Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thank you 2016

Quick end of year post before 2016 ends.

I think this year is quite an easy year for me. I kinda think I let myself go easy and more relaxed than before. Enjoy more me time, just do what you can etc. But at the same time I think I get tired and sleepy easily at night! How annoying!

My most memorable drama this year would be Another Oh Hae Young. I loveeee that drama 😊 and the trip to HK and Korea was awesome! I wanna go there again 😊

Sadly, a lot of famous people died this year, Prince, Princess Leia, her mum, and more.

This year is also a year where I follow Indonesian news closely. So many news made me shake my head and wonder how come people be so stupid, selfish, uptight, close-minded, and have so thick skin. The memorable news are Ahok vs religion, sari roti, 212, Moslem tolerant vs Moslem fanatics, Moslem vs non-moslem, and the replacement of Ahok during his leave.

I spent more time with my ATG friends this year. We had camping, more sleepovers, more shopping together, more gym together, more hang outs and more holidays together. If I look back to how this year was, I think I see them in most memories. It's good. Hopefully we can stay this way. We also survived an overseas holiday, that is an achievement lol

Ah of course I can't forget the bus drivers who always take me home every day. I guess I take bus quite often so they recognize me. They honk the horn if they see me at the street even when I'm not taking their bus, they honk when they see my dad working in the garden, one of them even bought my sister an ice cream lol! They really made this year a kinder year ;)

I had back issue this year and had to have physio and a lot of massages. Massages are great though hahaha.. The paying part is not great. I haven't even started talking about physio.

I had 2 overseas holidays this year yayyy! Hope I can have 2 every year hahaha...

Overall it was a good year. Hopefully next year would be better 😊

And hopefully next year people would be nicer to each other 😊

Happy New Year 2017!!!!! Please be kind and generous to us all! 😊

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

To Judge

I haven't blogged for a while, and since I have nothing to do now on the train, and since I have neither book nor internet connection on my mobile, here I am typing away 😪

The other day I was talking to my sister, and she mentioned about her colleague. This colleague stays with her mum, boyfriend and her sister and brother-in-law their kids, so, her nephews and nieces. When I heard she was moving in with those bunch of people, I already thought how crowded it was going to be. Plus with nephews and nieces, you'd help to help raising them for sure.

So yeah, that's what happens. She sometimes complains to my sister, some days she would be so tired and doesn't want to do anything, but the others don't watch and take care of the kids, so she had to do it anyway.

That got me thinking. We all read news about accidents due to negligence every day. Don't you sometimes ask how could that happen when there are so many people in the house? Those people must be terrible people and so on.

But it could be that there's 1 person who usually cares, but on that day she/he is just so dead tired and just for that night, went to bed early. Just for that 1 night. On the other nights she'd always be taking care of the kids, watching them play, putting them to bed etc. And that 1 night something happens.

When it's all over the news, surely most people think, what's wrong with these people?? Not even 1 of them actually watch the kids?? And that 1 person who usually does every single night, even when they are not actually their kids, might be blaming himself/herself to death for being tired, for going to bed early on that particular one night so she/he couldn't prevent the accident from happening.

It's so easy to judge other people isn't it? It's human nature. Probably because we all need reasons for everything, and probably because blaming others is the easiest reason we could come up with. However, judging people is so hard you. If we count how many times our judgement actually passes as true, it would be more that are actually wrong. Yet, it is hard to stop ourselves to judge.