Monday, November 26, 2018

Random Blabbering of the Day

Nowadays people are so into their mobile phones and don't care about other people and courtesy anymore. I think I liked it better when apple was only a fruit.

I got off a bus just then. I got off from the front of the bus, and tried to walk to the station. Because it was at the front, there were people queueing to get on the bus. However, they were standing next to the side divider of the bus stop, so there's really only enough space for 1 person to walk.

Then, right at the side of that divider, there was this one guy standing not really in line with the other people. So he was taking half of the space of us who got off the bus. He was (of course) looking at his mobile phone with no care in the world that he was taking the space for the people getting off. Us, me included, had our bags bumped to him as we walked past him. He, didn't budge at all. I actually bumped my bag to him purposely. Hopefully I hit him.

This morning we had a high school student doing 1 week work experience in our office. He's probably in year 10, very young. Poker Face took the boy to our IT area and introduced me and Creamer to him.

Little Missy and Drug were away sick this morming, and Water Tap working hours is later than us. Poker Face said, "Where are the others? They are all having a sleep in today I guess".

He said it lightly, making it like a joke. Then Creamer said, "Drug is sick today. Little Missy is having his surgery right now. And Water Tap comes in at 10 as usual. "

Seriously, what was he trying to say??? Both of them were legitimately having medical reason. And Little Missy was having surgery! SO inappropriate!!

Dunno if he saw it, but my look and Creamer's look clearly showed that we weren't happy about it.

Then later on, Poker Face was trying to make a joke with the boy. I guess maybe because the boy was looking awkward. Well what can you expect? He's young and in unfamiliar place. Anyway, this was what happened.

Poker Face: I heard from your dad that you're some kind of computer whiz. He said you might be able to help in the IT dept. So what languages are you familiar with?

The boy: English.

Poker Face: ...

Me: *trying to hold my giggles 😂

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Melbourne Cup 2018

Nah, I didn't win anything :( but it was still a nice celebration. The bosses arrange for fruit and cheese platter for us and the cheese was so good! The blue cheese was strong too xD

Just want to record these funny conversations I had yesterday :)

*just before I left from work
Me: Creamer, are you going training?
Creamer: no, why?
Me: Should I go to gym or not?
Water Tap: You had cheese today.
Me: -___-

*on the way home to station with the girls
Me: ugh we didn't win anything
Colleague 1: My horse was the last!!
Me: My horse DIED!!!
Colleague 2: *couldn't stop laughing*

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

What an Unlucky Day

Let me tell you how unlucky I was last Saturday 😑

It started in the morning when we were at the airport, sending my parents off. We had Subway foe breakfast. The girl who served me heard my order incorrectly. I ordered ham, egg and cheese sub, but when she was about to put my sub into the toaster, I noticed that she didn't put egg on it. So I asked, "And the egg?". She then asked, "so you want to add an egg?". I said yes and she put it in the toaster and the rest went fine.

However, when paying, the total came up to $9.95. I was confused, coz I thought my sub cost $5.50ish. I did order a cookie, but it should come up to $7-8. I still paid.

But the more I thought about it, I felt even more off. So I came back and looked at the menu. The price was $5.85! The annoying bit was, the menu was on TV screen that kept rotating, so I had to wait for a while for it to change and couldn't point it to the girl before. Same thing when I went back to the girl and asked, we had to wait for a while for it to come up.

Then the girl said, it's because I ordered Ham and cheese sub with extra egg. I was like huh? @_@ ham and cheese with extra egg, is different to ham, cheese and egg sub? She called another girl out and she said it's because I didn't say "breakfast". WTF, I ordered an 8:30 in the morning. Your brain should have clicked by itself.

The other girl then asked, what exactly that I said. I said, "ham, egg and cheese". The original girl then said, "Oh sorry. I thought it was ham and cheese".

By this point, the other girl was already looking annoyed. She then said, "Breakfast only allows 4 salad. You had full salad." I was so angry. How would I know?? And I had 5 salad! So I said to her, "I had only 5 salad, so $2 for 1 extra salad?? ". Seriously I can buy a bag of spinach or a kilo of onions with $2!

She then said, "It should be veggie delete with extra ham and cheese". I said, "Ok". Then she asked, "Did you pay with card?". I said yes. She looked even more pissed.

Then, guess what she did? She slapped $2.85 on top of my receipt on the counter, turned around and went inside without saying a word. The original girl went along with her. Without a word. Not a single sorry for the inconvenience. How rude.

I froze there for a moment due to the shock of that treatment. I've never had anything that rude in Australia ever. Even when customer service in Australia is just so so. Then I took my stuffs and started to leave. But I was still so annoyed, so I turned around still in anger, looking to that direction.

There was another male staff serving a customer. Not sure if he saw the whole drama, but he noticed I was looking angry. So he asked if there was anything wrong. I asked if he was the manager. He said, no.. Not really. So I said, don't worry then if you're not the manager. He asked, "Are you sure?". I said, "Yeah, don't worry".

The other girl was coming out from the back and I so didn't want to see her face again, so I left.

Really, I was SO angry to the point I had the urge to throw my sub at them!

Arggghhhhhhh 😤😤😤😤

OK, moving on.

After my parents got in, we went to the toilet and I banged my hand on the toilet paper dispenser, hurting my finger a bit.

After that, we went to take a bus. We already saw that bus stopping in front of us on the way to the bus stop. But it wasn't the designated bus stop, so we continued to the bus stop. Then we saw people running to that bus. Turned out that it WAS the bus!! Dammmmnnn, we then ran back to catch it. So apparently the driver hadn't driven this route for a while, and last time he did, the bus stop was there. He didn't know it had been moved across 😩

OK, so we made it to the bus. I took a seat and OMG... The guy sitting behind me stank!!! 😵😵 can this day go any worse 😑
Luckily our stop wasn't far. We survived by using hand cream.

When I was getting off the bus, guess what? I was stuck between the glass and a guy with a huge backpack!!! The guy was standing in the middle of the door, I was behind him, and there was another passenger getting off in front of him. So, he stepped back to let that passenger off not knowing that his backpack was squeezing me behind him!!

My god.. At this point, I knew it was my unlucky day.

Then we went to the mall to shop before movies. I checked out some leggings in Big W, tried them on and when paying, I just realised that the price was $30, not $12 😕 I went back and check, and turned out that the price was right. It was just because I started browsing at $12 rack and made my way from there, I just assumed that I was still at the same rack. I was already at the register man...

We then went to cotton on. I saw some sunglasses with a sign on top saying 5 for $10. So I thought hmm that's good. So I picked 2, and got some bath bombs too. They were all in the same rack. Got to the register, and the girl said, only the bath bombs are 5 for $10. I said "oh? I thought the sign was for everything on that rack". She said, "The sign says Fizzies 5 for $10". Damn.

Twice in a day. Hm.

Lunch wasn't nice too.

Then we went to buy our movie tickets. The lady serving was an older woman, so she was a bit flustered. She asked which movie and for what session. We said Small Foot, 4:15. She pressed some buttons and asked what time again. We wanted to use 2 prepaid vouchers and 1 ticket using my points. But she said we didn't have enough points. Strange, because when we bought our first movie tickets, the girl said I had 1 free movie to redeem. We weren't fussed at we could the points next time, so we paid. Oh, she asked what time again.

Got our ticket and we left. I checked them and the freaking tickets were for 2PM!!!!! 😑 long story short, we told the lady, but she was in the middle of serving coffee for a customer so we had to wait for a while. She knew she stuffed up and wasn't angry or anything. Just even more flustered. Then finally she exchanged our tickets, but still asking "What time?". My sister was already sick of saying 4:15 so many times. In my life, I've never said 4:15 so many times within 15 minutes.

We still had time before the movie. So I looked for a news agency to buy a lottery ticket. Hopefully after so much bad luck, my luck has finally turned.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

First Random Post in Ages

Hi all!!

I haven't written for such a long time!! It's just I kinda lost the urge to write and I just started getting into this whole Chinese web novel hehehe... Therefore my writing time a.k.a travelling time is spent reading those novels hohoho XD

I think lately, girls are hooked up on web novels. Even though it's annoying as chapters get released only once every few days, or even once a fortnight! But we can read it anytime! Including during our toilet break hahahaha xD the one I'm currently reading is The Concubine's Daughter is Poisonous (which had been made into Princess Wei Yang drama series in 2016. I finished the series when I was sick at home for few days), Princess Medical Doctor (this is not that great, but still entertaining), and Rebirth of Malicious Empress from Military Lineage. I read Genius Doctor: Black Bellied Princess or something, but dropped it in the end. Out of those, Concubine's Daughter and Malicious Empress are my favourite. Storyline, probably Malicious Empress is more entertaining, and more cruel, but in terms of translation and writing style, Concubine's daughter if way more elegant.

Plus, I have more data allowance now, so I can listen to some language learning podcasts too :D and watch YouTube sometimes. See? I'm busy!

I read an article headline the other day about why parents should let their kids be bored sometimes. Then I realised, when was the last time I was bored for 5 minutes? Usually if I'm bored, within 2 seconds I'd be browsing through my mobile to find something to do. Even when I'm walking down the street, I'm restless too! The reason I started listening to podcasts was because I felt I was wasting time to walk 20 minutes without doing anything else! Is everyone the same as me?

They say, ideas come when you are bored, when you let your mind wonders. It could be the reason why I haven't been writing for ages, coz I never just sit or walk without doing anything else?

Sometimes I missed the time when everything was not on your finger tips. When we had to put a little bit of effort to do something. Now I'm so used to getting everything fast, so if my page doesn't load within 3 seconds, I close my browser and take my Kindle out! It's selfish, but I wished it's happening to everyone too.

Ah, sometimes I think superexcited might regret asking me rhetorical question 😅 one morning I was having tea in the kitchen when superexcited came in. He saw the dishwasher sponge laying in the sink and the dish washing liquid has spilled out (the sponge is the one with a handle that you can put washing liquid in). This has happened million times and I mean it literally. Everytime it happens, superexcited, Lao-er, and Pharaoh would go berserk. I have no idea why they go crazy over spilled washing liquid. It's not that it's spilling out on the floor?! It's only IN THE SINK *banging my head on the sink*

Anyway that morning was the same. Superexcited saw it and started yapping, "These people here are stupid! I've told them multiple times to put the sponge standing up! Fucking stupid! And I wasn't the first one to step into the kitchen this morning!!" In my mind, "Obviously. I was sitting here when you came in. What are you trying to say??" *eyes roll* "These people are retards! Tell me Purple Lady, what should I do?? Should I just throw this thing away???"

Guess what I said 😊 "Yeah, just throw it away. It's not good anyway. The normal sponge is better." *silence* After few seconds of silence, he continued complaining while cleaning it up 😆

Let me tell you a secret. I, moi, yours truly, actually saw that leaking sponge when I filled in the kettle. I saw it and started to put it straight up, thinking he would go crazy. But then I saw the pool of dish washing liquid and thought, if I put the sponge up, it'll be obvious someone put it up and didn't clean it. The sin would be even heavier in you-know-who's eyes. So I put the sponge back down to where it was before 😎 I wasn't the one who use it, I wasn't bothered with the leak, so why should I clean it? And my prediction was 100% right 😄