Friday, December 10, 2010

Gmarket Top Blogger - December 2010

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy ^^

I was checking this blog stats, and I was confused because I had 40+ hits today, while normally I only get less than 10 or even 5. The most hit was 4th Gmarket Order!!! My thought was straight away "Did I win Gmarket Top Blogger??????" So I went straight to Gmarket to check. And YES!!! I'm one of the December Top Bloggers ^^ Hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Sooooo happy ^^ Confession, I did check almost every day since 1 Dec to see if I won :P I also checked during lunchtime today, but nothing was updated. So it is a surprise :))

See below, it's my blog being featured in Gmarket :)
I also think the skin care photo is the best compared to the others. So, good choice Gmarket :)

So GREAT!!! I wrote that long entry and I won Gmarket top blogger and get Gmarket Cash. My effort was appreciated :)) SOOOO HAPPY!! ^^ Thanks Gmarket!!! :))


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  2. Hahaha... so it's not only me ;P Congrats to you too! :)