Sunday, December 12, 2010

13 Days of Surprises - Day 7 and 8

Okay okay... I know I owe you 2 days of my 13 days project, so here you are,

Day 7

Quite pretty wrapping huh? it's only newspaper though :D to be exact, mX!

It's a box of Band Aids!!

It's not any normal Band Aids, it's a box of band aids for your heart. They are filled with inspirational notes in the shape of Band Aids :) Again, I found this idea from internet. I think it was a gift from children to their mom. The mom put this on her work desk, so every time she's feeling down, she reads those and she feels much better. I thought it was so sweet. I always believe inspirational notes do lift people's mood and motivate them. I never knew my bestie is this type of person, but I want her to have this. I know she won't buy this kind of stuffs, so I'd just make them myself :)

I made all these myself (I mean together with my sis :P) from scratch, and the result is pretty impressive I'd say *wide smile* I'm very proud with this one :)) The notes are taken from internet e.g. Walt Disney, Helen Keller, and Confucius's words. Some were taken from Homilies in Can't Buy Me Love - TVB Drama :D

This is the instruction on the back of the box. I MADE THEM ALL myself *big proud smile* =P

See my friend's comments below :P
"It's a fake band aid!! Full of life supporting quotations
Cost of paper printing - none.. Print @work
Cost of quotation - none.. Thx to google
Cost of the box - none.. unused Pain Relieve Patch box
Day 7 cost - PRICELESS! ;p"

I made delivery to her apartment as she was having toothache that day heheehhe :D

Day 8!!
It's a peach candy!!! Can you tell it's peach?? My bestie couldn't see it as peach at all :(

Momotaro!!! :D It's racoon inside Peach Candy :)

The reason I gave this to her was because she won't buy Hello Kitty herself, and I think every girl should has a Hello Kitty, so I gave 1 of my Hello Kitties to her :)) Cute huh?? :) I think she was just okay getting it. She still finds this hello kitty cute though :)

Sleep time!!! I'll update day 9 tomorrow morning okay? 1:58 AM now, and I have big project tomorrow hehehe... :P

Nite!!!!!!!! :)

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