a guy, when she doesn't give any updates, he complains. When she gives him updates, he gets sick of her!!! Make up your mind girl!! Seriously!

He also complained about how she doesn't up her game, doesn't do any work, performance is bad, bla bla... Again hello who's fault is it for not finding clients soon enough? Did we complain when you couldn't find any client? No. Do we complain when we can't find any work to do? Yes. And who's suppose to provide us the work to do? You. Si dodol -_-"

And what made it worse was, he complained that she always leaves work early. Do you know what time she left home the previous day? 5:30 pm. And what's our working hours according to the contract we all signed? 8:30-5:30. Now DEFINE early!! The longer I work here, the more I feel that I work for an Asian rather than Australian -_-" I might get racist comments for saying it, but we all know how working in Asian countries is tough, very hard, full of non-paid overtime and what the boss says you have to do it. Even if he asks you to go to Singapore just to pay for his personal credit card. Haven't you heard of online banking?? Well you get the idea.

Okay.. what else.. oh anyway she was given 2 options: write an official resignation letter that states her last day for the end of the month, but if she hasn't got a job by then, and if they need her, she can work. 2nd option is to promise she will work until the end of the year and she has to do her old role again.

Clever. She's been here for 5++ years. They don't need her role anymore. That really sounds to me as redundancy, don't you think? But he makes up all these excuses and asks her to resign on her own. If she does it, they wouldn't need to pay her redundancy package!!

She tried to defend herself saying that she tried to do it the right way to them, by telling them she's looking for a job, which is what they always tell her to do, but super excited cut her off, saying "we appreciate that, but the issue is your performance has been bad for the past 3 months. Your manager complained, your colleagues complained bla bla bla... You got paid top dollar but you didn't earn it, you have to earn your 3 months pay". Wth?? Her performance was not good because she didn't have anything to do! And it's not like she does nothing either, she's just not that busy!

The issue is not about her performance. The issue is money. Company doesnt perform well, costs need to be cut. It is obvious, lately everyone in the office has beeen asked to take a week off to clear the annual leaves. It never happened before. We always carry our leaves over to the next year. But that's when they were financially fine, now, well I don't think so. The funny thing is, even though they want people to clear their leaves, they still put the stupid rule that forces you to sign a contract saying you won't quit for the next 6 months if you take holiday longer than 3 weeks -_-"

Anyway back to GI Jane. I think super excited is bullying her into resigning don't you think? That was what happened to the previous guy, he couldn't stand being asked everyday and then gave up and quitted :l

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Super excited plays up again -_- part 2

Now, onto the second case. There is this colleague in another department, just call her GI Jane. GI Jane is also a loyal employee, and if you ask my colleagues, they all will say she is one of the best employee the company ever have. She has been here for 5++ years, but starting 2 years ago has been thinking about leaving. Which is normal, for her been working here for ages.

However, as usual when someone tries to leave, super excited would try to do anything to keep that person. He then created this completely new role for GI Jane, tailored to what GI Jane has interest in doing, so she stayed. For the past year she's been working hard with all these important but boring stuffs. However, those were all internal stuff, not client work. Now that all the internal stuff has been completed, she doesn't have much to do. Remember I said the company is in bad shape now? Long story short, she doesn't have things to do.

She expressed her intention to leave some time ago, and just like the previous guy I mentioned, she didn't have anything lined up yet. Super excited and poker face helped her with her resume, introducing her to recruitment agents, passing her resume to their connections, etc. Pretty impressive huh? I was thinking, wow they really are very nice, surely they love her very much! Then things started to go down, down, down (just like Coles ads lol).

One day GI Jane realized, super excited hasn't been talking to her in a week! Maybe you think well bosses don't talk much to employees anyway. Nope nope, super excited can not stop talking to anyone. Sometimes I even wonder, how come he never lost his voice??? If it were me, after talking as much as his quota everyday, I would definitely have no voice in 2 days! Ok, 3 days top. So when GI Jane told me about it, I knew something must be going on.

Apparently he was unhappy with GI Jane because she hasn't been updating him with her job hunting progress -_-" he came to Lao-Er to whinge about it -_-"" and his office with GI Jane is only few doors apart -_-""" yep, instead of just come up to her asking how is your job hunting going?? He was sulking all week and then complained to Lao-Er behind her back. HM.. wait the minute... That's something I usually do!! This is what I am currently doing! And sorry, but as a girl I have the right to do this. Girls gossip, whinge and bitch, not guys, and certainly not bosses -_-"""" now that I think about it again, sulking all week, not talking, and then complained to someone else, that really sounds like me when I'm upset with my bestie :/

After Lao-Er advised her to talk to him and give him updates periodically, she went up to super excited in the morning. But once she started apologizing (i didn't agree to her to use word 'apologize', made it sound so big a deal), super excited cut her off saying "I don't have time for this!". But then proceeded with a 10 minutes lecture about how he felt he's been giving again and again and again and doesn't get anything back. That's his definition of not having time. Right... -_-"

This is really getting too long, let's move on to part 3.

Super excited plays up again -_-

I don't know if I have mentioned this, but our beloved company has this unspoken regulation (well it used to be written, but since sometime ago, it was taken out for unclear reason). The rule is if you want to quit, you are not allowed to find a job first, and then quit. You should (must actually) tell the bosses that you are not happy, discuss and let them try persuade you to stay. THEN, if you still want to leave, then you should tell them and once they approve it, you can start looking for work. You however can stay working until you find a job.

That's what they call give and take. You give them a lot of notice, preferably AT LEAST 3 months, and in turn they let you stay until you find a new job. Even if it actually take you more than 3 months. Weird I admit, but at least it kinds of balance it out.

Well that's history. Now that our company is in not so good state, they throw that out of the door. Poor the loyal employees who just want to do the right thing for the company and leave in good terms. Oh btw, leaving in good terms is hardly possible. After working here for so long, people come and go, but the number of people who left on good terms does not exist the number of my hand fingers.

Anyway, I have this colleague in IT department. Since he started, I knew he hated the job. On his first 3 months, he told me he wouldn't reach 1 year anniversary. However, gradually he liked the job and stayed for around 3 years. As I mentioned, our company has been in not so good state, and he needed more money which he couldn't get here, so he wanted to find another job. Last year when he brought up the topic of quitting for I don't know... Like the millionth time, I told him if he wanted out, just tell them you are not happy and want to leave. Don't just give 4 weeks notice, you won't have good ending if you do that. He responded "No way I am going to tell them." But he actually thought about it and talked to the boss before he started finding job.

I still feel a bit guilty for giving him that advice. Not long after he said he's not quitting yet, but he wanted to find another job, Lao Er (at super excited's instruction OF COURSE) asked him for resignation letter. Told him he can stay even after the date stated has passed. He handed it in. He was allowed to go for interviews. However, pretty much every single day he got asked if he had found a job yet. Either directly to him, or through his supervisor. He couldn't stand anymore and left a day before the stated date. Fyi, he had a lot of tasks to finish, and the bosses happily let him go leaving a mountain of tasks to remaining colleagues. This is my speculation, but I think he was pretty fed up when he left so he did not bother to say good bye to anyone other than his IT colleagues...

The funny thing was, around 5 super excited came happily to our department to say good bye to him, and he had already gone. Then he started chirping about how he didn't come up to say good bye to him and started singing about how super excited didn't get this person at all, he used to be mad and then accepted, and then now super excited don't know anymore... -_- he should have come up to me and say bye bla bla bla... -_- oh man, look at how you treated him up till he left, how can he actually still think that normal people would still be nice to him and like him after what he's done? how could he expect people to give him respect after he tried so hard to get rid of them -_-" super excited... Super excited... You really are one of a kind.

Tess' Quotes ;)

Living in Sydney, I'm blessed to have cousins with me here. Though we don't live together, we hang out often, have stay overs and never miss each other's birthday.

One of them is called Tess. She's quite a character really, and hanging out with her guarantees you will have a lot of laugh till your stomach hurts XD. A lot of what she have said were quite memorable. Let me just mention a few ;)

As girls normally do, we gossip a lot. Don't tell me you don't, I personally don't think there is any girls who don't gossip. Ok fine, maybe you don't tell other people about someone else, but surely you listen to other girls bitching. Anyway, we were talking about this girl, and sometimes when we goss too much, we're struck with guilty feeling for talking behind someone's back. Especially because we were saying that this girl was not even pretty.

Then Tess said, "she's not even pretty?? Well sorry, but to me she's ugly!" We then said, "You can't really say she's ugly, Tess... We are not pretty either... Can't say other is ugly when we're not beautiful too!" Then Tess went, "I am ugly! I have the right to call someone else ugly!!" @___@ we all stopped talking... Silence.... And then all burst laughing XD

The other occasion was when we talked about make up. Like how nowadays pretty much all girls put on make up, but not every one of them looks great with make up. Then my mum said, you girls don't put on make up but. And I said, "that's not true, these cousins put on make up on weekends though. We're just not that worthy enough for them to wear make up when meeting us :p". Then suddenly Tess said, "Don't get me wrong! I only put on make up to match my inner beauty with my outer beauty!" HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Tess oh Tess... Only her can come up with all these things :p