Friday, June 10, 2016

We Don't Own YouTube....

Water tap told this story last night.

Our company created a video about our company. Superexcited then wants to put it up on YouTube. So Water tap set up a YouTube channel to put it up. This is how he told me last night in our VIP group:

Miss Green: Hey, I saw the company video last night. Did you guys make it or outsourced it?

Water Tap: We made it...

Little Miss Nice: I saw the video as well.. Poker Face posted it the other day.
They started working on it last year yeah? Lol Is superexcited happy with it

Purple Lady: I haven't seen it XD

Miss Green: Surprised they haven't shown it in your meeting :-p

Water Tap: They did. Purple Lady must be sleeping in the meeting ;P nah... She was away when they did.

Water Tap: I set up the YouTube channel. I spent literally one whole day with you-know-who adding copy.

He wanted everything centered ... And it was really hard to explain him that we don't own YouTube ...

Little Miss Nice (and everyone in the group I'm sure): LMAO!

Little Miss Nice: Not laughing at you. Just at you-know-who. He just really doesn't get somethings ay lol I can only imagine how annoyed you would have been

Purple Lady: Nahhh he was looking very happy all day. I don't know if it was genuinely happy or hopeless happy hahahahaha

Water Tap: ha ha

Purple Lady: I like that quote, "hard to explain to him that we don't own YouTube" lol

Water Tap: He wanted to stop the next videos playing after our company video...
I was like ...

Purple Lady: *rolling on the floor laughing* hhahahhaahhahahahaha XD

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