Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Seriously Stupid Colleague

I've mention this stupid colleague of mine before, let's call him Dudul. Because of him I came up with this idea, that he doesn't have ANY right to be a smartass. In order to be a smartass, you need to be smart and an ass. He's an ass, but not smart. So therefore he doesn't have the right to act like a smartass.

He's complained about me twice already. He said I was rude to him. So instead of writing "Hi Dudul, You did notice the person who wrote that note was water tap, didn't you?" (which I did), I should have written, "Hi Dudul, How are you? You might not notice, but it was water tap who wrote that note, not me."

Funny that he didn't complain about me when I told him, "Sometimes you just have to use common sense" -> I was really subtle saying "You're so dumb! Use your brain, will you??". He only said, "But sometimes when I do use common sense, it's still not right!". That means your so called common sense is not the other people's common sense you dummy!!

The other day he put on a note on a task that I was working on. He said, "Don't work on this anymore guys, I checked, and it seems that it fixes itself". Upon reading that, I straight away thought, "There's no way it fixed itself! It's data issue, it won't fix itself!". So I ran my checks and I was right. The data was still wrong. He just didn't know what to check -_- then I replied, "Are you sure? Please check Amy Adams for 1 May and 3 May. It's still wrong". Later on he replied, "One team, one unit! We should always back each other up! Thank you Purple Lady, you're right it's still wrong". -_-!! The reason my alert was on was because it's YOU! Because it was him who said it was fixed! It's because he always, always, and always makes mistakes! So I don't trust anything he says be it "this page doesn't work" or "I've checked and it's correct".

Not long after that, he came when I was helping Little Missy debugging. While we were talking, he cut us out and asked if the data sent to us this morning has been summarized. First thing first, I definitely hate it when people cut me off and then say "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt". Once is still valid, but if it happens every.single.time. he comes? You definitely mean to interrupt. So don't you dare saying you didn't mean to! That's what Dudul does.

So, back to that data. We straight away checked, and even though I checked until 2 AM records, I couldn't find those files.

Then I asked, "What time did they come?" Dudul: "10?"
*little birdie flies by..... This convo happened at 9:30 AM.
Little Missy and I (looked at the clock and in sync turned and faced him): "Last night?"
Dudul: "Yes"
Me: (face saying you are an idiot)
Little Missy: "You consider last night this morning?"
Dudul: (laughing like he is not an idiot and it is a completely normal mistake that anyone normal makes) I haven't had my coffee guys.
Me (straight face): I never had coffee in the morning. Everyone in IT never had coffee in the morning *continuing in my mind with "and we work with brain and we don't get dumb in the morning"*
Dudul (excitedly and proudly): "Yeah, but I'm different with you guys! I'm an addict! I need caffeine! I have drunk coffee since I was 4!" -> is that a thing to be proud of??
Me and Little Missy: (speechlessly laughing. I was really really speechless)
Me: (saying in my mind) "Maybe that's why you become so stupid. Too much coffee! Who drinks coffee since he's 4??? You're supposed to drink milk, you stupid!!!"

Seriously if there is any nicorete for coffee addicts, I'm considering shoving it into his mouth! We'll see if he's still this stupid after that -_-"

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

50+ Years of Friendship. Don't we all want that?

Hi!!! I'm just back from my holiday in New Zealand. Overall it was a great holiday, not as relaxing as I wanted it to be, but I'm pretty sure my mandarin listening has improved lol which reminds me that I have to reply to my cousin's email in Mandarin ughhhh.. it will take me at least an hour to write -.-

Anyway, there is this quote I heard in Criminal Minds.
Reid: There's an old Buddhist saying that, when you meet your soulmate, remember that the act to bring you together was 500 years in the making. So always appreciate and be kind to each other.
Lewis: That's lovely.
Reid: There's a corollary for friends. When you meet a true friend, you will be bound together though space and time for 500 years.

During this trip, we met 5 older women traveling together. They have been friends since they were in kindergarten. They are still very good friends until now that they each have grandchild! They are also still as crazy as they were younger lol They all live on the same road and they travel every year just the 5 of them, leaving the husbands at home. They said, they can't act crazy if their husbands are around XD Now 1 of them is living in Melbourne to help taking care of her newborn grandchild, so this year, the other 4 flew from Shanghai to Melbourne to meet her and then go on tours to New Zealand, Sydney, Gold Coast, Canberra and Brisbane. I believe they are still on tours now.

I think they are very blessed to be friends like that. That's a 50+ years of friendship! We'd be lucky enough if we have 10+ friendship that's still going strong. I do have a couple of great friends from 10 years ago, and I do hope we can still be close in 10 years time, but I know it's not everyone's blessing to have it. I think in Chinese they say, 这是她们的福气. I hope they stay friends until the end :)

So, make sure to treasure our friends and not take them for granted. One day we might not be close anymore, or one day they might get tired of asking you out and getting rejected and finally give up. So when it's still on, why don't we keep going on?

For my bestie, we're both besties and "hubbies" lol so, meaning our meeting has been in the making for 500 years, plus now that we are bestfriends now, we'll still be stuck together for another 500 years. So that's 1000 years of friendship!! We've done well lol XD and yep, you heard it right, still another 500 years stuck with me my friend :P