Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Haggling Day

Quick post just to commemorate my haggling day -_-

I had to make phone calls to energy supplier companies today since my energy contracts are finishing soon. I spent 30 min on the phone, which was not too bad since i was calling 2 different companies, but most of the time I was put on hold. Origin was not too bad, their on hold messages were actually tips on how to save money on your energy bills i.e. turning off appliances rather than putting it on stand by. AGL was "One of our operators will be with you shortly" repeatedly with like 10 seconds gap in between. It was loud too. I had to turn my phone volume down a bit.

But at least my effort was rewarded!! After days researching and comparing gas and electricity rates of numerous companies including Integral, Dodo, AGL, Energy Australia, Origin, TRU, and something that I can't remember but has blue in their logo, spending my lunch breaks researching, late night bill analysing, I finally got the best deal out of AGL ^^ Well.. i hope so lol :P They offered me the highest discount, and I was already tired researching so yeah sign me up please lol :P But I still have 10 days cooling off period, so if you know anything cheaper than AGL, please do tell me, I'd very appreciate it :)

And then, my 3 bill last month was $71 -_- I'm on 29 cap, so seeing $71 was a surprise for me. I know you guys out there spend A LOT of money on mobile and $29 cap is not enough, but for me $29 is sometimes more than enough. I looked at the bill and found out that it was because i was over my data usage by 170 MB??????? What did I download??? I didn't download anything!! I downloaded manga yes, but only at home and I always use my wireless internet connection. Same thing with apps, I download most if not all my apps at home...there must be a mistake.. also, it was stated that I used up to 100 mb just on 17 Jun. THAT IS WEIRD :/ 1 day of 100 MB???

So I went to 3 store QVB after being convinced my colleague to complain. They say it can be sorted out in the store anyway, no need to call customer care and wait for a long time. But when I told the manager (I assumed he was the manager since he was the only one staying at the register for a long time staring at the monitor) about my issue, hm..
1. He didn't really pay attention or looked at my bills seriously.
2. He straight away say I can't check your usage here, we don't have the capability to check it in our system, so you better call 3 care and they can check it out for you.
3. He didn't ask if I knew the number.
4. He didn't seem he cared

I'm not too happy about him :/ I should have answered the poll thingy on the counter. It's okay if he can't check it, but his face and attitude didn't show me that he actually cared about what I was asking him. It was like "Well... I can't check it here, so just call customer care." that kind of attitude? *sigh

Oh well, at least my waiting time was less than 5 min. Last time I went to the store, I was standing there for 10 minutes before someone actually said hi to me. And 2 of the staffs were actually hanging around the counter chatting. Eh wait... it was the QVB store again... why did I go back there? Coz that's the closest one after I got off the bus.. right.... well obviously not because of their good service lol :p

And that was a quick post :P

Good night everyone! :)

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