Tuesday, December 7, 2010

13 Days of Surprises - Day 4

Now Day 4 gift!!!!! ^^

Day 4 I dare you eat one!
Cinnamon Sugared Pecans. Cute huh??? ^^

They taste great and didn't take long to make. They did take long to bake though. But the taste is GOOD :D The wrapping took me ages though. I didn't remember the time required correctly, so my sisters and I had to fan all those nuts and put on aircond lol (They can't be wrapped if they are still hot). Plus, I didn't realise I ran out of plastic wrap and had to use cling wrap instead. Still ok though. My friend was planning to keep all my presents till day 13 to take photo of all together, but after she tried one, then there was no turning back lol. They were all gone in seconds hahahhaah :D I'm planning to make this for Christmas too ^^ I'll post the recipe after day 13 :D

I was actually upset at Day 4. It was Saturday. The reason was, she promised she'll pick me up after work after she hung out with her colleagues. However, she was late, and long story short, I ended up have to go to Max B and "ngetem tempat" (hold a table) for 6 people. Seriously I was pissed! Max B is always crowded, and imagine how many people I have to turn around???? HUh -_- so I was pissed off. Then I just walked slowly from Circular Quay to Wynyard, and even went to Four Seasons Hotel toilet -_-

It seems that bad luck comes to you when you're pissed. I bang my fingers with the toilet door when I was closing it. Lucky it wasn't that bad though still hurt. And then, apparently I didn't lock the toilet door properly, and someone pushed my door and it opened -_-"""" lucky i was already standing up and could push it back. *sigh..

Anyway, my bestie read my voice and knew i wasn't happy and text me "you are not happy yah..." I'm an honest person so I said "Nah... not really". I arrived at Max B at the same time as my bestie and her cousin (I didn't realize I walked that slow @_@).

My mood got better soon. And she liked the 4th gift. She said it was cute which is good :) And she did feel guilty for not keeping her promise which is very good lol :P She said "I'll make it up to you!! I'll pick you up next week!!.......... if I don't stay out of city" -_-" I bet you, out of city or not, she won't pick me up this week. She won't even remember :P

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