Wednesday, December 8, 2010

13 Days of Surprises - Day 5

See my Day 5 gift! ^^

Tiffany & Co.!!!!


Sorry, this is the real voucher LOL =P Gotcha... :P

I've been wanting to give this kind of voucher to my family and friends, finally I can do it LOL! My bestie knows my character very well. She knows that there was 0% chance of me giving her a real tiffany voucher, and this must be some kind of hugs and kisses voucher and she was sooo right :P

She was okay at the beginning, then she startd reading the terms and condition: "However, in the event where either hug or kiss is not redeemed by 31 Dec 2010, the giver will activate this voucher by using it." LOLLLLL =P she was like T_________________T hahahahahahha :D

but she likes the voucher though :D I mean the colour and design. So, great! I did this voucher from about 2 AM - 3.30 AM so if she didn't like it, I wasted my time. I had to wake up at 8 the next day too to go to church. I was so sleepy that Sunday. I went to Tiffany & Co after church to pick up a real (=P)voucher for work, so good timing, I got the bag and tied ribbon. I don't have any more spare at home. And then, I delivered the voucher myself to her apartment. At 12:30, she was just waken up a while before :P as my colleague would say, "what a pig" ;P

Stayed at her place eating 2 boxes of Sara Lea mini cheesecakes which were very nice, and then went home doing Day 12 gift while watching my sis playing Harvest Moon. I wanted to sleep, but felt so "sayang" to waste my Sunday just to sleep.

I'm still sleepy until now T_T

Bed... bed... I'm coming....

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