Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What's Trending Now?

Dear my future self,

If you're wondering what's been happening/trending around this time this year, it's Ahok.
Honestly, since I don't know when, it's always been about him. I told you about his lost in Jakarta's election right? Not long after that, he was sentenced guilty for blasphemy and was put in jail for 2 years. A sentence that divided Indonesians. It was a surprise, indeed, since the prosecutor was asking for 2 years jail, with 1 year probation or something which really means he won't need go in jail if he behaves well during the probation. However, the judges gave him harsher punishment. I think it was 2 weeks ago.

Shortly after that, the judges who sentenced him were mostly promoted. Doesn't it raise a question mark? Some people believed that it's because they had done their "work" well. It's hard to see on the positive side when you read the news, but I'd prefer it to be a bigger plan has started. But, well, it's hard to believe that.

Right after that, Ahok's supporters hold so many candle light support all over the country and overseas too! They were done spontaneously and within very short time frame. So many people came to each of the event to give their support. All done peacefully, even though there were few occasions where the haters tried to send the crowds home.

Sydney held one too. I nearly went, as my sister wanted to give her support. We thought there won't be many people there, so would like to add the numbers. But it was a cloudy Sunday arvo, so we ended up not going.

Anyway, the organiser was expecting 200 people to turn up. Guess how many turned up? 2000! They gathered in Botanical Garden and made some videos. There were a lot of people, yep. And because of that, the police asked Indonesian embassy in Sydney to tell Indonesians to always follow the rules and regulations of Australia when doing this kind of thing. The organiser didn't apply for permit xP I knew that, some people mentioned it and urged to organisers to ask for permit, however in true Indonesian style, he responded, "There's no time. We have to ask for permit a month before. There's no time!". But yeah, to their defence, they only expected about 200.

Then, yesterday, Ahok's wife spoke during a press conference. She read the letter his husband wrote in jail, which said he was cancelling his appeal and would not go to the higher court. He sent a message to his supporters to thank them, and to tell them to stop the protests, candle light vigil, and so on. He said it's not fair to cause traffic jam and wastes money just for him. His wife cried when she read it. I haven't watched the video yet, but just seeing the news/instagram/facebook posts about it already makes me teary eyed. Imagine how would his family feel.

On the other hand, brisik is still overseas. The guy who did all he could to put Ahok in jail and made jokes about other religions. He's got police summon for pornography, and he ran away overseas to avoid it. He's really a drama king, I tell you. He claims that he's been victimized because of political reasons. Hello??? Are you listening to yourself? That sounds really familiar... Isn't that what you did to Ahok during the campaign? If not because of you bringing thousands of people to Jakarta to protest, would you think he'd me in jail now? Probably the reason his verdict is guilty is to avoid another 3 numbers dates demonstration you sooooo love to do. You will laugh if you read this in few years time, my future me. Brisik wants/wanted to ask for support from the United Nations!!! I'm right, isn't it??? He is a drama king!!!

The last one trending happened about 3 days ago. North Jakarta police had an unannounced visit to a place where LGBT community was having a party. They found 141 people and caught them. It was said they were having a sex party. OK fine, sex party is illegal in Indonesia, however, the police brought them around NAKED! What about their integrity? Not only that, their identity such as names, jobs, religions and their photos while they were moved around naked are widely spread on the internet now! That I think, deserves to be reported to the UN :l

I'm telling you guys, if you're LGBT, don't stay in Indonesia. People are sooooooo against them. In my friend's word, they are hypocrites. They are not free of sins but declare these people worse than anything. Doesn't matter if you have a mistress and involved in corruption, as long as you are straight, you are better than LGBT.

I read the comments on facebook and news, and man... It's like the witch hunt in Europe in whatever century! (I can't remember and I don't have data to google it :/). A lot of people, and I mean a LOT, were actually saying they need/should be destroyed! Or they are sick and will bring people down with them. O.M.G. It's like the majority of them. Their comments are full of hatred and sounds very violent. Unlike Ahok where it was like 50-50 between his supporters and haters, this one is like 90-10. There are some people who responded, "What if he's your brother? Would you still want him 'destroyed'?" or "LGBT are sick, just like drug addicts. Why do we support drug addicts and try our best to bring them back to the right way and into community, but we keep blaming and pushing LGBT away? How would they get better?". Those two were the only good comments I could see out of maybe 20 comments (and I'm pretty generous). The rest of them were demeaning and hatred.

The last one is about the explosion at Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester 2 days ago. It happened just when the concert finished and the audience started to leave. From last news I heard, it was done by a suicide bomber, and about 59 people are affected, at least 20 of them died. They suspect ISIS is behind it, but they haven't claimed their involvement yet. I have a feeling most of them are teenagers. Why would they target teenagers? Girls too! It's clear Ariana Grande's concert will be full of girls teenagers. People really can be so evil :'(

Now that I think about it, UK has been targeted a lot of time recently. I think it's the 3rd time within the last 12 months?

That's all that have been happening lately, my future self. Hope in your time, the world has transformed into a better place.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hoping For a Better Indonesia

Lately, every news feed I see on Facebook is either about Ahok vs Anies (after Anies won the election), or about conflict of religion. The main purpose of me keeping a blog is for history keeping, like a time capsule, it is written with a hope that when I read it years from now, I could laugh at all the funny stories or be glad that the world is getting better than back then.

Reading all those news, I still can't get my mind to understand the way Anies followers think. Actually, forget that, I don't get how Anies actually thinks. Like yesterday, there was news saying he's reported a guy who claimed his 0% home deposit program is for a chicken coop. I mean, come on...

The other popular news is about Moslem radicalism in Indonesia. There was news about school kids rejecting the student head due to different religion, kids on the street asking their friends'religion and refusing to play with kids who don't have same religion as them, and don't forget about the tactic they used to make people vote for Anies. It was using religion too. Mind you, our country's ideology is diversity, and there are 6 legally recognised religions.

I can't believe I thought Anies was a good guy. I was happy when he was made the minister of education. Oh well, I guess this is what they mean with wolf covered in wool.

The other day, the labourer had demonstration to raise their pay. Guess what their first demand was? To have the you in hall cleared off the flowers that were sent by Jakarta people to say thanks for what Ahok and Jarot did the last few years! What does that have to do with you?! That's clearly jealousy and child's play. Then, they took those flowers and burnt them. Then the rain fell, and they took the other flowers and used them as cover. Huh?? Weren't you so disgusted by them so you burnt them? And then hang on, it rained, so just take some for cover?

I'm speechless 😑