Sunday, May 8, 2011

Visit to Dentist!! ^^


A month after my last post!! And again my eyes are struggling to keep opened :P so will be quick one again ;p

I went to dentist today ^^ hohoho ^^ My dentist is cute XD ahhahahaha.. today was my second appointment and I was late (again) ;p so instead of having my 2 right teeth done, he did filling for my left tooth. Yeah I know, it's a lot -_- I was surprised when he told me 3 of my teeth need filling, and some other teeth start having holes :((((((( I straight away upgraded my MBF Extra cover to Your Choice cover from Young cover.

Anyway, back to my dentist XD When I looked at the dentists profiles at Greenwood Dental website, I noticed that he was the youngest one there. I don't know if that's real or not, but that actually made me a bit worried when they scheduled me for appointment with him. I was worried he's a new dentist, hence does not have a lot of experience. I was actually thinking to call and change to someone else, but other dentists who are with MBF were all females (I was worried if I ever need my tooth pulled out - touch wood, a girl won't be strong enough to pull it :P), so I stick with him. Turned out he's good :) I, just like everybody else, am always nervous to go to dentist, but he's friendly and nice, and cute XD, and patience, and nice again :p and seems to always try to make you relaxed. So, he's good :P

The first time I came, I couldn't find my way there, so eventhough I was told to come 10 minutes earlier to fill in some forms, I arrived exactly on my appointment time. When he made appointment for me to have 2 fillings, he said "If you come late, we can just do 1 tooth. But you know how to get here anyway." I said "Yeah, shouldn't be, I know where it is now :)". Today, I was 10 minutes late -_-"""" humpphhh -_-" When I arrived, I said "Sorry, I'm late... again.." -_-" And then, when we made the appointment for next time,

Dentist: "So, 10:30 Saturday....." *showing his crossed fingers*

Me: *turning red* "Yeah, I know I know...." T_______T

I can't be late again!!!! -___-"

It wasn't bad at all. There were times when it was very... tingling? I don't know the word, but it wasn't continuosly, and it wasn't long too. And no pain. So I'm pleased :)) When we finished, he said "You've been doing really good.". But I think he was the one doing a really good job :))

Off to bed now, early start tomorrow :(

Nite niteeeeeee ^^

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