Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another Overheard

Sign on plane: "Please place larger baggage above your heads and any small baggage at your feet, and please leave your emotional baggage on the tarmac - I'm a pilot not a shrink."

Lol.. it must be jetstar :P or virgin :P

Boy looking at a music video: "Whoa! Is Eminem really white?"
Girl: "What colour did you think he was?"
Boy: "Well I assumed that he meant Eminem, like M&Ms, you know, 'cause he was chocolate-brown coloured?"

-_-" I thought he was black at the beginning too, but not because of this reason -_-"


Girl 1: "Last night my boyfriend took me to se a ballet."
Girl 2: "Oh yeah? WHat'd you see?"
Girl 1: "The Nutcrusher."


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