Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gold Coast Birthday Trip Day 1

I'm back in Sydney ^^ I just arrived last night after my mini early birthday weekend trip from Gold Coast. My birthday is on this Sunday, and we were actually planning to have this trip on my birthday weekend. However, when my best friend was looking for hotels, she found it weird that almost every hotel was fully booked on that weekend. Then she thought "Don't tell me it's schoolies week". And yep, it's schoolies week on my birthday, so we decided to move it 1 week ahead.

So, last Friday morning (7.10 AM flight >.< )we flew out to Gold Coast with Virgin Blue. It was a good flight, no complain at all. So far, I'm always happy with Virgin Blue. I think it's the best budget airlines compared to Jetstar and Tiger. Tiger is the worst. I might write a review on it one day. Once we arrived, we went to Twin Heeds just to kill the time as Dream World opens at 10. It was 7.30 QLD time when we arrived. Took some photos, made a wish on the wishing well, looked at the beach, and then off to Dream World.

I rode on The Claw. Yes, that was the first ride I rode that day. And if I think about it, my heart starts to pound again -_-" Can't believe I didn't think it was THAT scary!!!!!!! And that I let my friend convinced me to ride on it!!! -_-" But well.. I'm still young, so I guess no harm done isn't it? But I WAS SCARED TO DEATH T_T If you aren't scared of height, you can try this. I'm scared of height a little bit, and after that ride, I think I'm scared of height more -_- And, we had bonus too -_- My friend who didn't get on this ride counted that we actually had 7 swings, while the previous ones only had 5. No thanks for that, my heart is still pounding >>>__<<<

After that, all rides were nothing lol :P We did the Bom bom car next (can't remember what it's called lol), just bumping into others cars :P My friend's bro bumped my car so bad that the seatbelt hurt my neck. Lucky there's no bruise. After that we rode on the jet coaster type of ride, but it's the hanging seat type. Not on top of the rail, it's hanging on the rail. Was okay, and yes, nothing compared to The Claw.

Then, we went to Tower of Terror 2. My friends said it's nothing and it's fun, it goes forward up to the top, and then move backwards down very quickly, not scary at all. So those 2 friends, her bro, me and my middle sis queued. When we almost got to the end of the queue, my youngest sis called, and said "Hey, it seems that it's going up backwards and then goes down forward.." I was &@*@^*^@$$???????????????? what the ****??????????? so once we got to the end of the queue, I asked to the guy, is it going backwards and then forward? He said "It's going up backwards and down forward." I said straight away "I changed my mind, where can I get out?" :P He then told me how to get out, and asked again "So, who's not going?" My sis and my friend's bro raised their hands LOLLLLLLLLLLLL sometimes it's good going with guys who are a bit scared hauhauhahahhaha :P So yeah we pulled out from it.

After that we had lunch, and then looked around stores. Not much interesting actually in the stores. And then we rode on the Antique Car. I drove :D I only need to step on the gas and it moves. I don't even need to steer it. And it still bumped like bajaj lol :P I'm so hopeless :P after that my friends rode the Motocoaster. I was scared my heart will pop out so I didn't ride on it :P but it looked cool!!!! Next time I go, I'll ride on it :D Then, we walked around and then arrived at Giant Drop. My best friend walked straight into it not even discussing with us @__@ But then she saw this sign saying something like this "Due to xxx reason, Giant Drop now takes less passengers for safety reason." She walked out straight away LOL :P We walked around a bit more and took lots of photo in the Cowboy type area that has the "Wanted" poster where you can stick your head in there to take photo, prison window with bent trellis, and the usual head and hands holes with feet hanging. It was fun! I think we dominated that place :P and we were loud too haha... :P *feel ashamed now* but we were having fun and I don't regret it :))

From there, we went to hotel (Mantra Legend) and checked in. I'll do review on separate post. Past bedtime already. Took shower and then went to Bistro Lamp for dinner. Turns out that it was just almost next to the hotel :P the food was okay, but we thought of sharing, and the dishes were not for sharing, so at the end of dinner, we were still hungry. We went to IGA after that, bought some bread, Nutella, and water for the next day breakfast, and then went back to hotel to sleep. We slept at 11. Not bad for holiday :/

See, I even sleep later during normal working weekdays :/

Good night!! :)

PS: I got Bridge to the Holy Cross from library today, yayyyy ^^ So lucky ^^

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Cousin's Birthday

Yesterday was my cousin's birthday, and she invited me and my sisters to her birthday dinner @Manly (or what my colleagues usually call Mantown :P). Anyway, she's treating us dinner at the restaurant where she works, China Beach. And we ate A LOT. Seriously it was A LOT. We didn't do the order actually, the waitress asked us if we wanted to order or just let the guys in the kitchen send whatever they wanted to send (yes she works with the waitress of course). So my cousin said yeah, just let them send whatever. At this point, I actually hoped they would send good stuffs lol :P You know people's tastebuds are different, so I hoped they didn't send us weird food :P And these were what they actually served us:

3 Entrees (Mittle Leaf with Fish (I think that's what it's called, too lazy to google daun sirih :P), Tea Smoked Quail with Roasted Garlic, San Choy Bao and Fried Duck Dumplings)

5 Main Meals (Spicy Fish with Extra Coconut Sauce, Beef with Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots, Duck with Lychee, Stir Fried Pork Belly, and Scallops with Spring Onions)

2 Side Dishes (Steamed Veggies and Roti Prata)

Steamed Rice

4 Desserts (Panna Cotta with Raspberry and Ginger Sauce - It was red and tasted like Raspberry so I think it was raspberry :P, Honey + Watermelon + Lychee ice cream with Praline, Crispy Waffle with Palm Sugar Sauce and Fruit Compote, and Sago)

And we brought Coffee Brulee Birthday Cake too :)

We were STUFFEDDDDDDDDDDD!!! My tummy is actually still feel tight right now :/ But it was so good. The entree was all good. The mittle entree was good, but I don't like smelly leaves so it was kinda distracting, but the fish itself was good. Quail was hm... I never use this word for food, but it was beautifully cooked! San Choy Bao was good too and the fried dumplings were ordinary, but the taste reminded me of some food I had in Indo. Can't remember what it was. My cousin was like "err... Kuo Tieh?" lol :P but nope, not that :P

The mains were all good too. The highlights were Scallops - the texture was great, I loved it, and the sauce was good too, the fish was SOOOO GOOD!!! The coconut sauce was delicious, spicy but not too spicy. I'm glad they gave us extra coconut sauce :P And the pork belly, omg, it was good and crispy and tasty ^^ and the cuts were big and thick lol I love thick meat hahhahaha :P Duck and Beef was good too. The beef was the least I liked though.

Steamed veggies was normal, it can't be very special, can it? Roti prata was good. I said to my cousin, it was even better than Mamak's. And she said "Of course, I'm the one who usually go and buy it". Hmmm so handmade doesn't necessarily better than off the shelf products :P

I loved the Panna Cotta. I don't usually like ginger, but the sauce taste like the ginger lollies that are usually sold in Puncak (Indonesia). It's my all time favourite lolly. So I liked it :) The crispy waffle tasted like kue rangi and lupis :P it was good, but I think it was a bit too sweet. Even that, some of us still declared it their favourite out of the desserts. The ice cream was great too, my only complaints are it was too fast to melt and the lychee was too sweet. I don't like watermelon, but the watermelon ice cream was good :) And that Lychee ice cream was actually made by my cousin herself :P The sago was good too, if I didn't fall in love with the Panna Cotta in the first place, it could be my favourite :P Most of us loved it the best.

So yeah.. that's the review :) Again, my tummy still feels so tight. But hungry :/ you know when u eat too much the night before, you usually wake up starving. Just like that.

Btw, I missed the E50 bus yesterday to go to Manly, so I had to go to Spit Junction and changed bus. The 230 bus driver was so nice. I stopped him and asked how to get to Manly and he said just hop on, he'll tell me when I need to get off. I said "Oh okay, so what My Bus should I use, 1 or 2?". He then said to just hop on, don't worry about that. @__@ so nice! So I saved a bus ticket :P I thought it was just like around the corner, so no need to pay (I didn't know where Spit Junction was :P). Turned out it was like half way to Manly @__@ it should have cost me My Bus 2. Don't know why he told me not to pay, but thank you :)

Anyway, gotta take shower now, I woke up at 6 this morning due to bad dream -_-" I don't usually wake up that early that easy lol.

PS: I can't wait for Friday yayyyy ^^

Monday, November 8, 2010

4th Gmarket Order!!!

Okay, this order arrived days before I went on my Gold Coast trip, so no, it's not very new :D But, this is the fastest order I had with Gmarket I think. We placed the order on 24 Oct 2010, by 27th all orders were shipped to Gmarket, and then the stuffs were sent overseas on 1 Nov! So fast. I think they arrived @my place on the 4th at 7 AM :P Yes, they always come early morning. I was still sleeping when the postman buzzed my unit, and was still in my bed when my sister signed for it :P

Anyway, see the packages!! ^^

See?? 2 big boxes! I love parcels ^^

err.... yes those are sanitary pads... :P

The hats are my friend's order. She's so scared of sun so that she specially ordered these hats for our trip to Gold Coast. And they are wide enough =P Here is the link of the page for these oversized summer hats.

See my friend's instructions on how to order them:
Item 1
Dropdown 1: select item #28 from xxxx 10.5cm (the first 7,900 won)
Dropdown 2: none
Dropdown 3: select "109 xxxx"
Dropdown 4: none
Dropdown 5: select last item

Item 2
Dropdown 1: select item #16 from xxxx 10.5cm (the 2nd last 6,900 won)
Dropdown 2: none
Dropdown 3: select "110 xxxx"
Dropdown 4: none
Dropdown 5: select 2nd last item

Lol :P but that is very clear :P So from this seller, she chose the hat and the ribbon/scarf to go with the hat and then there are freebie of either flower or scarf to go with the hat. The quality is good and it cost her below $20 each including shipping fee. I saw very similar one @the store in The Gallery Victoria sold for $40 each. So, good bargain :)

And here are those pads :D I was desperately running out of pads and it cost A LOT for pads in Australia. Okay, not that lot, but stilllllll 1 pack of 10 bought in Sydney = 5 packs of 10 bought in Jakarta!!! So, I checked out Gmarket and I found these pads being sold as a whole package costing quite similar with Indo price yayy :D All of them have wings. That 1 different packaging is the maxi long wing (I feel weird talking about pads in here -_-"). These Hummings pads cost 14,400 Won for 8 packs.

These are what I was looking forward to the most (apart from my necessity of pads lol) ^^ I'm not usually interested in skin care, however, during the past winter my skin has been extremely dry, flaky, itchy and peeling >>__<<>
  • Etude Moistful Whitening and Anti Wrinkle. It's a pack of moisturizer and massage mask. I actually love the way it feels on my skin, and my skin becomes soft after. However, my skin HATED it -_-" after 2 days wear, my chin started being irritated and dry. My forehead started having bumpy sign of pimples >_<>winter skin. Unfortunately my skin didn't like it :( It was cheap too, only 13,000 Won.
  • Etude House - Pore Tightening Sleeping Pack (green tube) and Moisturizing Sleeping Pack (pink tube). They cost 8,500 Won each. I like the Moisturizing Sleeping Pack better. My skin feels soft and moisturised when I woke up the next day. I tried the Pore Tightening at the same time when I tried Moistful, and my skin broke out. So can't really say much yet as I don't know if it was the Moistful's fault, the Pore Tightening Sleeping Pack or both. The Moisturizing Sleeping pack didn't cause break out to my skin though.
  • Etude House is famous for generous freebies. That's why I bought all 3 Etude House all at once, I was hoping for lots of freebies ^^ And I received Moistful Collagen sample (little orange packet in front of Moistful), another sample (it says Petit Bijou Soft Body Wash on the packet - it's next to Moistful Collagen), earphones (See those yellow earphones? ^^ I haven't tried them, hope they work) and sticky notes (the long pastel coloured paper underneath the earphones). I was happy :))
  • TonyMoly Tightening Pore - it's the egg shaped container pictured next to Moistful. As I said, after my skin became extremely dry, I noticed that my pores are growing wider too. So, I frantically searched for pore tightening skin care. It costs 8,800 Won + 2,500 Won domestic shipping. I haven't got the chance to try it on though. And confession, the shape is one of the main reason I decided to buy this product lol :P Ah, I also received some BB cream, Vita Vital MX7 cream and essence samples with the purchase (the 3 small sample packets next to the egg). I love samples ^^
  • ElishaCoy Toner, Waterdrop Whitening Moisturiser and Aqua Whitening Pudding Cream Moisturiser. My friend lend me this some time ago after she found out that I was looking for moisturiser. I tried this and I quite like it. The Pudding cream is so rich and I can end up with glossy shiny skin, but my skin doesn't feel dry at the end of the day. The cream feels good on my skin too. The waterdrop is not as oily, but it feels light on my skin. However, if I only use it without the pudding cream, my skin feels a bit dry at the end of the day. I read on the instruction, and it says to use the waterdrop, AND then the pudding cream. So I tried it, and I'm pretty happy with that. My skin is improving now :) I got a bunch of samples too! 1 small tube of Waterdrop moisturiser, Milk Cacao Black Sugar Scrub 20 gram, Cacao Green Tea Age Fitness Mask 20 gram, 2 samples of Aqua Whitening Pudding Cream, and 3 packs of Wrinkle Out Collagen Essence sample sachets. So many! When my friend (who lent me hers) ordered hers, she only got like 3 sachets of samples. I'm so lucky ^^ Oh, it cost about 48,500 Won for the whole thing :)
  • We also ordered a bunch of facial masks (Beauty Friend) from this link. 9,200 Won and I got 50 packs of masks!!!! When I found it, I didn't even think if I should buy it. It cost 2 dollars at least to buy 1 packet in Sydney, and this cost about 20 cents each, so this is a very very good bargain!! So happy with my finding hehehhee :D I don't need to buy masks anymore now :D I can choose 5 varieties, so I chose wheat, potato, marine algae, royal jelly and green tea. I also received another 2 extra! How nice :)) I forgot to take photo, but it's exactly the same as the photo in the link above. I've just tried it once, and I quite like it. It didn't give any problem to my skin :)

1. The grey + white shoes are my youngest sister's. It was cheap, 9,900 Won.
2. The blue shoes are my younger sister's. 13,900 Won.
3. The pink ones are mine. 11,900 Won. Before I say something, let me clear this out, I've never had any problem with Gmarket items up to now. And I was happy when I received these shoes too. However, they fell apart the second day I wore them. I didn't have to courage to wear them to work on the third day, worried that I would have to walk barefoot home. I really wasn't happy and then sent an email to complain to the seller. However, it was bounced back to me. So I sent another email to Gmarket customer service. They handled it quickly and contacted the seller for me. Within 2-3 days, I got a phone call from Gmarket (YES, from Korea) saying that the money would be refunded and should be in my Paypal account within 7 days. I was satisfied with their service :)

We also bought below clothes, but I can't find the links and prices. My sisters did the ordering last time as they wanted to order my bday pressents too, so I can't open the links on my Gmarket order history to check (And they are currently in dream land now so I can't ask -.-). But I'm happy with the items too. Nice quality for the price.

And below are the things purchased by my friend (the black jacket) and my cousins. If you want the links, just let me know. I can't keep my eyes opened anymore, I need some sleep T__T

Even though this skirt looks thin, when my cousin wears it, it looks like normal skirt, doesn't look thin at all :)

So overall, another happy experience from Gmarket :))

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another Overheard

Sign on plane: "Please place larger baggage above your heads and any small baggage at your feet, and please leave your emotional baggage on the tarmac - I'm a pilot not a shrink."

Lol.. it must be jetstar :P or virgin :P

Boy looking at a music video: "Whoa! Is Eminem really white?"
Girl: "What colour did you think he was?"
Boy: "Well I assumed that he meant Eminem, like M&Ms, you know, 'cause he was chocolate-brown coloured?"

-_-" I thought he was black at the beginning too, but not because of this reason -_-"


Girl 1: "Last night my boyfriend took me to se a ballet."
Girl 2: "Oh yeah? WHat'd you see?"
Girl 1: "The Nutcrusher."