Thursday, August 11, 2011

HSBC Credit Card Cash Back

Just want to share with you guys about my experience with HSBC and how nice they are :)

Last year, I applied for HSBC credit card when they had the $50 cash back. Basically I had to spend $500 on my credit card for the first 3 months and I'll get $50 cash back. Around Feb this year, I realised that I haven't got the $50. So I called. They said it might take up to 6 months for the cash back, so please wait and call them again if I haven't got it 6 months after I joined.

Being a lazy girl, I just remembered about it around 1-2 months ago :P Soooo I called again, asking for it. The girl on the phone said she'll look into it and get back to me soon. And it was soon. Few hours after, she rang me back saying unfortunately that offer finished on 30 Sep 2010 while I applied on 1 Oct 2010. I was in the office and it would take time for me to find any evidence so I said okay, I don't have my letters with me here anyway. So pretty much whatever.

However, around last week, I remembered about it again and dug my mailbox and voila! I found the email I got when I applied for it, dated 27 Sep 2010 ^^ Yayyy this is the good thing of NEVER deleting my emails unless it's junk :p Sooooooo, since i'm tired of calling and explaining (I'm much better in writing), I wrote a message explaining everything including the call I did 1-2 months ago saying I applied on 1 Oct. And said I have the email with me and would like to send it to them, so please respond to the message. 1 day after I got a phone call acknowledging my request and the girl said she thinks I was right. If my credit card was approved on 1 Oct, meaning I applied BEFORE 1 Oct. So she wanted to submit this issue to Investigation Department. Guess what :) The day after she called again and said she just credited $50 into my card. Hoorayyyyyy ^^

I'm very happy with their call centre. The girls who dealt with me were very nice, including the one who was actually wrong. She was still nice and sounded genuinely very helpful. And they responded to me within 1 day of request. Very happy :)

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