Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year 2020!

Hello =)

I'm in the Philippines now!!! To be exact, I'm in Palawan right now. We're currently on the road from El Nido to Puerto Princessa. This is our 11th day in the Philippines. And, tell you what, it's been better than what I expected (maybe coz ppl have been telling me bad stuffs only b4 I came hahaha).

This year has been...weird..and fast. It's full of ups and down, I had fun and wonderful moments, but also got in troubles sometimes. It's a pretty interesting year really, I don't think I regretted it. I wasted a lot of time yes, but I also gained a lot of friends! Like this ph trip, I'm with 2 new online friends! I never imagined to visit Philippines, even more with online friends!! I did chat less with my usual friends and relatives, but I got to know new people in depth too! So I guess it's not too bad.

Actually yeah it wasn't bad at all! I've never imagined to swim with the fish and see corals, but I did yesterday! And the day b4! I was really really surprised when I looked at the bottom of the ocean and saw corals! I never thought I could see great barrier reef and then there I was, swimming in the middle of El Nido sea, surrounded by the tall majestic rocks, with magnificent corals and fish underneath my feet! I am thoroughly grateful. It's worth all my troubles! The only thing I regretted was that I couldn't take photos of the underwater view, but I saw it! And I'll engrave it in my memory hopefully forever =)

Remember the Chinese fortune prediction my bffs and I usually read? I read it recently to check if my year was correctly predicted, and I came across this line:
"You will attend social activities and chat with internet friends often." Wowwwwww that's so eerily correct! My online social world indeed has been very active this year. I found good and fun friends I clicked with and hope to be friends for many years to come, and I also found annoying and weird people. There was hours of fun chatting, and I also was ignored a lot. But then, i think I'm getting better at being ignored now lol you know I don't like not being replied? I think I handle it slightly better now. Don't want me? Fine, I go find someone else! I also get better on ignoring chats. My FOMO is less too. I think xD

Work is the one I had troubles with lol. I had my demotivated moments. Colleagues I was close with were mostly gone. Somehow I wonder if I'm surviving, or am I actually a frog that is being boiled to death...

Family.. I am definitely lacking there. Hope it gets better next year.

Hope next year will be even more fun and exciting, and not stressing me out! XD

Happy new year 2020 everybody!

Purple Lady in Puerto Princessa, Palawan, Philippines.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Lost in Translations

The other day, my cousin told me about the mistake she made when she started learning spanish. And i thought, this is going to be in my blog xD

She was dating a spanish speaking boyfriend. Since it was getting serious, she took Spanish lesson so she could communicate with his family in the future. Then it got to the point where she started talking and texting his relatives, in this case, her future mother in law...

So she sent this text to her, basically saying nice talking to you. But i feel embarrassed when talking to you (since she's still learning). You know how some Spanish words are similar to English, just with Spanish touch to it? So she said embarasada. Embarrassed, embarasada right?

She sent it, and later on told her boyfriend about the call and showed him the text. He LAUGHEDDDDDDDD xD coz what she typed actually meant "I feel pregnant when talking to you" LOLLLLLLLLLLL xD

The mum in law on the other side was also laughing. But she knew what she meant, coz apparently her daughter in Brazil also made the same mistake when started speaking Portuguese lol

Her husband then told us his story too. He said when he first came to Australia, he went to a doctor for an appointment. But instead of saying "I have an appointment with the doctor", he said to the receptionist, "I have a date with the doctor" HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA xD

The receptionist burst out laughing lol and his uncle who came with him also laughed xD

I can't remember if I made a fatal mistake like that when I started speaking English. But i remember one time, my flatmate was overseas, and she left fruit that started to go bad. So I texted her boyfriend, asking what should I do with them. The boyfriend replied, "Chuck it". My best friend and I looked at that text and discussed for like 10 min what does chuck mean lol i think i even checked my dictionary xD mind you it was during the time when google was not at your fingertips!

Another funny one is my auntie. During her early years in Oz, she got invited to dinner. The host told her, please bring a plate. She literally brought 3 plates!!! xD 1 for her, 1 for her husband and 1 for her son xD while what it actually meant was for her to bring a dish lollll

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Random Blabbering - Work and Laplace M

Guess what?! 1 quit again yesterday la..la.. Not really a biggie for me since she's only been here for a week and half, but still.. Again??? That makes it 9 ppl who quit this year a.k.a in 4 months, or if we count last 12 months.. 11 people. Oh well... Drama is good as long as it doesnt relate to me.

I'm losing sleep again lately. I was chatting to my game friend last night. I said, when it wasn't daylight saving yet, I wanted it to come so badly so I could sleep longer. Then daylight saving came. But then we changed game to Laplace M T_T their guild wars are also at 11 Sydney time T_T

But so far it's been fun though! The game is cute and it's pretty fun growing my character's strength. The only annoying bit is, most of the time you need to team up with other people. And since I'm still a weakling, it is pretty hard to find a team to take you in sometimes. Lucky i've got friends from previous game who can help me when they're free. If not, eventhough I'm actually in the number 3 guild of the server, it'd still be hard. Plus, I have a weakling friend too, so we help each other :)

The game takes SO MUCH TIME though! If I play during the weekdays after work, basically my night is gone. Doesnt matter if I tell myself to only play for 1 hour, err... That has always been a plan *rolling eyes*

Ok thennn off to work!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Half of The Company is Gone!!!

Now is still the first week of May, but can you guess how many people have resigned from our company this year?


Yeppp a lot huh? You can say that the other department is pretty much restructured now :l I really feel sorry to the most senior girl there now, she's only got less than 1 year experience, but they will demand A LOT from her in the future just because she's the longest there now.

3 of them are from our IT department. I think i've written about Creamer right? He's still in our company actually, but only as a contractor. The other 2 were actually Barbie's bf replacement. 1 wasn't great and due to personal reason he left. Honestly, Little Missy and me were a bit relieved when he left. It was so hard to teach him as he kept forgetting things. His replacement was great, but he was smart and escaped as soon as he could LOL

Anyway, what I wanna tell you is, Birdie was 1 of those who quit. She's dedicated, deligent and smart. But sometimes working with her becomes SO complicated and stressful! She wants everything perfect! (Even when it's not really worth it). Can't really blame her, afterall she was taught by Prick and works with him all this time. 应该的。

She's been saying she wants to quit since a million years ago. Seriously. Even when I mentioned "Birdie says she's quitting this week", my sister replied, "Again? Will she really quit??". At least I never said when I will quit :P the reasons behind her quitting are quite a few, from the low pay, long working hours, too far from home, overexcited-overtalkative-overmicromanaging boss, Prick, and so on. But when she quit, the bosses (overexcited) believed (and still believe) that Prick WAS the main reason of her quitting.

Combined with the complaint that Crown Prince made on behalf of all the other employees against Prick, the bosses called Prick into a meeting and basically told him that everyone hates him and please stop being a prick. That is okay, he was really a prick. I fought with him so many times, ignores him so many times and provoked him so many times. I did have plans brewing in my mind on how to get back at him (which I never carried, unfortunately). He is a bossy, lazy, anxious manager who likes to take his time working on 1 thing, and then dump the other work to his minions. Then, when the due date passed, he chases the minion and gets angry if the work is not done. Even though.. sometimes he doesnt even tell the minions when the due dates are *rolling eyes*. He did that to me too. So when that happens, what I said was always, "Well I did that 2 weeks ago and you didnt give any feedback. Why did you only come today when the due date was yesterday? I didn't even know the due date was yesterday!". I did complain about him during my reviews too, but nothing happened.

He's the reason Birdie becomes very on edge, detailed, stressed and always tries to pick the smallest mistakes on our project. I tell you what, a couple of times I come over to Water Tap's desk and notice a little too much or too little spacing, and tell him to fix it. He refuses and days, "Noooo I put it there, just so Birdie, Prick or superexcited can pick up a mistake! So they are happy to pick up something and not come up with something more difficult to change!". Do you get what I mean now? Apples don't fall far from the tree.

But really, Prick WASN'T the only reason. But since superexcited thinks he is THE reason, superexcited becomes very rude and sensitive towards ANYTHING Prick says. I was in a meeting with those 2, and I could see, on every suggestions that Prick made, overexcited either brushed him off, told him off, and just being rude. Even when all Prick just wanted to do was to explain what a paragraph meant! After the meeting, I told him that I understood what he wanted to say. He was right. Superexcited was wrong.

Then, there was another issue between him and the bosses, before the bosses made a role specifically for him. That role will enable him to work with minimal interaction with the colleagues. Not long after, Prick handed in his resignation.

I have a feeling... Superexcited might not be too unhappy about it... Prick and him are actually quite similar, so they usually argue their point a lot. That's why their programs are usually very complicated. Because they stand their ground and force us to do what they want! So maybe with Prick gone, superexcited can have all he wants now.