Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tess' Quotes ;)

Living in Sydney, I'm blessed to have cousins with me here. Though we don't live together, we hang out often, have stay overs and never miss each other's birthday.

One of them is called Tess. She's quite a character really, and hanging out with her guarantees you will have a lot of laugh till your stomach hurts XD. A lot of what she have said were quite memorable. Let me just mention a few ;)

As girls normally do, we gossip a lot. Don't tell me you don't, I personally don't think there is any girls who don't gossip. Ok fine, maybe you don't tell other people about someone else, but surely you listen to other girls bitching. Anyway, we were talking about this girl, and sometimes when we goss too much, we're struck with guilty feeling for talking behind someone's back. Especially because we were saying that this girl was not even pretty.

Then Tess said, "she's not even pretty?? Well sorry, but to me she's ugly!" We then said, "You can't really say she's ugly, Tess... We are not pretty either... Can't say other is ugly when we're not beautiful too!" Then Tess went, "I am ugly! I have the right to call someone else ugly!!" @___@ we all stopped talking... Silence.... And then all burst laughing XD

The other occasion was when we talked about make up. Like how nowadays pretty much all girls put on make up, but not every one of them looks great with make up. Then my mum said, you girls don't put on make up but. And I said, "that's not true, these cousins put on make up on weekends though. We're just not that worthy enough for them to wear make up when meeting us :p". Then suddenly Tess said, "Don't get me wrong! I only put on make up to match my inner beauty with my outer beauty!" HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Tess oh Tess... Only her can come up with all these things :p

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