Friday, September 14, 2012

The Return to Princess Coco

Remember about Princess Coco that I wrote few weeks ago? I actually sent a complain through their site which pretty much all the stuffs I wrote in here. I wasn't expecting anything really, it was just because I held everything in that night so I had to throw everything out by writing it to them. If I had made a scene then and there, I wouldn't be that angry after I got home. Anyway, I said at the end of the complain, don't bother replying to me apologizing without any action.

To my surprise, I got a reply 2 days after from the manager. She apologized for what happened and said the staff had been reprimanded and they would like to invite us back and would give us free round of desserts. She sounded so genuine and that they tried to put effort to fix it. We actually planned to come again the week after, but she suggested to come after the grand opening as their chocolate fountain would be ready by then. So we followed her suggestion and came back tonight instead.

I've emailed them yesterday telling them we would be coming at 8:30 tonight. They told us the manager won't be there, and we can just ask for Jay (Oh by the way, I think Jay was the guy who actually served us the first time we came @_@ Coz that guy was there when we came tonight and he actually recognized my friend's boyfriend) and they would tell all staffs that we were coming. I actually felt like I was the owner coming to inspect how my staff work lol :P Anyway, We arrived late, at 9. There was no empty table. They said they reserved the table for an hour, but we were late so they gave it to other people :/ which is fine, I didn't actually make a proper reservation, so that's fine. But hmmm.... I said I'd come at 8:30 right? it was 9, did they reserve it from 8? Anyway, let's not make a big deal about this. We only waited 5 minutes or so and we got a table anyway. So, so far so good :)

But but but but buttttttt... there were only seats for 3 people T_T We, the 3 girls tried to squeeze into the couch, but it was too tight :( well we don't have small butts so... well.. so my friend let say Helenus had to share the stool with her awesome boyfriend. The waiter and waitress finally said they didn't have any share chair to give to us, but once anyone's out, a chair will be ours. It was quite a while actually, maybe 15 minutes or so. They kept asking if we were ready to order, while we actually had to ask twice for tap water. My friend's boyfriend started to get pissed too when finally the people next to us paid their bill. I was like "Get the chair get the chair!!!!". But they said, "It's their responsibility to give us the chair their promise, I don't want to fight for a chair."Which was fair enough. So we were waiting when they cleaned the next table etc, and we were p.r.e.t.t.y sure, they forgot for few seconds to give us the chair as they looked like they were arranging the table for 3 people. Luckily, they remembered and gave us a chair *phew... seriously I didn't know what I'd do if they forgot -_- after all, I was the one who complained and got us come back there.

We could order any desserts we wanted. So, we ordered their signature dessert, Princess Coco something, Raspberry Delice, Petite Four and other dessert. For drinks, I had the La Traditional, my bestie had the iced milk chocolate with vanilla and malt (I can't remember the name), and Helenus shared lemon grass tea with her boyfriend. How should I say it... they weren't bad, but they were not spectacular either... the one my friends like best was the one dessert that I can't remember the name. But I really can't pick which one is my favourite :/

Overall, they tried to fix what was wrong, but we still think they are still lack of management skills. The staff were nice and friendly, but how do I put it... okay, the waiter said he'll get an extra chair, but then he went on register and didn't get us one. Only until we asked for it again, he then said there's no more chair, and he'll get us one once it's available. Second, the waiter asked if we wanted some water, which we answered yes. He then left, but when he came back, he asked us if we were ready to order without bringing that tap water that he offered earlier. The food and drinks were okay, can't please anyone's taste right? But I believe they are not something I would crave for in the future.

Now I just have to think how I should write the email to them :/

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wasabi bistro

Had dinner @wasabi bistro Surry Hills tonight. I bought coupons from for $19 and I can get $50 worth of food and drinks.
Was planning to go with my 2 sis and Pipito (my friend who I go with to work every day), but 1 of my sister got diarrhea -.- I dunno what's wrong with her, but she's always sick when we have plans. Twice we planned to go bowling and she was sick both times. The third time we went daytime and she finally went bowling, that night she got sick -_-" aiyaya... so my Bestie ended up coming with us.
The food was really NOTHING special. For that kind of price I expect good food. But nope. But the one that got us -_-"" is this, see photo below.
When the rice come, I said "eh????? Huh???????" *while knotting my eyebrows* and I did that in front of the waiter. It made me anxiously trying to find my mobile (which apparently was next to me on the table-.- god.. I'm really getting old -_-) to take photos of it. If usually I get furious on customer service, this actually got me laughing ;p SO SMALL! Even onigiri is bigger than that lol ;p
Anyway they say picture worth a thousand words, so just have a look at the photo. Just an fyi, all of us were still starving when we left. It was as if we haven't had dinner. Before ordering, my bestie said "I'm having a bowl of rice tonight! So starving!" (We usually share rice, maybe 1 bowl for 2 ppl or 2 bowls for 3 ppl etc). She ended up having less than a bowl tonight huahahaha..

Oh yeah I'm not going back there ofcourse ;p

Friday, September 7, 2012

Reason why I left Go-Lo

I had dinner with my friends today for a birthday @iPot today. Btw, iPot was not bad, it's pretty unique concept but it was pricey! We ended up paying $129 in total and I straight away grabbed the receipt to check if there was any mistake. Don't get me wrong, the service was good for a hot pot restaurant, the quality of meat was good and the meatballs were hand made. But still, it was pricey and I don't think I will crave to go back there again.

Anyway, we were chatting about why we applied for our job few years back, when I suddenly realised, wait.. I can't remember why I applied! I remember that my manager offered me the position before he even quited Golo, and I didn't refuse it, but I didn't eagerly leaving Golo either. But then it came back to me.

I remember it was a stocktake day on a weekend, I'm 80% sure it was a Sunday. We closed the store at 6 though those stocktakers and staffs and Luke the manager were all still doing stocktake. I was 3rd in charge, so I closed the store, closed the registers, counted all the cash, and then did the banking.

Two weeks after, I received a phone call from the head office, telling me the bag I banked was $400 short and asked me if there was anything I remember happened that night. I said to her the money was short by $95 that night, but not $400. And she said, it's not that the money was short from the banking bag, not from the till. I vaguely remember the figure was in full amount i.e. $8000, but the figure banked that she said was not a full amount i.e. $7600 (But I'm not too sure about this full amount thing as it happened long time ago). She suggested me going back to the store tonight and check the paperwork. I then make a phone call to the store to check who's gonna work that night. Lucky the manager wasn't working that night. I told my friend not to tell anyone that I was coming to check.

When I came that night, I found out that the banking bag slip had been ripped off the banking book. And that the banking bag number that I wrote on the banking book has been changed from ending 2 to ending 1. The amount was unchanged. I tried to remember if I changed the banking bag, but I was pretty sure I didn't, changing a banking bag is quite a hassle, so I was sure I'd remember if I changed it. Thinking back about that night, eventhough I was the one who banked it and locked the safety box, there were a LOT of people still in the store even after I've left the store. The manager was there too, and also my team mates. I couldn't suspect my team mates, we were pretty close. I could only suspect my manager, but I wasn't sure either.

The timing couldn't be worse either, it was Monday when I got that phone call, I was flying home on the Friday. I sent the email explaining what the findings were, and told them I was flying overseas. I didn't hear anything from them after, but I guess they had same suspicion as me. When I got back from my holiday, I heard that the manager had been given a warning, demoted to assistant manager, and was transferred to another store. I came to work only for a week, and then handed in my resignation.

Can't believe I almost forgot all this :/ I planned to write it long time ago, but never get the chance to. When I remembered it again today, I thought I better write it down lol. I might forget it completely in the future. People say you can subconcsiously refuse to remember memory that you want to forget, I guess that maybe right, eventhough in this case, it's not a memory I want to forget. It's experience, not everyone experiences this kind of stuff ;p but good that it ended well, if it didn't, I might want to forget it completely then.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The owner of my apartment is....... *drumroll*

I've been living in my apartment for about 5 years now, and just after they told me the unit is being sold, I found out that the owner of my apartment is in fact the writer of The Chasers!

I didn't suspect him to be anyone really, plus I don't watch The Chasers though I know what the show is about. But few days ago, I don't know why, I suddenly wanted to google him. So I googled him, and the first page of google comes up with details, pages and photos of this one man. I wasn't sure about his middle name though, since in my contract, there was no middle name. But I kinda felt this could be the guy, since when I did the inspection long time ago, his apartment was full of pictures hanging on the wall. Not his photos, but more like things celebrities/artists would hang. But I still thought, ah it can't be.

I still asked my bestie though if the owner is the chaser guy (she met him last month when the owner asked for access to my apartment to show to prospective buyer. I was in Singapore back then, so I asked my bestie to be there just to make sure no once touches my stuffs without permission. After all, the content of this appartment are all mine! lol). She doesn't watch the chasers. But considering she has another best friend, she checks with him too, the Google :P and here was her reply:
"ehhhhhh that's the guyyyyyy!!! I don't know the chaser, I mean I dunno who are the guys, but it's him!!! LOL  apparently I met a famous guy hahhahahahaa... had a chat too, even got his phone number hauhahahahaha"

And my response was "Wuahhhh apparently I've been living in an apartment of a famous guy @_@ and just knew about it after it is about to be sold lol".

She did mention there's something about him that made her feel errr... but she didn't tell me what yet. I checked with my sis too if she remembers his face, and she said yeah, I still meet him every now and then. Huh???? I never met him again??? She said she sometimes meets him in the building, or sees him at the cafe downstairs, so he still lives here. And yes I show her the photo and she said yep, that's our owner.

Ah btw, talking about the cafe, I've been living here for 5 years, and I never ever ever bought anything in there lol :P The first time I stepped in was few weeks ago when my uncle came visit me and bought coffee there nearly every day :P and he is from Indo :P