Friday, December 3, 2010


Yesterday, my friends and I were panicked. We bought some weekly train tickets (My Train 1) from a website called JigoCity for $15 each 2 days ago. The normal price is $25, so it was really a good steal. However, we found out from OzBargain that this website is kind of dodgy. It is new (and we knew it was new. Maybe just a week old). And some guys realised that they don't have the security required for an online shopping website (I noticed this too 2 days ago, but didn't think much @_@). Also, some people claimed that they were charged $59.99 five minutes after they purchased it.

Anyway, we thought this website is actually a scam and started planning on cancelling our credit cards. My friends weren't too bad. They only bought this ticket and another DJ gift card. I, on the other hand, bought 5 >>_<<. I bought My Bus 2 last week (again, half price, 13 bucks off, that's why I got caught of course!!! I'm such a sucker for deal >>_<<>

But today ^^ I received My Bus 2 in the mail from JigoCity yayyyyy ^^ At least my 13 bucks didn't go down the drain :D So maybe this website is not a scam then? :P Well we'll see when my other tickets arrive *fingers crossed* :P


  1. Hi Purple Lady,

    My name is Chris Jones and I'm the GM of JigoCity Australia. We are delighted that you received your "MyBus2 TravelTen"!

    And do not worry, you and your friends will shortly receive the Jigo Deals you all have purchased as well.

    JigoCity has just launched and we had a few teething problems but they're being addressed.

    We are currently upgrading our security measures in light of increased online fraud during this busy holiday shopping period. A soon as we have fully implemented our enhanced security measures, we will have our great Jigo Deals running again...but safety comes first!

    Will you be in Sydney next week? If so, we're having a Christmas party and you're invited! Please join us at Jigocity Australia headquarters 3pm-6pm on Friday December 10th for food and drinks and to meet the JigoCity team. Invite your friends as well! Our address is 204/267-271 Cleveland Street Surry Hills NSW 2010.

    Please drop us a message to let us know if you can make it! at jigocity dot com


  2. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your message (And also for taking the time to google and taking care of your customers). Hope you guys can fix it real soon, I can't wait for more deals! ^^

    I do live in Sydney, but unfortunately I finish work at 5.30 and won't be able to make it. Thank you for the invitation though and I wish JigoCity luck for the future.