Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What a sucky sucky day!

Superexcited played up today. He complained to Lao er and my manager saying that he had to turn down a demo to a potential client because we haven't got the demo site ready. I honestly don't know the way he complained, but that made Lao er and water tap turned panicky and cranky. And when they superexcited puts so much pressure on them, they turn... Simply annoying!

Superexcited said that IT is not proactive enough. We need to be chased, if not then we don't give them updates. For example on the page he asked little missy to work on. He said he hasn't heard anything from him, but the truth is, little missy had shown him last Friday but superexcited didn't like it, so little missy needs to rework it. Today is Tuesday. He complained this morning.

Second one which makes him really really angry was the fact that he had to turn down the demo request. He said it's been weeks and IT hasn't finished it. When Lao-er told us about it, Barbie girl said that we've only discussed it on Friday and we've just got the mock up yesterday morning. Lao er, exactly his wordings, "I don't care about any excuses, but this is a hundred thousand potential client, so it needs to be done. And when the director wants something done, you do it!". Woah woah.. what the....

The thing is, the directors knew we're gonna be asked for demo this week. And all along, superexcited has been checking the progress. Barbie girl has been working with him all these time and been given grief as his requirements keep changing all the time! Superexcited knows the progress, so why suddenly gets aggravated?? You know everything and had reviewed it last Friday! He reminds me of the boss in My Stupid Boss. Amnesia akut!

And then water tap. Because of all these proactive stuffs, he got me to fwd the notification emails that get sent when I update a task to the people within the campaign. But, the words he said to me was, "for the next 3 weeks, everytime you update a task, fwd that email to everyone in the campaign. Because people don't read those notification emails". Hearing that, what I thought was, those notifications emails get sent to notify you any updates. It's everyone's jobs to read it, why don't you fix the people who don't do it instead of spoonfeeding it to their mouth??? But I only said yes.

Then, when I updated the task, I forwarded the email to everyone within the task. Then came all these questions, Broken water tap: "Why did you send it to Slitherin? Why did you send it to Crown Prince? Why did you send to so many people??".

Purple Lady: "??? You said to send it to everyone within the project??! Slitherin is in the notification list, crown prince is in the project, all those people are in the notification list!".

Broken Water Tap: "you don't understand what I mean! Don't send to everyone! Just send to people who need to know!"

Purple Lady: (saying to myself how do I know what u mean? You only said send to everyone in the campaign!!) Well they are all in the project, shouldn't they all need to know?? You said they don't read those notifications.

Broken water tap: not everyone doesn't read those. Only me, creamer, Lao er, prick and poker face!

Purple Lady: how do I know who doesn't read those emails????

Broken water tap: I told you I didn't read those emails!

Purple Lady: yeah but how do I know who else doesn't???

Leaking water tap: me, prick, Lao er get so many emails so we don't check them. You have to think!

Purple Lady: ok, so I just send it to those 5?

Rusty broken water tap: "Don't take it per condition like that, every case is different! Send only if they are in the campaign!"

Purple Lady: YEAHHH I mean if any of those 5 are in the project!!! (duh?? You said not to take it as condition like that, while u didn't specify exactly what you want. Now when I said those 5, but with pre conditions they are in the project, you yell at me because I didnt specify!! JERKKKKKKK *throwing a big rock at him*)

Damn water tap: "I'll send the emails next time, you don't understand"

Purple Lady: (I'm gonna swallow you whole alive) !?@%#&+#++@??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

Get the idea??? Those 2 are ughhhhhhh when superexcited pressures them. Can't believe Lao-er said "i don't care about excuses"! Barbie girl didn't even give excuses, he was just stating facts! And damn water tapppppppppp this is the second time he turns annoying like this. And after that in the arvo he acts like nothing happened! I still wanna eat youuuuuuuuu -_-!!!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

We Don't Own YouTube....

Water tap told this story last night.

Our company created a video about our company. Superexcited then wants to put it up on YouTube. So Water tap set up a YouTube channel to put it up. This is how he told me last night in our VIP group:

Miss Green: Hey, I saw the company video last night. Did you guys make it or outsourced it?

Water Tap: We made it...

Little Miss Nice: I saw the video as well.. Poker Face posted it the other day.
They started working on it last year yeah? Lol Is superexcited happy with it

Purple Lady: I haven't seen it XD

Miss Green: Surprised they haven't shown it in your meeting :-p

Water Tap: They did. Purple Lady must be sleeping in the meeting ;P nah... She was away when they did.

Water Tap: I set up the YouTube channel. I spent literally one whole day with you-know-who adding copy.

He wanted everything centered ... And it was really hard to explain him that we don't own YouTube ...

Little Miss Nice (and everyone in the group I'm sure): LMAO!

Little Miss Nice: Not laughing at you. Just at you-know-who. He just really doesn't get somethings ay lol I can only imagine how annoyed you would have been

Purple Lady: Nahhh he was looking very happy all day. I don't know if it was genuinely happy or hopeless happy hahahahaha

Water Tap: ha ha

Purple Lady: I like that quote, "hard to explain to him that we don't own YouTube" lol

Water Tap: He wanted to stop the next videos playing after our company video...
I was like ...

Purple Lady: *rolling on the floor laughing* hhahahhaahhahahahaha XD