Tuesday, December 7, 2010

13 Days of Surprises - Day 3

Another quick post as it's 1:35 am already (I've just finished doing my Day 7 gift. Yeah... sorry for the delay >.<)

Here's my 3rd day gift :)
Turkey Oreo!!!!! ^^

Close up view

I saw this recipe online, and thought they were so cute. Oreo is my best friend's favourite cookie. She's been eating them since she was really small (Compared to me who tried them the first time when they were introduced in Indonesia, she's been getting them as gifts when her relatives travelled overseas -_- how lucky of her -_-). I remember I once bought her a pack of oreo when she was upset during lunch time :P

About the note, she said she doesn't mind artificial colour and sugar. But I said yeah.. but your dad didn't let you eat them. And I actually knew those corn candies are very sweet. She thought I brought 2 turkeys for our lunch's dessert and wanted to bring the box back, so she ate a whole turkey lol =P While they were actually hers and I had no intention bringing the box back home that day ahhahaha :p I could see she was trying hard to finish it :P Even I won't be able to finish a turkey at one go :P *still laughing* She complained when I told her all these LOL

Anyway, she liked them though. She said she liked these best compared to the other 2 gifts. So, yay!! My 1 hour effort finding the ingredients, making them and taking train and then bus just to make sure I didn't ruin them on my way to work didn't go to waste :)

Good night all :)

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