Saturday, November 5, 2011

Continuation of My 3 Bill Shock - Part 2

Just got an email from 3 customer care this morning. They apologized for the inconvenience and has put a request to place credit into my account within 24-48 hours. We'll see if they will do their work this time...

They said "We sincerely regret for the inconveniences and thank you for your patience."

I replied, "I also sincerely hope this case can be put to close as I am too tired to explain same thing again and again." I actually wanted to say this too "FYI, I don't have any patience left anymore". But I decided not to.

This experience really got me thinking. 3 is the cheapest one. But if they keep pissing me off like this, should I go with the cheapest one, or should I go with the one giving me less headache?


Friday, November 4, 2011

Continuation of My 3 Bill Shock

I'm so damn sleepy now, but I think I better write this down first, if not my list of things to blog will just grow longer T_T *yawn..*

Anyway, remember my Haggling Day post over 2 months ago? 1 of them was about me being charged $71 eventhough I'm on $29 cap, with the reason of data excess. For complete details, please see the related post (I'm too tired explaining, you'll know why in a second).

So, after I went to the store, I made a phone to 3 customer care. Give me a break, define care -_-" First call, I explained everything blablabla.... and the guy tried to check it for me. The guy was polite so I was trying my best to contain my anger for being charged a lot. Before the guy finished checking, the line dropped.. -_-" and so my jaw -_-" I waited for 5 minutes, hoping he would call me back. Come on, you've got my number, shouldn't you call me back??? I didn't know YOUR direct number. And even if I got ur name, you didn't give me last name. How many people can have same name as you? can be none, can be hundred too!!!! Anyway, he didn't call me back.

So I called them again. This time a girl picked it up. Nice girl, I explained EVERYTHING again. And she tried to transfer me to the guy.

I was then transferred to a guy, but it turned out that he wasn't the guy I spoke to the very first time. Now count, how many times have I explained this case? 3 times!!! This 3rd guy checked and said he can't tell me what used up my data, but it was correct. -_- HOW CAN YOU SAY SOMETHING IS CORRECT if you CAN'T SEE WHAT IT WAS?????????????? but again, this guy was pretty polite, so I tried my BEST to be polite too. I kept not accepting his reasoning since 1. I don't use my 3g data connection much. 2. I use my wireless at home from TPG (Thank god it's not 3 or Vodafone -_-). He then transferred me to his supervisor.

Maybe 3 doesn't keep call log history. Because I had to explain AGAIN to this supervisor for the how many times? FORTH times -_- now you know why I didn't want to explain everything again. But this guy was the worst. He kept insisting saying it was my facebook or my wireless doesn't work. Well, hello???? I have unlimited facebook FYI since you obviously didn't check my account. AND, I am not that stupid to watch those videos or click on all those shared links. And 2nd, my wireless works perfectly fine. See what his problem is? He can't see what I downloaded or visited, but he was more than 100% sure it was MY issue. WHY CAN'T YOU BE WRONG. And then he offered me content pack! GREAT. I then said, okay, i'll log off facebook from now on, so if it happens again you can't say it's because of facebook. And then he said "Yes. If it happens again, then it must be your handset problem." What the????????? And then he added "Or our system, and then we will investigate that time." 1. So mistakes always happen on customers' side, 3 is always right. 2. So, even if 3 is wrong, basically I have to experience this many times before being investigated properly? Now I know how you work. Which makes me remember, back on my first year with 3, I got charged content pack for more than a year eventhough I cancelled it on my 4th month. When I called asking, I got 10 bucks refund max if I recall correctly. Eventhough I got charged for 12 times $3 at least. Just because my friends was working in call center field during that period that I let it go, but really I shouldn't have. But yeah, that's how you work I guess, back then and then now.

I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pissed off so I wrote a formal complaint and lodged it on 3 website. I believe it was more than 1 A4 paper long. I wasn't expecting reply. But I was determined to not continue with 3 or Vodafone after my contract finishes.
2 days after that, I got a reply, this is a snapshot of it:

"As mentioned in the earlier email that if you are using a wifi connection to connect to the internet please make sure the internet on your phone is switched off. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused as we are unable to help with the exact usage done and hope that the above mentioned information will come in handy.

We have checked the price plan as you are on $29.00 cap and it gives you 200mb of data allowance and accessing facebook is free however, if there are any picture uploaded or any video that you friends have uploaded and you are watching the video the time it is buffering is the time its downloading from the server and the data allowance is taken from the 200mb data allowance ir you are charged if there is no data allowance remaining.

Please be aware that you are our valuable customer and we look forward for your co-operation and continued patronage. . Hence, as a goodwill gesture, we'd like to offer you a credit of $50.00.

If we can assist you further, please contact us again via email or call 3 Care on 13 33 20."
And they still going on about facebook and wireless. Eventhough I mentioned soooooo many times that I don't watch videos and always make sure my wireless is on before using internet. I replied saying that and said thanks anyway.

I got that email on 2 Sep 2011. Today is 4 Nov 2011 and I haven't received that credit -_-"" were they just lying hoping I'll forget?? I replied to that same email and asked about the credit. No reply until today. This afternoon I copy pasted my email into that complaint tool again.

We'll see if they will every respond. I really don't know how to deal with them anymore. Just pissing me off -_-

Good night!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Haggling Day

Quick post just to commemorate my haggling day -_-

I had to make phone calls to energy supplier companies today since my energy contracts are finishing soon. I spent 30 min on the phone, which was not too bad since i was calling 2 different companies, but most of the time I was put on hold. Origin was not too bad, their on hold messages were actually tips on how to save money on your energy bills i.e. turning off appliances rather than putting it on stand by. AGL was "One of our operators will be with you shortly" repeatedly with like 10 seconds gap in between. It was loud too. I had to turn my phone volume down a bit.

But at least my effort was rewarded!! After days researching and comparing gas and electricity rates of numerous companies including Integral, Dodo, AGL, Energy Australia, Origin, TRU, and something that I can't remember but has blue in their logo, spending my lunch breaks researching, late night bill analysing, I finally got the best deal out of AGL ^^ Well.. i hope so lol :P They offered me the highest discount, and I was already tired researching so yeah sign me up please lol :P But I still have 10 days cooling off period, so if you know anything cheaper than AGL, please do tell me, I'd very appreciate it :)

And then, my 3 bill last month was $71 -_- I'm on 29 cap, so seeing $71 was a surprise for me. I know you guys out there spend A LOT of money on mobile and $29 cap is not enough, but for me $29 is sometimes more than enough. I looked at the bill and found out that it was because i was over my data usage by 170 MB??????? What did I download??? I didn't download anything!! I downloaded manga yes, but only at home and I always use my wireless internet connection. Same thing with apps, I download most if not all my apps at home...there must be a mistake.. also, it was stated that I used up to 100 mb just on 17 Jun. THAT IS WEIRD :/ 1 day of 100 MB???

So I went to 3 store QVB after being convinced my colleague to complain. They say it can be sorted out in the store anyway, no need to call customer care and wait for a long time. But when I told the manager (I assumed he was the manager since he was the only one staying at the register for a long time staring at the monitor) about my issue, hm..
1. He didn't really pay attention or looked at my bills seriously.
2. He straight away say I can't check your usage here, we don't have the capability to check it in our system, so you better call 3 care and they can check it out for you.
3. He didn't ask if I knew the number.
4. He didn't seem he cared

I'm not too happy about him :/ I should have answered the poll thingy on the counter. It's okay if he can't check it, but his face and attitude didn't show me that he actually cared about what I was asking him. It was like "Well... I can't check it here, so just call customer care." that kind of attitude? *sigh

Oh well, at least my waiting time was less than 5 min. Last time I went to the store, I was standing there for 10 minutes before someone actually said hi to me. And 2 of the staffs were actually hanging around the counter chatting. Eh wait... it was the QVB store again... why did I go back there? Coz that's the closest one after I got off the bus.. right.... well obviously not because of their good service lol :p

And that was a quick post :P

Good night everyone! :)

JuJu Japanese Tavern - Not Coming Back -_-"

Had dinner at JuJu @kings cross last Friday night with my uni friends. I actually was worried since the day before. I had made a reservation for 8 people, however another friend joined in, so i wanted to add 1 more. When i was trying to find the phone number on eatability, i stumbled upon people's reviews on JuJu. They all said the same thing "this restaurant used to be very good few years back but now they're going downhill. Food is bad and the service is bad." What worried me was those reviews were written just in June or May this year. So they were recent reviews!

We arrived at 8 and asked for bills around 11. The food was great, just like how it used to be. All of us agreed their yukke is the best so far. Ox tongue and tuna salad were good too. Sukiyaki was a bit too sweet but still okay. HOWEVER, the food took SO LONG to come. We got water after the 2nd entree was served (after asking for it many many times!! I thought water should be the first thing seved, even BEFORE the menu -_-).

Sukiyaki arrived at our table after 9.30 and they gave excuses that bcoz the sukiyaki stove takes a lot of place on the table, they wanted to wait till we finish other dishes. Well, hellooooo how can we finish our meals if the rice haven't arrived yet?? My table was fine coz we got our rice, but my friends table didn't get any. They had to ask 3 times!! The rice finally came after more than 30 min after they enquired about it the first time -_- " if it was my table, i might have already complained about it 10 min after i asked the first time . Also, if they were waiting for us, cant they ask?? The dish served before sukiyaki WASN'T EVEN an entree!!!!! It was main meal!! We would still accept it if it was entree, but it was main meal! and they expected us to finish it first? What if that one is just for 1 of us, and they rest wanted sukiyaki? DO WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR OUR FRIEND TO FINISH DINNER THEN WE CAN EAT????? Goodness!! We didn't know they were waiting for us, none of the staff told us anything! It was more than half an hour after that last dish came, surely it was WAY too long and they should have told us or ASK when we ordered? Other restaurants ask how we want our meals to come -_-" We just ate slowly since we thought we were waiting for it! Also, u know sukiyaki has soup. They didn't give us ANY spoons. We had to ASK for them. My table got stainless stell spoons. The other table got chinese soup spoons. See how inconsistent they are?

Guess what was the only thing they gave us in reasonable time? The bill.

They weren't even that busy -_-" We looked around and we noticed that all tables only had 1 group of customers that night. The turnover wasn't there. And they could ran out of rice? *laughing* How embarassing if it was MY restaurant. Also, shouldn't they calculate?? When it's almost running out, COOK AGAIN for god's sake! MY rice cooker takes 30 min the most to cook rice, how come theirs took more than that???? Did they have to pick the rice, take the skin off, and finally cooked it? Geess!

I'm not planning to come back there unless i had to. And when I checked with my friends, they agreed. NOT coming back on our freewill. We'll only go if it isn't us who pick the place. As for me, only if it's not me who picks the place, and if I fail on CONVINCING my friends on what a horrible experience I had there.

Good night all!

PS: No photos, WAY too hungry -_-"

Thursday, August 11, 2011

HSBC Credit Card Cash Back

Just want to share with you guys about my experience with HSBC and how nice they are :)

Last year, I applied for HSBC credit card when they had the $50 cash back. Basically I had to spend $500 on my credit card for the first 3 months and I'll get $50 cash back. Around Feb this year, I realised that I haven't got the $50. So I called. They said it might take up to 6 months for the cash back, so please wait and call them again if I haven't got it 6 months after I joined.

Being a lazy girl, I just remembered about it around 1-2 months ago :P Soooo I called again, asking for it. The girl on the phone said she'll look into it and get back to me soon. And it was soon. Few hours after, she rang me back saying unfortunately that offer finished on 30 Sep 2010 while I applied on 1 Oct 2010. I was in the office and it would take time for me to find any evidence so I said okay, I don't have my letters with me here anyway. So pretty much whatever.

However, around last week, I remembered about it again and dug my mailbox and voila! I found the email I got when I applied for it, dated 27 Sep 2010 ^^ Yayyy this is the good thing of NEVER deleting my emails unless it's junk :p Sooooooo, since i'm tired of calling and explaining (I'm much better in writing), I wrote a message explaining everything including the call I did 1-2 months ago saying I applied on 1 Oct. And said I have the email with me and would like to send it to them, so please respond to the message. 1 day after I got a phone call acknowledging my request and the girl said she thinks I was right. If my credit card was approved on 1 Oct, meaning I applied BEFORE 1 Oct. So she wanted to submit this issue to Investigation Department. Guess what :) The day after she called again and said she just credited $50 into my card. Hoorayyyyyy ^^

I'm very happy with their call centre. The girls who dealt with me were very nice, including the one who was actually wrong. She was still nice and sounded genuinely very helpful. And they responded to me within 1 day of request. Very happy :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Wettest Day in July in 2 Decades Random Blabbering


I thought I should write a bit just to keep my self not so lazy to write due to winter cold. I've been turning into a bear this winter. I don't eat as much as I usually eat in winter, BUT, I sleep A LOT more than I usually do in winter. My eyes are struggling to stay open eventhough now is 10:14 PM and I had some days when I fall asleep in my bed at 9.30 @_@ I'm seriously a bear now. And when I go home from work, I stuck in couch not willing to move until it's time to go to bed @_@ This winter is so cold!! And from today until next Monday or Tue, we'll have rainy days everyday T_T Don't get me wrong, I love rain. But I can't work without sun, I'd be sleepy all day and can't work. I love rain when I'm at home :D snuggling in bed :P

Anyway, it wasn't the main content of this post. Around 2 weeks ago, I just remembered that Friendster has completed their upgrades and I should export my profiles, photos, comments etc before they wipe all data. However, I was a week late T_T I lost all my testimonials >>>___<<< all those nice things my friends say about me... hix... don't say I'm narcistic, BUT, I will never get them write all those nice things they think I have in me anymore :( They all have grown up and won't do that anymore. 1. They see more flaws in me over the years. Well face it, the more you know someone, more flaws you'll see. 2. Even if they think you have all these nice characteristics, they won't say it to you anymore (in the way of "yeah keep dreaming of me saying you're good bla bla bla"). So.. all gone hix... T_T I did email friendster and asked, and this what they said -_-


As you can see, Friendster is sporting a brand new look.

As part of the reformat of the site, we had to remove some of the content of your old profile including the photo albums, blogs and most parts of the profile like the "more about " info, messages, comments and the testimonials.

We announced this change months ago and even made an exporter app available for users to save their information. The deadline for saving profiles and exporting photos and blog was June 27.

If you want to to go back to your old format profile and retrieve its data, (photos, messages, blogs, comments, etc.) we're sorry but it is no longer possible.

For information on how to use the new site, please visit our FAQ page at or check out this Youtube video

We're still in the early stages of the new site so there will be some early bumps along the way. We'd appreciate your patience and understanding. We hope you stick around to see our new and exciting features!


Friendster Team"

I could see the page was still there and everything was still there. They just make the page redirects to the new page. But that's what they say. Well if you think about it, true, I can't really complain. But it was all still there!! what's the difficulty of opening that exporter page again -_- I wonder -_-" Also, that email, this part kinda irritated me "We announced this change months ago and even made an exporter app available for users to save their information" That "even" sounds to me that they took it personally :/ I mean they're a business. They shouldn't take things personally. That "even" made it sound so unprofessional. Also, this line "If you want to to go back to your old format profile and retrieve its data, (photos, messages, blogs, comments, etc.) we're sorry but it is no longer possible.". Why do they have to say if you want to go back to your old bla bal bla first and then say it's no longer possible??? They actually had my hopes up thinking that oh, there's a way to get it, before being crushed again to the ground -_- I'm still not happy -_-

Hm talking about this makes me annoyed, so I better go to bed.

Good night!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Spreets - IMAX Tickets

Time flies! Suddenly it's been 2 months since I blogged last time :/ As I said, this blog was intended for praises and complaints and a bit of show offs :p (and of course some random blabbering I usually do XD). Now, it's time for complaint!

My sisters and I bought Australian Movie Tickets back in June. See this link for complete deal. Basically, I could buy Australian Movie Tickets which are valid in Dandy Cinema, IMAX and some other cinemas for $8. I personally bought them for watching movies in IMAX. It was a good deal considering I can watch 3D in IMAX for 8 bucks. It would cost me at least $11 to watch it in Events Cinema (And that's already a discounted ticket price).

However.... *sigh... it took SO LONG just to arrive in my mailbox!! It took at least 2 weeks to arrive. Australian Post does good jobs in delivering mails, local mails are usually received within 2 working days. And then while waiting for those tickets to arrive, somewhere at the back of my mind, I remember my colleague mentioned that Australian Movie Tickets always had some issues, that's why we stopped purchasing from them anymore. -_-" why didn't I remember that 2 weeks ago -_-"

Anyway, I have no problem with Spreets. I can't remember if I ever bought something of them, but even after this deal, I still don't label Spreets bad. Afterall, the despatch of those tickets were done by Australian Movie Tickets themselves, not Spreets. Spreets doesn't show my comments anymore, but I wrote that if I were them, I would think twice to do business with Australian Movie Tickets. Or at least maybe extend the validity of the vouchers. Those vouchers were valid for 3 months only. After the delay, they were only valid around 2 and half month or less...

Anyway, we used some of our vouchers last Sunday for Cars 2 :) The movie was great! :))

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catch of the Day Mystery Item

My devoted invisible follower said I don't blog much anymore, so he doesn't check my blog often anymore too, so I thought I better write something :p
But this post was actually 1 of my "to write list", so here it goes :)
I bought a Mystery Item from Catch of the day at the end of March. Long time ago, I bought a mystery item from them and got a torch and mobile phone cover. The torch didn't work. The mobile phone cover was okay, but I don't use touch screen mobile phone, so I didn't use it. From then on, I decided not to try ever again mystery items.
However, this time my sister convinced me to buy, and this is what it said that day:

Normally worth $30 elsewhere, today just $3.99!

Please note, today’s mystery item is one singular item. If you buy several to pass around to your friends and family, you will receive several of the same item.

This mystery item is a ripper. The value is so good that we just want to surprise you - it’s something that’s normally worth about $30 everywhere else, and it’s also something that most people actually need. You’re guaranteed to find that some of your friends or family will have a need for this item, so feel free to spread the word - you can buy as many as you like! It’s not exactly a “gift”, but if you handed a few of these around, you’d definitely be in most people’s good books.
Now here’s the best part. If you receive this item only to find that you don’t think it was worth it, we’ll give you a refund of the full purchase price! There it is - it’s foolproof. $30 value for only $3.99 with free shipping nation wide, and it’s something you’ll most likely need. And if you don’t need it, you’ll get your money back. NICE.

We only read the ones in red, especially the bold ones :P I actually didn't read all those, but then my sister mentioned it to me and yes it was true that it did say money back guarantee. So, we bought one.
It arrived WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY after we ordered it. Plus it arrived in normal white envelope with no sender :/ I ordered lots of stuffs from COTD and that was not how I usually receive my parcels. I actually had to google the details on the envelope to find out where was it from, and I only got Victoria :/ My colleague said maybe you ordered something from COTD? I completely forgot :/ so I went and check my order history and found that mystery order.

This is what I got

CA Internet Security Suite 2010. Which is not bad really, under normal circumstances I'd be happy to get legal antivirus software for 4 bucks. HOWEVER, I already bought the same thing from COTD days earlier for 2 bucks!!!!! -_- Don't mention shipping fee, there was a $10 shipping cap and I shared the shipping with that one colleague. He bought bunch of stuffs and he's a guy lol :P I only bought 1 :P I didn't actually pay anything for the one we ordered earlier, my colleague said it was nothing, just buy him drink sometime. Actually, drink costs more :/ Anyway, that's not the point. So, yeah, now I have 2 exact same thing. I then asked for a refund. And this is their response:


Apologies for the late reply, we've just returned from our Easter break.

We're incredibly sorry to hear that you're not completely satisfied with this Mystery Item! We do understand that in some cases it may not be of use to you, and as such we're more than happy to honour our advertised Money Back Guarantee.

In good faith, we've processed a refund of the purchase price to your account - though we will not be requesting for the item to be returned, you can do what you like with it.

Please allow 2-3 business days for the refund to appear on your statement.

We appreciate your patience.

Kind regards,

Customer Service Crew

How nice :) Now I trust their money back guarantee :)
Just a bit of confession, when we read "If you receive this item only to find that you don’t think it was worth it, we’ll give you a refund of the full purchase price! ", we actually thought the FULL original price of the item which is $30 :P lol. But no, it's $4 =P

Good night :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Visit to Dentist!! ^^


A month after my last post!! And again my eyes are struggling to keep opened :P so will be quick one again ;p

I went to dentist today ^^ hohoho ^^ My dentist is cute XD ahhahahaha.. today was my second appointment and I was late (again) ;p so instead of having my 2 right teeth done, he did filling for my left tooth. Yeah I know, it's a lot -_- I was surprised when he told me 3 of my teeth need filling, and some other teeth start having holes :((((((( I straight away upgraded my MBF Extra cover to Your Choice cover from Young cover.

Anyway, back to my dentist XD When I looked at the dentists profiles at Greenwood Dental website, I noticed that he was the youngest one there. I don't know if that's real or not, but that actually made me a bit worried when they scheduled me for appointment with him. I was worried he's a new dentist, hence does not have a lot of experience. I was actually thinking to call and change to someone else, but other dentists who are with MBF were all females (I was worried if I ever need my tooth pulled out - touch wood, a girl won't be strong enough to pull it :P), so I stick with him. Turned out he's good :) I, just like everybody else, am always nervous to go to dentist, but he's friendly and nice, and cute XD, and patience, and nice again :p and seems to always try to make you relaxed. So, he's good :P

The first time I came, I couldn't find my way there, so eventhough I was told to come 10 minutes earlier to fill in some forms, I arrived exactly on my appointment time. When he made appointment for me to have 2 fillings, he said "If you come late, we can just do 1 tooth. But you know how to get here anyway." I said "Yeah, shouldn't be, I know where it is now :)". Today, I was 10 minutes late -_-"""" humpphhh -_-" When I arrived, I said "Sorry, I'm late... again.." -_-" And then, when we made the appointment for next time,

Dentist: "So, 10:30 Saturday....." *showing his crossed fingers*

Me: *turning red* "Yeah, I know I know...." T_______T

I can't be late again!!!! -___-"

It wasn't bad at all. There were times when it was very... tingling? I don't know the word, but it wasn't continuosly, and it wasn't long too. And no pain. So I'm pleased :)) When we finished, he said "You've been doing really good.". But I think he was the one doing a really good job :))

Off to bed now, early start tomorrow :(

Nite niteeeeeee ^^

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Be grateful

I'm struggling to keep my eyes opened, so I'll just do a quick post.

This morning, we just heard the news that my cousins' grandma fell this morning when she woke up. She got up from bed and stood up, but fell down. She tried again, and she fell again. She was then rushed to the hospital. The doctor said she had brain haemorrhage and then did a CT Scan, turned out that she actually has a brain tumor that is pushing her motoric nerve and cause it to bleed. They suggest to have it removed via surgery. The thing is, she is old, the surgery is risky and they're afraid she can't handle it. In the other hand, well, she can't live with brain tumor either.

I can only pray for her to be better soon, however, this makes me think that all my friendship issues do not really matter. It makes me think that I shouldn't worry of all those trivial things. Friends, future, ambitions, holidays, etc, do not really matter. We shouldn't care about all things we want, or things we've lost. At least, we're still alive and are living well. Isn't it? And be glad just because we're all healthy now. One day, we might not.

Good night all.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Long time no see :P

Hellooooooooo ^^

It's been a while isn't it? When did I last update this blog :/ DECEMBER???? Oh god... okay... January was a tough month for me, and I didn't want my mood to affect my writing, so I didn't write.... February.. my parents came and stayed until last weekend, so I pretty much had to fight for PC with my sisters since my dad used my laptop and my other PC well you can say was counting its day to die :p Plus I can't really write with people watching behind me :S

Anywayyyy will try to write more often :) I haven't even put the full credit of those 13 gifts, so basi eh? :P But I will still do it (Hope I still have all the links hehehe...)

Got an hour extra sleep last night yayy :P now I have a headache -_-

Happy Daylight Saving everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

13 Days of Surprises Project - Full Credit =P

Just want to say thank you to everyone involved in 13 Days of Surprises project and to give credit to the websites that gave me the idea for the gifts :)

So, big big thank you to my 2 sisters, Fei and Han for their effort, hard work, and sleepless nights when helping me with this project. *hugssss and kissesss*. Fei for her effort and Han for her effort as well plus her googling experience :) Most of the images used were found by her on Google.

Thank you to my cousin too who came all the way from Manly to help with Final day gift :) I know you love me very much :P

And here are the full credit for all those days :)

Day 1: The bouquet was my idea :P I did google how to make the flowers, but none actually right to my liking, so I ended up just did it myself. The note background was found on Internet using google. Didn't keep the actual source, but it has Cyworld on it.

Day 2: I think I got the idea from 100 homemade gift idea, but the exact place is here. I modified it though, I used the spare mirror from my broken compact powder and bought the tin box at Lincraft. Shoebox is way too big :p The piggy balloon photo came from here.

Day 3: To be honest, I can't remember where I saw those turkeys the first time :/ I think I was just googling for gift ideas for this project and somehow came across it. I think this was what I ended up using as a guide. I quickly googled the image just before my lunch break, so I didn't keep the url :(

Day 4: I really thought I saw the recipe for the first time from Kevin and Amanda's newsletter.. but when I checked again, the date was December 29, 2010 :/ Oh, I think I found it when looking through some blogs and got redirected to Babbling Brooke's blog. Here's the recipe :) And here's the image :) Thank's to Riot for the scrapbook paper I used to make the cone (My sister bought it there).

Day 5: This voucher has been my catch phrase for so long lol :P Everytime someone asks me what I'd give them for their birthday, I would say "Voucher for hugs and kisses!!" lol :P FINALLY I got the chance to do it hahahahhahaha ^^ soo happy hahahhaha ^^ The box, ribbon and giftbag were really from Tiffany & Co. (In fact, I've still got like about 15 of them at home due to the vouchers I needed to pick up for my work ;P). The images I used for the voucher were from Google image. FYI, it wasn't already made up as a voucher. I combined them myself. Didn't keep the link though :( Sorry :(

Day 6: Got the idea from I modified the poem a bit though ehhehe.... my bestfriend couldn't really say if the poem was written by me or off the internet :p The cookie mix was from Coles Bondi Junction, special thanks for my sister to buy it for me :D

Day 7: The idea is from here :) I found it so sweet, so I decided to make it part of my project. The concept of band aid mending your heart is just so sweet and warm (to me ;P). We googled the quotes and most of them came from Disney, Confucius and Hellen Keller. We also used some quotes from book of homilies featured in Can't Buy Me Love (TVB Drama). The images were from google. The box was recycled from heat plaster box :P The instruction at the back was written by me, though i might copy the way it was written from the koyo box :P but everything was straight from my mind (I put all my heart writing it :P).

Day 8: My idea. Ok confession, I was kinda running out of ideas, this was the back up plan. But since I couldn't find anything better than this, than it was used :p So again, my original idea!!! ;p

Day 9: My idea again, triggered by my best friend's comment "Mirror mirror on the wall... just like sleeping beauty" lol :P The facts were from different places. Mostly wikipedia I think. I believe the envelope was from Sunhat Hut :p and the paper from Lincraft (I paid for it ;p When i bought it, I had bad stomachache -_-" I had to run all the way to Myer foodcourt bcoz of it -_-)

Day 10: My idea again, but it's just cookies. So, ordinary idea. It was 1 of my original plan (before it went out of hand and became a big project rather than really really little surprise everyday :p). The recipe came from Better Homes and Gardens that I saw longggggggggg time ago. I found it again on Better Homes and Gardens website. I like the concept of old time chinese wine jar, so I wrapped the paper on the lid, looks nice huh? The paper came from..... Japan City recycled wrapping paper :P The tag was from here with text removed.

Day 11: It was movie ticket, so really no special idea there, but it was my sisters who suggested it. The envelope was actually the real event cinema gift card/voucher's envelope.

Day 12: As I said in previous post, this came from a dare. I couldn't knit, so I had to ask my friend Pipit to teach me how to knit. I was a very bad student -_- knitting was hard for me to get used to, it just didn't make sense to me :p AND, I bought the wrong type of yarn for a beginner :P The button was a spare button from one of my clothes (See how nice I am?? Sacrificing my own clothes? :P) The box was actually ferrero rocher box. MY idea :P Looks nice huh? :))

Finally, Day 13: The original plan was just to give a small cake, and I mean small, like 7x7 cm. I ended up baking a whole cake :S Recipe came from here. Ingredients from Coles :P and the big box was bought from Hot Dollar from across my apartment :p And again, thanks to my sisters and cousin who helped me baking it :) We started in the afternoon and finished at around 8 or 9 PM :p

So that's all!!! I think blogspot will date this post as at when it started to be written, but today is actually 9 Apr 2011 3:16 AM. It did take a long time to finish this post lol :p

Now, bed time.

Good night all :)