Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catch of the Day Mystery Item

My devoted invisible follower said I don't blog much anymore, so he doesn't check my blog often anymore too, so I thought I better write something :p
But this post was actually 1 of my "to write list", so here it goes :)
I bought a Mystery Item from Catch of the day at the end of March. Long time ago, I bought a mystery item from them and got a torch and mobile phone cover. The torch didn't work. The mobile phone cover was okay, but I don't use touch screen mobile phone, so I didn't use it. From then on, I decided not to try ever again mystery items.
However, this time my sister convinced me to buy, and this is what it said that day:

Normally worth $30 elsewhere, today just $3.99!

Please note, today’s mystery item is one singular item. If you buy several to pass around to your friends and family, you will receive several of the same item.

This mystery item is a ripper. The value is so good that we just want to surprise you - it’s something that’s normally worth about $30 everywhere else, and it’s also something that most people actually need. You’re guaranteed to find that some of your friends or family will have a need for this item, so feel free to spread the word - you can buy as many as you like! It’s not exactly a “gift”, but if you handed a few of these around, you’d definitely be in most people’s good books.
Now here’s the best part. If you receive this item only to find that you don’t think it was worth it, we’ll give you a refund of the full purchase price! There it is - it’s foolproof. $30 value for only $3.99 with free shipping nation wide, and it’s something you’ll most likely need. And if you don’t need it, you’ll get your money back. NICE.

We only read the ones in red, especially the bold ones :P I actually didn't read all those, but then my sister mentioned it to me and yes it was true that it did say money back guarantee. So, we bought one.
It arrived WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY after we ordered it. Plus it arrived in normal white envelope with no sender :/ I ordered lots of stuffs from COTD and that was not how I usually receive my parcels. I actually had to google the details on the envelope to find out where was it from, and I only got Victoria :/ My colleague said maybe you ordered something from COTD? I completely forgot :/ so I went and check my order history and found that mystery order.

This is what I got

CA Internet Security Suite 2010. Which is not bad really, under normal circumstances I'd be happy to get legal antivirus software for 4 bucks. HOWEVER, I already bought the same thing from COTD days earlier for 2 bucks!!!!! -_- Don't mention shipping fee, there was a $10 shipping cap and I shared the shipping with that one colleague. He bought bunch of stuffs and he's a guy lol :P I only bought 1 :P I didn't actually pay anything for the one we ordered earlier, my colleague said it was nothing, just buy him drink sometime. Actually, drink costs more :/ Anyway, that's not the point. So, yeah, now I have 2 exact same thing. I then asked for a refund. And this is their response:


Apologies for the late reply, we've just returned from our Easter break.

We're incredibly sorry to hear that you're not completely satisfied with this Mystery Item! We do understand that in some cases it may not be of use to you, and as such we're more than happy to honour our advertised Money Back Guarantee.

In good faith, we've processed a refund of the purchase price to your account - though we will not be requesting for the item to be returned, you can do what you like with it.

Please allow 2-3 business days for the refund to appear on your statement.

We appreciate your patience.

Kind regards,

Customer Service Crew

How nice :) Now I trust their money back guarantee :)
Just a bit of confession, when we read "If you receive this item only to find that you don’t think it was worth it, we’ll give you a refund of the full purchase price! ", we actually thought the FULL original price of the item which is $30 :P lol. But no, it's $4 =P

Good night :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Visit to Dentist!! ^^


A month after my last post!! And again my eyes are struggling to keep opened :P so will be quick one again ;p

I went to dentist today ^^ hohoho ^^ My dentist is cute XD ahhahahaha.. today was my second appointment and I was late (again) ;p so instead of having my 2 right teeth done, he did filling for my left tooth. Yeah I know, it's a lot -_- I was surprised when he told me 3 of my teeth need filling, and some other teeth start having holes :((((((( I straight away upgraded my MBF Extra cover to Your Choice cover from Young cover.

Anyway, back to my dentist XD When I looked at the dentists profiles at Greenwood Dental website, I noticed that he was the youngest one there. I don't know if that's real or not, but that actually made me a bit worried when they scheduled me for appointment with him. I was worried he's a new dentist, hence does not have a lot of experience. I was actually thinking to call and change to someone else, but other dentists who are with MBF were all females (I was worried if I ever need my tooth pulled out - touch wood, a girl won't be strong enough to pull it :P), so I stick with him. Turned out he's good :) I, just like everybody else, am always nervous to go to dentist, but he's friendly and nice, and cute XD, and patience, and nice again :p and seems to always try to make you relaxed. So, he's good :P

The first time I came, I couldn't find my way there, so eventhough I was told to come 10 minutes earlier to fill in some forms, I arrived exactly on my appointment time. When he made appointment for me to have 2 fillings, he said "If you come late, we can just do 1 tooth. But you know how to get here anyway." I said "Yeah, shouldn't be, I know where it is now :)". Today, I was 10 minutes late -_-"""" humpphhh -_-" When I arrived, I said "Sorry, I'm late... again.." -_-" And then, when we made the appointment for next time,

Dentist: "So, 10:30 Saturday....." *showing his crossed fingers*

Me: *turning red* "Yeah, I know I know...." T_______T

I can't be late again!!!! -___-"

It wasn't bad at all. There were times when it was very... tingling? I don't know the word, but it wasn't continuosly, and it wasn't long too. And no pain. So I'm pleased :)) When we finished, he said "You've been doing really good.". But I think he was the one doing a really good job :))

Off to bed now, early start tomorrow :(

Nite niteeeeeee ^^