Monday, December 27, 2010

13 Days of Surprises - Day 13 - The Finale

Here comes the final gift!!!!!

I know it's Xmas box, but what can I do? It was the prettiest box I could find that fit!

What's inside???? *drumroll*

It's a cake!!! ^^

It's green tea cake with green tea creamed cheese icing :) It was handmade by me, my sisters and my cousin. My cousin specially came from Manly to help out when I told her I'll be busy all day making birthday cake for the final gift. What a nice cousin *huggggg* :)) Recipe source was from internet. Would be posting all resources later :)

My best friend, me and my sisters had lunch together on the day. My sisters came to North Sydney for lunch and brought the cake. Lucky me, so I didn't have to bring that big box on the bus in the morning heehhehe :P My best friend didn't know they were coming, so it was a surprise too :) But because she didn't know, she only brought 2 boxes of juice :( Note: she always brings me juice, breakfast bar or fruit from her office :P

She liked the cake!!! *phewww* well... it wasn't like she LOVEDDDD the cake. I know how to read expression lah, I guess it was just a decent cake. I can't ask for more, can I? Afterall, it was first try and I never tried the recipe too :/ so as long as it didn't taste that bad and she didn't throw up after, then great :P At least she didn't complain about it, unlike someone else -_-"

So yeah, that's the final gift. Wanna see the preparation? See below :)

My kitchen is so small, so I had to do it on my coffee table :P

Picture of the cake indoor :p

So, that's the end of 13 Days of Surprises. My friend looked happy getting all of them, and I didn't regret spending so much effort and time doing all of them.
1. Well.. she looked happy :P
2. My english and wordings improved :P
3. My crafting improved -> now I can knit.
4. My cooking improved -> I baked a birthday cake!!! And decorated it too!! I never wrote using that icing piping (if that's what it's called). AND, my pecans and cookies were great success and those pecans became this year Xmas goodies for my friends :)
5. My creativity improved too :) I'm always not great in creativity department, but after this, I think my brain is more creative :P

So... can't really regret it, can I? :)

I'll do the full credit a bit later okay? My sis is asleep already, need to wake her up coz I wanna watch something :P

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