Monday, December 20, 2010

13 Days of Surprises - Day 11 & 12

Been delaying posting for a week, been very busy or tired lately. 13 Dec was my best friend's birthday, so went to her apartment to cut cake etc, and then went home at about 11, and then had to make some jellies for her surprise bbq the following day. The following day was busy with BBQ, got home at 10 and went straight to bed due to very tired and it was my first day period -_- I couldn't handle it -_- That was tuesday... wednesday... oh, stayed back at work as I left work early for BBQ on Tuesday. Thursday I stayed back a bit and went to doctor... Friday was work Xmas party. Arrived home past midnight and had to order some Xmas gifts. I only managed to go to bed at 4 in the morning T_T I'm still sleepy until now :( Saturday I went to Royal National Park, again part of my bestfriend's birthday. Honestly, it reminded me of Indian wedding that usually takes place for days lol :P Arrived home at 12 and went straight to bed. It was a very tiring day, I woke up at 7 AM (meaning only 3 hours sleep max) and got home past midnight. Sunday... slept till 10 ditching church lol hehhehe... my body was sore and in pain all over >.<>

Oops... I was blabbering :P Sorry :P Here is Day 11 gift!
What is it??? :P
My friend's comment on fb: "Day 11 - Experience gift??????? Air Ballooning?!?!?!?!?!??!!"

She could see through what was inside -_-"""

It's Due Date ticket!!!! ^^
No unique reason whatsoever actually for this present. My sisters just happen to buy 4 Due Date tickets on eBay, so we had 1 spare ticket and I needed 1 present :P Well.. it's been years since we went to movie together without bringing the whole kampung with us -_-" so I thought hmm.. okay just give this to her :)) I just hope it's a good movie. It's from the director of Hangover, and Hangover was GREAT. Hope this is also good :)

Note: My friend's initial comment "Gratisan ya??????????????" -_-" and my other friend's comment on fb: "is this to watch @home or @Event Cinema?" -_-" I guess my stinginess has been too widely known *sigh... lol =P

Now.... presenting Day 12!!!! :)

Pretty huh? Never wrapped present this way and it turned out nicely :)

It's an iPhone case, knitted by myself with my other good friend's help.
My best friend's comment on fb: "Owwww!! More than half a year ago i dare her to knit an iPhone sock as my bday present since she's so good with hand crafting but never did any kniting!
As Elis said, you are indeed have a good memory!!!

Arigatou!! :) ".
Good that she liked it :) I knitted it everyday since Day 1. I went to other friend's place and asked her to teach me how to knit. And then everyday up to day 12, I had been knitting few rows every day to make sure it's ready on day 12 heheheh :D Bad thing was, I bought the cotton candy yarn, and it turned out to be the hard type of yarn to knit -_-" My friend was complaining while she was teaching me lol :p She said, "It's for advanced level!!!! Not beginner!!!!!" =P *phew.. I finished it lol :D and on Day 12, I forced my friend to finish up the lining haahhahahha... Now I know how to knit, but I already forgot how to start for the first time XD and I still don't like knitting hahahahhaha

Oh, and I'm pretty sure my best friend didn't ask me to knit it for her 6 months ago, I think it was only 1-2 months ago :p

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