Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wasabi bistro

Had dinner @wasabi bistro Surry Hills tonight. I bought coupons from for $19 and I can get $50 worth of food and drinks.
Was planning to go with my 2 sis and Pipito (my friend who I go with to work every day), but 1 of my sister got diarrhea -.- I dunno what's wrong with her, but she's always sick when we have plans. Twice we planned to go bowling and she was sick both times. The third time we went daytime and she finally went bowling, that night she got sick -_-" aiyaya... so my Bestie ended up coming with us.
The food was really NOTHING special. For that kind of price I expect good food. But nope. But the one that got us -_-"" is this, see photo below.
When the rice come, I said "eh????? Huh???????" *while knotting my eyebrows* and I did that in front of the waiter. It made me anxiously trying to find my mobile (which apparently was next to me on the table-.- god.. I'm really getting old -_-) to take photos of it. If usually I get furious on customer service, this actually got me laughing ;p SO SMALL! Even onigiri is bigger than that lol ;p
Anyway they say picture worth a thousand words, so just have a look at the photo. Just an fyi, all of us were still starving when we left. It was as if we haven't had dinner. Before ordering, my bestie said "I'm having a bowl of rice tonight! So starving!" (We usually share rice, maybe 1 bowl for 2 ppl or 2 bowls for 3 ppl etc). She ended up having less than a bowl tonight huahahaha..

Oh yeah I'm not going back there ofcourse ;p

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