Wednesday, August 24, 2011

JuJu Japanese Tavern - Not Coming Back -_-"

Had dinner at JuJu @kings cross last Friday night with my uni friends. I actually was worried since the day before. I had made a reservation for 8 people, however another friend joined in, so i wanted to add 1 more. When i was trying to find the phone number on eatability, i stumbled upon people's reviews on JuJu. They all said the same thing "this restaurant used to be very good few years back but now they're going downhill. Food is bad and the service is bad." What worried me was those reviews were written just in June or May this year. So they were recent reviews!

We arrived at 8 and asked for bills around 11. The food was great, just like how it used to be. All of us agreed their yukke is the best so far. Ox tongue and tuna salad were good too. Sukiyaki was a bit too sweet but still okay. HOWEVER, the food took SO LONG to come. We got water after the 2nd entree was served (after asking for it many many times!! I thought water should be the first thing seved, even BEFORE the menu -_-).

Sukiyaki arrived at our table after 9.30 and they gave excuses that bcoz the sukiyaki stove takes a lot of place on the table, they wanted to wait till we finish other dishes. Well, hellooooo how can we finish our meals if the rice haven't arrived yet?? My table was fine coz we got our rice, but my friends table didn't get any. They had to ask 3 times!! The rice finally came after more than 30 min after they enquired about it the first time -_- " if it was my table, i might have already complained about it 10 min after i asked the first time . Also, if they were waiting for us, cant they ask?? The dish served before sukiyaki WASN'T EVEN an entree!!!!! It was main meal!! We would still accept it if it was entree, but it was main meal! and they expected us to finish it first? What if that one is just for 1 of us, and they rest wanted sukiyaki? DO WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR OUR FRIEND TO FINISH DINNER THEN WE CAN EAT????? Goodness!! We didn't know they were waiting for us, none of the staff told us anything! It was more than half an hour after that last dish came, surely it was WAY too long and they should have told us or ASK when we ordered? Other restaurants ask how we want our meals to come -_-" We just ate slowly since we thought we were waiting for it! Also, u know sukiyaki has soup. They didn't give us ANY spoons. We had to ASK for them. My table got stainless stell spoons. The other table got chinese soup spoons. See how inconsistent they are?

Guess what was the only thing they gave us in reasonable time? The bill.

They weren't even that busy -_-" We looked around and we noticed that all tables only had 1 group of customers that night. The turnover wasn't there. And they could ran out of rice? *laughing* How embarassing if it was MY restaurant. Also, shouldn't they calculate?? When it's almost running out, COOK AGAIN for god's sake! MY rice cooker takes 30 min the most to cook rice, how come theirs took more than that???? Did they have to pick the rice, take the skin off, and finally cooked it? Geess!

I'm not planning to come back there unless i had to. And when I checked with my friends, they agreed. NOT coming back on our freewill. We'll only go if it isn't us who pick the place. As for me, only if it's not me who picks the place, and if I fail on CONVINCING my friends on what a horrible experience I had there.

Good night all!

PS: No photos, WAY too hungry -_-"

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