Friday, September 14, 2012

The Return to Princess Coco

Remember about Princess Coco that I wrote few weeks ago? I actually sent a complain through their site which pretty much all the stuffs I wrote in here. I wasn't expecting anything really, it was just because I held everything in that night so I had to throw everything out by writing it to them. If I had made a scene then and there, I wouldn't be that angry after I got home. Anyway, I said at the end of the complain, don't bother replying to me apologizing without any action.

To my surprise, I got a reply 2 days after from the manager. She apologized for what happened and said the staff had been reprimanded and they would like to invite us back and would give us free round of desserts. She sounded so genuine and that they tried to put effort to fix it. We actually planned to come again the week after, but she suggested to come after the grand opening as their chocolate fountain would be ready by then. So we followed her suggestion and came back tonight instead.

I've emailed them yesterday telling them we would be coming at 8:30 tonight. They told us the manager won't be there, and we can just ask for Jay (Oh by the way, I think Jay was the guy who actually served us the first time we came @_@ Coz that guy was there when we came tonight and he actually recognized my friend's boyfriend) and they would tell all staffs that we were coming. I actually felt like I was the owner coming to inspect how my staff work lol :P Anyway, We arrived late, at 9. There was no empty table. They said they reserved the table for an hour, but we were late so they gave it to other people :/ which is fine, I didn't actually make a proper reservation, so that's fine. But hmmm.... I said I'd come at 8:30 right? it was 9, did they reserve it from 8? Anyway, let's not make a big deal about this. We only waited 5 minutes or so and we got a table anyway. So, so far so good :)

But but but but buttttttt... there were only seats for 3 people T_T We, the 3 girls tried to squeeze into the couch, but it was too tight :( well we don't have small butts so... well.. so my friend let say Helenus had to share the stool with her awesome boyfriend. The waiter and waitress finally said they didn't have any share chair to give to us, but once anyone's out, a chair will be ours. It was quite a while actually, maybe 15 minutes or so. They kept asking if we were ready to order, while we actually had to ask twice for tap water. My friend's boyfriend started to get pissed too when finally the people next to us paid their bill. I was like "Get the chair get the chair!!!!". But they said, "It's their responsibility to give us the chair their promise, I don't want to fight for a chair."Which was fair enough. So we were waiting when they cleaned the next table etc, and we were p.r.e.t.t.y sure, they forgot for few seconds to give us the chair as they looked like they were arranging the table for 3 people. Luckily, they remembered and gave us a chair *phew... seriously I didn't know what I'd do if they forgot -_- after all, I was the one who complained and got us come back there.

We could order any desserts we wanted. So, we ordered their signature dessert, Princess Coco something, Raspberry Delice, Petite Four and other dessert. For drinks, I had the La Traditional, my bestie had the iced milk chocolate with vanilla and malt (I can't remember the name), and Helenus shared lemon grass tea with her boyfriend. How should I say it... they weren't bad, but they were not spectacular either... the one my friends like best was the one dessert that I can't remember the name. But I really can't pick which one is my favourite :/

Overall, they tried to fix what was wrong, but we still think they are still lack of management skills. The staff were nice and friendly, but how do I put it... okay, the waiter said he'll get an extra chair, but then he went on register and didn't get us one. Only until we asked for it again, he then said there's no more chair, and he'll get us one once it's available. Second, the waiter asked if we wanted some water, which we answered yes. He then left, but when he came back, he asked us if we were ready to order without bringing that tap water that he offered earlier. The food and drinks were okay, can't please anyone's taste right? But I believe they are not something I would crave for in the future.

Now I just have to think how I should write the email to them :/

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