Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gmarket July Top Blogger!!!!

See that last name in winners list?? That's me!!!!!! ^^ Hoorayyyyy ^^ I won Gmarket July Top Blogger *soooooooooooooooo happy* :D All my hardwork is paid off!!! Hip hip hoorayyyyyyyyy ^^

That blog featured last is mine. I guess I justttt made it into the list, didn't I? :P But anyway I'm so happy :D Thanks Gmarket!!! I don't know what I get actually... maybe 50,000 Gmarket cash? I haven't got the email yet, I've been checking this page since July came to see if I'm one of the winners lol =P Again, hoorayyyyyy :D

But think about it again.. I can't remember registering myself as in Indonesia as I have all stuffs delivered to Australia :/ Oh well.. maybe I did, I don't care, doesn't really matter :D

I told my colleague that I won this well.. I showed her :P
See below:

Me: *Pasting gmarket top blogger screenshot on MSN chat window*

Viv: What is it?
Me: Remember the one I wrote for Gmarket?
Viv: Oh.. you won?
Me: Yes!! ^^ hoorayyy
Viv: Oh great :D You wrote all that much, you should win.
Me: Hehehe... :D
Viv: I knew you will win all along :D
Me: Hehehe... thank you :D
Want chocolates? :D
Viv: LOL

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  1. Have you considered putting some ads which pay you some $$ when someone clicked or view it?