Friday, September 7, 2012

Reason why I left Go-Lo

I had dinner with my friends today for a birthday @iPot today. Btw, iPot was not bad, it's pretty unique concept but it was pricey! We ended up paying $129 in total and I straight away grabbed the receipt to check if there was any mistake. Don't get me wrong, the service was good for a hot pot restaurant, the quality of meat was good and the meatballs were hand made. But still, it was pricey and I don't think I will crave to go back there again.

Anyway, we were chatting about why we applied for our job few years back, when I suddenly realised, wait.. I can't remember why I applied! I remember that my manager offered me the position before he even quited Golo, and I didn't refuse it, but I didn't eagerly leaving Golo either. But then it came back to me.

I remember it was a stocktake day on a weekend, I'm 80% sure it was a Sunday. We closed the store at 6 though those stocktakers and staffs and Luke the manager were all still doing stocktake. I was 3rd in charge, so I closed the store, closed the registers, counted all the cash, and then did the banking.

Two weeks after, I received a phone call from the head office, telling me the bag I banked was $400 short and asked me if there was anything I remember happened that night. I said to her the money was short by $95 that night, but not $400. And she said, it's not that the money was short from the banking bag, not from the till. I vaguely remember the figure was in full amount i.e. $8000, but the figure banked that she said was not a full amount i.e. $7600 (But I'm not too sure about this full amount thing as it happened long time ago). She suggested me going back to the store tonight and check the paperwork. I then make a phone call to the store to check who's gonna work that night. Lucky the manager wasn't working that night. I told my friend not to tell anyone that I was coming to check.

When I came that night, I found out that the banking bag slip had been ripped off the banking book. And that the banking bag number that I wrote on the banking book has been changed from ending 2 to ending 1. The amount was unchanged. I tried to remember if I changed the banking bag, but I was pretty sure I didn't, changing a banking bag is quite a hassle, so I was sure I'd remember if I changed it. Thinking back about that night, eventhough I was the one who banked it and locked the safety box, there were a LOT of people still in the store even after I've left the store. The manager was there too, and also my team mates. I couldn't suspect my team mates, we were pretty close. I could only suspect my manager, but I wasn't sure either.

The timing couldn't be worse either, it was Monday when I got that phone call, I was flying home on the Friday. I sent the email explaining what the findings were, and told them I was flying overseas. I didn't hear anything from them after, but I guess they had same suspicion as me. When I got back from my holiday, I heard that the manager had been given a warning, demoted to assistant manager, and was transferred to another store. I came to work only for a week, and then handed in my resignation.

Can't believe I almost forgot all this :/ I planned to write it long time ago, but never get the chance to. When I remembered it again today, I thought I better write it down lol. I might forget it completely in the future. People say you can subconcsiously refuse to remember memory that you want to forget, I guess that maybe right, eventhough in this case, it's not a memory I want to forget. It's experience, not everyone experiences this kind of stuff ;p but good that it ended well, if it didn't, I might want to forget it completely then.

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