Saturday, December 4, 2010

13 Days of Surprises - Day 1!

I had so much fun on my birthday last month. My best friend invited our friends over for dinner and cooked all the meals for me! There were 4 different dishes. She actually started preparing the dishes 3 days before my birthday. I didn't have to do anything for the dinner! She also came up with all those sweet ideas for the party. And, she ordered a personalised birthday cake which was really pretty ^^ It was a red velvet mud cake covered with cream cheese, decorated with butterflies and little pink and purple flowers :) The cake was combination of me and my other friend who's having same birthday as me. Purple is my favourite color, while red is her favourite. Her original plan was red flowers with purple butterflies (I love butterflies), but she left it to the cake maker and it turned out really nice. I'm not putting it up here coz I want it to only be mine :P

Because I was so happy that day, and I do appreciate her effort very much, I came up with this idea to celebrate her birthday this month :) I'm not a party type of girl, so I can't arrange a party for her. I'm also not creative to come up with such a surprise pretty looking cake for her. So, I came up with this. See below, I think it explains better :)

I hope that's readable?

So, on the first day, I had lunch with her and gave her that note and the first day gift :)

Ferrero Rocher is her favourite chocolate. I remember she said once, she preferred to get Ferrero bouquet than rose bouquet, so I thought, okay, I'll just make one for her then :) She's never received a bouquet before too. And thank god she loved it :) and just to clarify, I did make the bouquet myself, not from the florist :P

Stay tuned for Day 2 gift! :)

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