Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 The Year of Break Ups?

I've been very busy at work this past few weeks, like today I went home at 9.30. And yesterday I went home at 8 :/ I have this quite big project which is due to be sent to client on Friday, meaning it should be ready tomorrow COB or Thursday morning for testing. I haven't even started it this morning -__-" So, I planned to make today (let say it's Project P since I signed confidential agreement when joining this company) the Project P day. I estimated that if I stick on Project P all day, I could get most of it done by COB. The truth is, today was T project + BB project + PR project + V project day!!! By 5.30, I haven't even touched it -_-" Omg I freaked out. Actually, I'm still freaking out @__@. I had to do all those random time consuming stuffs to fix all day and was still doing it until 7 PM!! I really can't understand the point of sending estatements at 7 PM. Nobody (except me) would be in the office at that time -_-"" But anyway, all were ... wait the minute.. DID I send them off???????????????????????????????????? oh god... I think I completely forgot!!!!!!!!! err........ I have to send them off first thing tomorrow T____T Anyway, I managed to do Project P from 7-9.30 PM -_-" And I had quite a lot done. I really can't work on it during office hours, too many other random stuffs to fix -_-"

I've been blabbering off track for a while, haven't I? What I wanted to say was, lots of people I know broke up this year. Although lots of people have baby this year, the breaking up rate is much much higher. Let me count this:
1. My colleague called off the wedding 2 weeks before the day early this year and broke up with her fiancee. They had been together for a very long time.
2. 1 of my best friend in Indo broke up with her 1 year long boyfriend due to ridiculous reason of the boy's family. They do love each other though.
3. My other colleague broke up with her long time bf too since her bf was going back to China for good.
4. Another friend in Indo broke up with her bf. In her case, when they got together again after breaking up last year or the year before, I said to her "if he's good for you, i wish you guys would last forever. But if he's no good for you, I hope you guys break up soon". I don't know much story about him, but he's not faithful. And after this 2nd break up, I really hope my friend won't be so silly and take him back again one day -_-
5. My friend's brother and also my junior in uni, broke up with his girlfriend. This was the worst break up of the year and it can even be made into a movie. This ex-girlfriend of him is an awfully amazing girl. She can turn every single bad words you say about her and make people think you're the evil one. I didn't like her on the first 2 minute I met her. I can write a book about her. The story is longgggggggggggg. Will write it on separate post later. In conclusion, eventhough this is the worst break up of the year, it is also the one that makes all of us in our gang happy and feel relieved for our friend. That he won't be squeezed by this female snake anymore.
6. My 2nd youngest cousin in Indo has just broken up with her bf last week. They were together for a while too. Can't remember how long, but long :P
7. Friends from uni. They have been together for 4 years and finally broke up this year. I just chatted with one of them last night, making me sleep at 1.30 am last night :P I can't say much about this, both are my friends. But I think this breakup would be best for them both.

That's all I can think of now. But think about it, it's still July now, that means 1 break up every month :/ It is quite a lot! I hope the 2nd half of the year would be better one, especially for me lol :P

Anyway, time for bed, good night :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gmarket July Top Blogger!!!!

See that last name in winners list?? That's me!!!!!! ^^ Hoorayyyyy ^^ I won Gmarket July Top Blogger *soooooooooooooooo happy* :D All my hardwork is paid off!!! Hip hip hoorayyyyyyyyy ^^

That blog featured last is mine. I guess I justttt made it into the list, didn't I? :P But anyway I'm so happy :D Thanks Gmarket!!! I don't know what I get actually... maybe 50,000 Gmarket cash? I haven't got the email yet, I've been checking this page since July came to see if I'm one of the winners lol =P Again, hoorayyyyyy :D

But think about it again.. I can't remember registering myself as in Indonesia as I have all stuffs delivered to Australia :/ Oh well.. maybe I did, I don't care, doesn't really matter :D

I told my colleague that I won this well.. I showed her :P
See below:

Me: *Pasting gmarket top blogger screenshot on MSN chat window*

Viv: What is it?
Me: Remember the one I wrote for Gmarket?
Viv: Oh.. you won?
Me: Yes!! ^^ hoorayyy
Viv: Oh great :D You wrote all that much, you should win.
Me: Hehehe... :D
Viv: I knew you will win all along :D
Me: Hehehe... thank you :D
Want chocolates? :D
Viv: LOL