Thursday, December 30, 2010

Praise for Gmarket :)

Remember back in October I bought a lot of stuffs from GMarket? One of them was this pair of pink shoes. I actually wanted the beige colour, but as I can't read Korean, so I ended buying the pink one which is okay since it was my fault. So I wasn't complaining. However, these shoes started to fall apart since I wore it on Day 1!!!!!

See photos below for the shoes condition after I wore them on the 2nd day:

You know what I mean right?

Seriously, after Day 2, I don't have any courage anymore to wear them to work. I might end up going home barefoot! -_-"

So, on 8 Nov 2010 I sent an email to the seller demanding an exchange or refund. And then I went on for holiday to GC :P

Surprise surprise!! My email was bounced back -_- ughhhhhhhh -_-" So, the day after my Bday (22 Nov),
I sent an email again, but this time to Gmarket customer service:
Again, bounce back -_-" So I sent it again to This time it went through, yayyyy ^^

I got a respond from GMarket the day after, asking for the transaction number. Pretty fast huh? Then I replied, and I got another response 2 hours after. This time, they apologized and asked for everything: "
To verify your defective items, we need a photo including items you received and paper label which shows transaction number, item name, quantity and your name as evidence.
Please take a photo and leave the link of the picture here or send the photo to ."

The annoying bit was, my first email to them had those photos attached!! I didn't put all details, but I attached photos and the seller link. Can't they trace through my order history? :/ Okay that might be too much effort, but stilllll I attached all those photos! I couldn't take the photo of the label since I threw out all the shoe boxes.

So I sent the emails and explained about it and got another response on the same day:
"Dear Customer,

Thank you for the email.

Regarding your inquiry, we have sent an urgent message to the seller to get the resolution quickly. We will give you an answer as soon as we have a reply from the seller.
However, if you don't hear back from us within 5 days, please contact us again.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


However, on 24(the day after) I received another email from Gmarket:

"Dear customer,
Thank you for contacting us.
Regarding this matter,we 've been waiting the seller's answer.
We'd like to ask you what kind of compensation you want.
In case of the international shipping, it seems to be hard for the seller to send it, so how about getting a refund for one item?
Actually, we didn't get answer from the seller yet,but we'd like to know your opinion in advace so that we can inform the seller of your opinion in case that the seller accept the mistake.
Please reply us.

I commend GMarket for this email, for thinking ahead and asked what I wanted in the first place rather than wait till the seller answered and going back and forth again to me which ofcourse will waste more time. Good job GMarket :)

And then, I can't remember exact day, but a day or 2 after that final email, my sister got a call from GMarket in Korea @_@ Telling her that we would be refunded for the shoes and we can keep the shoes. It was pretty impressive for calling us personally via telephone! ^^ I got the cash refunded to my Paypal on 29 Nov. So, it was a very quick job done by GMarket. Well done!

I'm happy with how they handled this issue. They responded quickly and politely. I couldn't see any hesitation in helping me solving this issue, and they thought ahead if exchange is possible since it's international shipping. Some other online website won't care and you'll have to send the item back for an exchange, which end up costing you more in postage. So, I like GMarket even more ^^ No harm done at all with this issue. The only harm is, I might not buy from this seller again hehe... not that I say their product is bad, but looking at my shoes, seems like they are old stocks, so when I wore them after years storage, they broke apart (It's just my opinion though).

So, again, excellent work Gmarket!!!! *hugssssssssss kissesssss* :))

Thumbs up! :)

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