Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Random blabbering

2 things came in my thought this morning:
1. Our life is full of great books, comics, movies and series. I want to live for a long long time to enjoy them all!!

2. I read a comic where the side character is really poor so that his bro who's still in year 3 is the only one who doesn't have a game in class. His older brother's friend recalled a memory of the same thing happening to the older bro when they were in primary school. But when he wanted to lend his game to him, he said, "I have no interest at the moment. If I want to play a game in the future, I will make it myself". Reading that, I feel proud of myself. I can't make a game, but I can buy games with my own hard earned money yayyy!!! XD

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ode To Joy - CDrama

I have been watching this modern contemporary Chinese drama, Ode to Joy. I don't know what contemporary means, but that's how all the news describes this drama category.

It's a story about 5 young women who live in Ode to Joy apartment building level 22. Andy is a successful CFO, graduated from USA, beautiful, rich, capable, but antisocial. She's an orphan and spent some of her childhood in an orphanage before being adopted and taken to USA. Her mind is too simple, and growing up in USA doesn't prepare her on how Chinese society works. If a stranger says to her that he's lost his wallet and can't go home, she'd hand out money without thinking. It never came across her mind that he could be a Scammer. She doesn't understand why people do this kind of thing. When she was slandered on the internet, she didn't have a slight care. She didn't think that gossips can bring people down. For her, gossips are just gossips. Her family has a history of mental disease, that's why she planned to live alone forever. She even went as far as preparing her will, earning as much money as possible, and entrusted all of her assets to her best friend, so he can arrange for her treatment if one day she goes crazy.

Xiao Mei is beautiful, poor, loves expensive stuffs, but when someone gives her expensive stuffs, she sniffs it, enjoys the smell and brings it to a pawn shop to exchange for money. She then goes to a counterfeit store, buy the same one and send most of the rest of the money to her selfish useless good for nothing family. Her focus is to marry a rich husband. She cares about her flatmates and acts like a big sister to them.

Qu Xiaoxiao, is someone you either love or hate. She is a hooligan. Well, not exactly, she's a 2nd generation rich girl. She graduated from unknown university in USA where she really didn't study anything and just partied and shopped and being rich. She came back to Shanghai to prevent her half brother getting all inheritance. So she worked hard on her own company to prove to her dad that she's better than her brother. She's a nice girl, loyal and VERY brave to voice out her opinion without any care of what other ppl may think about her. However, she doesn't hesitate to employ dirty tricks sometimes. She's a good person, but in my favourite phrase, very human, as she has many faults and can be angry, explosive and selfish sometimes. But she sets her own limit of good and bad. Even though she thinks Xiao Mei is a gold digger, she still helps her out and stands up for her when she has problems. She also willingly admits her respects of Xiao Mei's good attributes. I love her and out of the 5 women, she is who I want to be.

Qiu Yingying, is the one I want to slap SO.MANY.TIMES when watching this drama. She's a cute girl, don't get me wrong, but man she's so damn stupid and even more stupid when she falls in love. What makes up for it is how good her heart is, she cares for everyone and no matter she agrees or not, she supports her friends wholeheartedly. Yeah, that's the right word to describe her. She does her work wholeheartedly and always goes the extra mile in her job. She goes out to find new clients on her days out, when she was hospitalized she still managed her work online shop (she works for someone), that online shop was actually her idea. When she started working for that cafe, she had 0 idea about coffee. She spent nights trying every single coffee variants to the point of couldn't sleep coz she'd drunk too much. I think you get the idea. That's also her style when she falls in love, to the point of stupidity.

Guan Guan is a typical ordinary girl that people do not notice. Just like me ._. In her own words, she's the girl who guys never take notice of, and the one guys consider to marry only because she has good education, good family background and good wife and mother material. They don't consider her for her. She's hardworking and listens to her parents very much. Can't be helped though, her mum nags so much! She moved to Shanghai because she felt she won't grow up if she stays home. Even after she moved, her mum calls her often and tells her to go home when she's out at night, complains when she doesn't pick up her phone, you know, mum stuffs. Her mum sets her up for blind dates without asking, and just drags her up to the restaurants to meet the guy.

So all of these girls live on the same floor. Xiaoqu and Andy live alone, while Xiaomei, Guanguan and Yingying share an apartment together. They visit each other often, either when they're happy or when they have problems. Each has problems of their own. Since they all have different background, they are very relateable. You might argue they are too different and it's impossible for this situation to happen in life, but hey 1 it's a drama. How many dramas you've seen that are so realistic? There would be something not realistic, if not then it would be too boring and people won't watch. After all we watch dramas to escape from our boring life. 2. I actually can see it happening in real life. Each of them though can seek each other, but in their hearts there are some stuffs they don't like about each other. But since they are friends so they can overlook it when required. Isn't that what we experienced day to day too?

The other day I watched Guanguan talking to Xiaomei. She said, before she found this boyfriend, she was prepared to live single for the rest of her life. She said she has good income, enough to support herself and she can take care of her problems herself, so she can face the world herself, she doesn't really need a man. Xiaomei was surprised listening to her. She's never thought this way. She was always trying hard to find a rich guy to marry. Later on that night, she thought about it, and realised that she is actually capable to live alone too. She has better income than Guanguan and more than capable to handle her own affairs. She even takes care of these girls' issues! She doesn't need a man?!

The difference between the 2 is, Guanguan never attracts guys. While Xiaomei is like a flower who has butterflies keep coming and coming without her even making a move. I guess it's like a habit. She's used to always having guys chasing her, so she can't imagine life without a guy. No, it's more like she's never thought of possibility that she could live without it.

See? Very realistic right?? :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

First Random Blabbering of 2018

Yelloooww my beloved readersss!! How are you?? Hope you're all fine and missing my rambling xD

I haven't been writing for a long time, have I? Well, work has been hmm how should I say, either normal, or too depressing to write. As I said long long time ago, I wanna keep my happy and interesting memories, instead of the sad/depressing ones.

So, let's start with the happy one! My sisters and I went on holiday to Japan last month!! Gosh! It feels like a lifetime ago! Work has been busy since I arrived till last week, thanks to my manager who's learnt how to lie instead of estimating how hard a project is -_-

Anyway, Japan was AWESOME!!!! I want to go again!!! XD this time we went to Tokyo, Yokohama, Nikko, Kanazawa, Shirakawago, Gokayama, Takayama, Aware Onsen, Tsuruga, Kyoto, Magome, Tsumago and Osaka. We also went to our first Disneyland ever and Universal Studio Japan ^^ We tried onsen too hehehehe... How awkward, but OK if you don't go with people you know :P I don't know how to describe it, it was JUST AWESOME!! XD everyone should go to Japan, but don't overcrowd it ok? I don't like crowds :p

Yesterday and the day before, Surabaya was hit by a couple of bombs and up to last night, 4 people died. Not gonna say much about it, as good people have the same opinion as me, and bad people will never accept my opinion. So, why bother? But I just want to say that I'm glad that at times like this, I realised that there are still good people in this world who are brave enough to go against the bad guys and protect other people. A guy died trying to prevent the suicide bombers to enter the church. As the results, the bomb exploded outside the church and not as many people were injured. Even though I don't know if he ever thought about bomb, and if he'd still do it if he knew it was bomb. But still, he knew those guys were bad guys and still went in front of them. Hope he rests in peace.

In the other explosion, a guy ran straight to pick up a confused little girl after the explosion, and carry her to safe place. He didn't know the girl, but he still ran to her without thinking. Turned out she was a daughter of the suicide bombers. Only 8 years old! I also don't know though, if he'd do it again if he knew this fact. But I guess that shows that maybe humans in general are good.

Whoops, time for work!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Bye Bye 2017, Hello 2018

Don't know why, I always have a fight with my youngest sister on the last day of the year. I should have typed this post this morning when my mood was all good and calm. Anywayyyy

2017 hasn't been too bad actually, I think. Apart from arguing with parents and a colleague of mine being a stubborn smart-ass, everything else is pretty good.

I went on 2 overseas holiday (1 was short though as it was for my friend's wedding), 2 weekend trips, saw a lot of movies, and ate a lot of good food! As a result, I'm on a diet 😐

I guess what I did the most this year was watching drama and learning languages. I did have 2 weeks mandarin practice in Taiwan! And I realised that I am actually better than I thought xD that's another realisation I had this year besides finding out that my drawing is not bad at all XD

I finished around 6 TV series and some of them were LONG! Thanks for being sick so I had to stay home for a few days. Nothing else I could do apart from watching them to sleep. Actually, I just finished season 3 of The 100 last night! Yayyy! 😆

News wise, this year was filled with North Korea sending trial missiles, Ahok was put in jail, gabener and wagabener saying silly stuffs everyday to the point of me getting bored of it, a lot of crazy people crashing trucks to innocent pedestrians, bombs, and of course the gay marriage voting that made me cringe and ran away every time the topic is brought up in lunch room.

Sydney's winter was so cold and summer has so many near or 40 degrees days. This year Sydney's weather is so extreme, I can not choose what to wear without checking the weather forecast first.

Work has been busy but manageable. I did new projects, thanks to tap water. And I did get some help with 1 of my biggest maintenance work, even though it wasn't as much help as I would have. Let's just say that the amount of emotion and argument I've had might have been equal or more than the help I've got on that project. If I wrote every story of it on this blog, you would have been waiting for new story every day. Then, a female version of dudul showed up. Patience... Patience...

Friendship, we get closer and closer with 2 girlfriends from souvenir store. However, we got further and further away with the male friend from the store too. He's currently having anxiety disorder or something, and no matter how much effort we put in to get him to join us for walks, weekend away, movie, etc, he just wouldn't join and just brushed us out. I did have a lot of clashes with him this year. Because, not only he brushed us out when we're arranging get together, even when I just messaged him on whatsapp, this is what I get:
Me: "Hi, how are you? Long time no chat!"
35k: "I'm good, thank you for asking. Have a nice day!"
Me: ...😑

Another one, I was on holiday and just suddenly wanted to chat with him.
Me: "Heyyy how's it going?? "
35k: "I'm good, thanks. Have a great holiday! ".
Me: ...... *patience..... Patience....

The only time we could get him to show up was just Christmas. Well, I guess better than nothing 😕

I did spend a lot of time this year with my cousin in Indo as I stayed at her place in Apr and then she came to Oz for a month. I also met my besties quite a lot, 2 occasions this year: Apr and Sep, that's not bad at all! Even Orihime can only meet her boyfriend once a year 😆. Then, I became a bridesmaid for the first time this year yayyy!! It was fun spending 2 days with my besties, after uni, we couldn't spend time together for long. So it was a great chance to reminisce our friendship. Plus, I caught the bouquet too hohoho 😁 though a week before the wedding I fell and hurt my knee
😓 I just had my first MRI this month too.

So... Yeah, I think 2017 has been pretty good. I just hope 2018 could have more of the good stuffs I had this year, and less of the bad stuff I had this year.

Hope I win the jackpot next year!!

And I hope the world could be slightly a better place next year.

Bye Bye 2017!!! Thank you for everything 😊

And I will see you tomorrow, 2018!!