Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Wettest Day in July in 2 Decades Random Blabbering


I thought I should write a bit just to keep my self not so lazy to write due to winter cold. I've been turning into a bear this winter. I don't eat as much as I usually eat in winter, BUT, I sleep A LOT more than I usually do in winter. My eyes are struggling to stay open eventhough now is 10:14 PM and I had some days when I fall asleep in my bed at 9.30 @_@ I'm seriously a bear now. And when I go home from work, I stuck in couch not willing to move until it's time to go to bed @_@ This winter is so cold!! And from today until next Monday or Tue, we'll have rainy days everyday T_T Don't get me wrong, I love rain. But I can't work without sun, I'd be sleepy all day and can't work. I love rain when I'm at home :D snuggling in bed :P

Anyway, it wasn't the main content of this post. Around 2 weeks ago, I just remembered that Friendster has completed their upgrades and I should export my profiles, photos, comments etc before they wipe all data. However, I was a week late T_T I lost all my testimonials >>>___<<< all those nice things my friends say about me... hix... don't say I'm narcistic, BUT, I will never get them write all those nice things they think I have in me anymore :( They all have grown up and won't do that anymore. 1. They see more flaws in me over the years. Well face it, the more you know someone, more flaws you'll see. 2. Even if they think you have all these nice characteristics, they won't say it to you anymore (in the way of "yeah keep dreaming of me saying you're good bla bla bla"). So.. all gone hix... T_T I did email friendster and asked, and this what they said -_-


As you can see, Friendster is sporting a brand new look.

As part of the reformat of the site, we had to remove some of the content of your old profile including the photo albums, blogs and most parts of the profile like the "more about " info, messages, comments and the testimonials.

We announced this change months ago and even made an exporter app available for users to save their information. The deadline for saving profiles and exporting photos and blog was June 27.

If you want to to go back to your old format profile and retrieve its data, (photos, messages, blogs, comments, etc.) we're sorry but it is no longer possible.

For information on how to use the new site, please visit our FAQ page at or check out this Youtube video

We're still in the early stages of the new site so there will be some early bumps along the way. We'd appreciate your patience and understanding. We hope you stick around to see our new and exciting features!


Friendster Team"

I could see the page was still there and everything was still there. They just make the page redirects to the new page. But that's what they say. Well if you think about it, true, I can't really complain. But it was all still there!! what's the difficulty of opening that exporter page again -_- I wonder -_-" Also, that email, this part kinda irritated me "We announced this change months ago and even made an exporter app available for users to save their information" That "even" sounds to me that they took it personally :/ I mean they're a business. They shouldn't take things personally. That "even" made it sound so unprofessional. Also, this line "If you want to to go back to your old format profile and retrieve its data, (photos, messages, blogs, comments, etc.) we're sorry but it is no longer possible.". Why do they have to say if you want to go back to your old bla bal bla first and then say it's no longer possible??? They actually had my hopes up thinking that oh, there's a way to get it, before being crushed again to the ground -_- I'm still not happy -_-

Hm talking about this makes me annoyed, so I better go to bed.

Good night!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Spreets - IMAX Tickets

Time flies! Suddenly it's been 2 months since I blogged last time :/ As I said, this blog was intended for praises and complaints and a bit of show offs :p (and of course some random blabbering I usually do XD). Now, it's time for complaint!

My sisters and I bought Australian Movie Tickets back in June. See this link for complete deal. Basically, I could buy Australian Movie Tickets which are valid in Dandy Cinema, IMAX and some other cinemas for $8. I personally bought them for watching movies in IMAX. It was a good deal considering I can watch 3D in IMAX for 8 bucks. It would cost me at least $11 to watch it in Events Cinema (And that's already a discounted ticket price).

However.... *sigh... it took SO LONG just to arrive in my mailbox!! It took at least 2 weeks to arrive. Australian Post does good jobs in delivering mails, local mails are usually received within 2 working days. And then while waiting for those tickets to arrive, somewhere at the back of my mind, I remember my colleague mentioned that Australian Movie Tickets always had some issues, that's why we stopped purchasing from them anymore. -_-" why didn't I remember that 2 weeks ago -_-"

Anyway, I have no problem with Spreets. I can't remember if I ever bought something of them, but even after this deal, I still don't label Spreets bad. Afterall, the despatch of those tickets were done by Australian Movie Tickets themselves, not Spreets. Spreets doesn't show my comments anymore, but I wrote that if I were them, I would think twice to do business with Australian Movie Tickets. Or at least maybe extend the validity of the vouchers. Those vouchers were valid for 3 months only. After the delay, they were only valid around 2 and half month or less...

Anyway, we used some of our vouchers last Sunday for Cars 2 :) The movie was great! :))