Monday, May 31, 2010

Nothing really.. :/

I just want to bla bla bla though nothing much really happening lately :/ plus, I looked at this blog and realised I only did about 4 posts within 2 weeks. So I thought I'll post another one :P

I was planning to order Gmarket tonight, but just before I placed the order, I found this seller who sells a lot of long sleeves t-shirts. My sisters and I are in DESPERATE need of long sleeve tops. It's winter here in Sydney and we always have to dig our wardrobe every morning trying to find long sleeves clothes. My bestfriend told me of Coco Latte, she said they sell cheap cardigans, tank tops etc, but I work full time if not over time, so my only day off is pretty much Sunday after church. When I went there 2 weeks ago, they were closed -_- so bad luck for me and them as I can't buy from them, and lucky for Gmarket and me as I can order from them lol :P Well anyway, after we found this Gmarket seller, my sister's eyes only had like 0.5 watt left so we have to leave it till tomorrow for ordering. Nevermind, more time means wiser thought before purchasing right? :D

So far my shopping cart has 18 items. 8 for my cousins, 10 for me and sis. I said to my cousin the other day that this order would just be for doing her a favor (she missed out the first order due to studying day and night :P), so I won't order as many as last time (15). Now I'm not so sure >>>___<<<

Bed time now, will post the stuffs I order when I order them :P

Nightttttttt :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Complain about -_-"

I did check my Inbox again to see if I've got response from Luvluv.Biz, but nope, no response. So... let's begin my first complain -_-"

I ordered a "YY54 Korean Japan Blue Summer Evening Sequins Dress" off eBay back in November and guess what? I haven't received it until now!! Ughhhhhhhh I'm so annoyeddddd -____-" The seller did send me email maybe in December telling me that they had problem with their supplier and will have it sent once it's sorted. They offered refund if I could not wait (I think they did, but I might have to double check my inbox), or as a thank you for waiting patiently, they'll give me a free dress. Well.. of course I chose free dress! However, after going back and forth about the sizes (and she did say it will be sent to me!) she emailed me that I won't be getting the dress as I did not give positive feedback before her eBay account was unregistered! How could I give her positive feedback if I haven't got the dress???????????????????????????? Okay... patience.... that's okay the dress might not fit anyway as the size was pretty small... so.. okay... I'll wait... hang on... why didn't I swap to refund that time???? silly me!!!!!!! *pulling my hair outttt* -_-

So I kept waiting and January came. I was worried the dress would be sent when I was away in Jakarta, so I sent her another email. She replied saying she still had problem with supplier, sorry, and it will be sent once it's sorted. Okay... wait.... and last month I couldn't wait any longer, I sent her email asking for refund. And then I lodged Paypal investigation. But since it's WAY over 45 days since purchase, I'm not covered by the Buyer protection -_- I forwarded last month's email to her too yesterday, and I haven't heard anything.

So anyone out there who buys dresses off someone from, better beware..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Gmarket Haul!! ^^

Finally my Gmarket Hauls arrived last Thursday ^^ I ordered it on 2 May 2010 (Sunday). By Wednesday, all of my stuffs were in Gmarket, butttt my boots were still on request T_T I think it finally arrived on Friday which means 5 working days. Well... still okay... but since the other stuffs arrived within 3 working days then this is long :P Anyway, finally my stuffs got in the plane on 11 May, arrived in Sydney and stayed in custom the following day, and finally picked up by my beloved sisters on 13 May :D

Please note that "Unsuccessful Delivery" on 13 May. The truth was, Australia Post did not even attempt a delivery! I was tracking the parcel on AusPost website and then called them up to check if it's in Post Office already. However, there were no parcel delivered and no card placed to pick it up. So, no attempt at all right? So my sister just went with ID to pick it up.

We ordered 19 Items!!!! It's actually 15 for my sisters and I, and 4 for my cousin :D I actually ordered 20, but 1 was cancelled due to either defect or out of stock. They didn't really specify it to me. This is the one that was cancelled :( I think it was about 5 bucks ------------------------------->

<------ Here are what we bought :) Please excuse the photo quality, I'm no photographer :P

1 & 3. They are long sleeves jumpers. When I ordered
it I thought they would be thick enough for winter but it's not. It's thin and only suitable for Spring I think. But the design is cute and the fabric is soft. The afro and the girl's hair is actually wools, not printed. They are very loose type of jumpers. Cost about 12 USD each. Link

2. This has ears on the hood!! My sister's (and my :P) eyes were sparkling when
seeing them :P This is actually thicker than those 2 jumpers :/ I think it's < $10. Click here for the page.

4. I ordered this in impulse :P Lately I've been attracted with red and kind of hot pink so this caught my eyes. And it wasn't a bad impulse buy! I think I like this best compared to the other 5 :D The material is soft too and normal thickness. AND, the size fits me best too! ^^ Can't remember the prize, but should be about 12 bucks.

5. We actually bought another jacket of similar type but in green. They are both too big for us :( Especially the white one. I have to adjust it a bit if I can. But it's warm and the style is good. I like it :) $12 for the white one and $15 for the green one. Click here for the white one, and here for the green one.

6. A bit thin too, but still good material and this fits my sis perfectly :) Same link as the jumpers. The good thing was.. it was $8 :P

We ordered this cardigan too. And we actually felt cheated. The seller obviously used flash when taking picture :( We thought it's white blue stripe, but it's grey blue stripe :((

But after seeing it many times, I got used to it and it's not so bad anymore :) It's baggy Korean type.
It's not thick, but
it might be a bit hot wearing it in Spring. See the difference between the Gmarket photo and my photo. $9.9. Link

Now shoes :p (Shoes were actually the stuffs that made me so wanting to order from Gmarket :P)

Overall the shoes are good. They are comfy and look almost the same as the photos on the website. The boots are so nice!! Lucky I didn't cancel them because they were the ones holding the delivery. They were $27, which is a bit expensive, but they're worth it :) We like them so much :D Let me know if you want the link, I'll try digging my order history.
I actually wanted to find fluffy/feathery type of boots for winter, but it's almost summer in Korea and I couldn't find any :(

They are all fit, but the beige ones are a bit rough on the back. I think they could cause blisters.

The Pink ones were $13.9 and the beige were $12 (Link here)

I'm pretty sure I ordered the beige one instead of black, but they sent the black ones. They are good though. I like this black and the material is the thickest compared to the other 2. They were $13.9 and on this

I actually can't find the link for the boots, but they were about $27 and they are so comfortable. They have heels inside the boots, so people won't know unless they look closely hehhehe... :D Good for short people like me :P

Last, *phew.... my nail art :D I ordered 2 Konad Nail Art plates and the stamp. The plates were $3.3 each (if my memory serves me right..) and the stamp was $3. I went stamping right away the night I got them and I did pretty good job for a first timer! :D I did take photo, but my camera auto focus was stupid and couldn't focus on my nails so.. -_-" Don't have the link too but just find konad nail art on gmarket and you'll find them right away.

They also gave some freebies yay ^^ I love freebies :P Some crystals, gems and stuffs to stick on my nails. Pretty good considering I only ordered 3 items :) I ordered the plates with the japanese girl in kimono (S9) and the one with musical score on it. I did the musical score on my first attempt :D I actually wanted to make Heart pattern french nail thingy, but it was hard, so I swapped to the music score. They were great :)

My cousin ordered 2 beenies, 1 scarf and a pair of heels (I should have ordered beenie too :( They all are good quality and cost her around $60 in total. Now her sister asks me everyday when I'm gonna order my second haul lol :P

That's it for now, time for bed....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thanks Mr Bus Driver :)

I think I've been working and using my brain too much at work lately. I forgot 3 things today:
  1. I left my umbrella in the office today and I just realized it once I was home -_-

  2. My colleague gave me the last piece of his birthday cake and because it was so yummy, I put aside a little piece of it in the fridge so I could bring home for my sister to try. It's still in the fridge -_- and again, I just realized it while I was lazying around at home -_-"

  3. The most important one. I left my wallet in my drawer at work. Stopped a bus, got on it, and searching for my wallet. As I couldn't find it in my bag, I remembered I put it in my drawer ughhhh.. the problem was, I had neither travel tens nor money on me. Not even a cent! My face must have gone red straight away. I was thinking to just sit down and hope there would be no checking on that bus, but I mean, it's obvious, I didn't feed any ticket in, and there's no beep sound either. Everybody would know I didn't pay right? I actually thought of dipping my old Easter Show ticket in :S (Yes, I still have that in my card wallet). So.. no choice.. I went up to the driver at the following stop and told him the problem while praying he would let me stay in the bus >.< The worst case would be getting off at that stop which was North Sydney and walk all the way up Harbour Bridge right? :/ Which is like 1 hour walk :/ To my surprise, he responded cheerfully "That's okay!!" I was, "Ah? It's okay?" and he said "Yeah!!" Hoorayyyyyyy ^^ I didn't have to walk ^^ phew..... At least I was LEGALLY not paying for the ride :D
So... if you are the bus driver who drove M20 from North Sydney to City at about 6.15, thank you so much!!!! I appreciate it :) And if you're not the driver but know the driver, please give my thanks to him okay? :D

First Entry!!! and BV's Giveaway Prize received ^^

I was thinking to write "First Blog" instead of "First Entry", but then I remembered I did have a blog about 5 years back :P so "First Entry" then :P

I've been planning to write blog again since last year to share my complaints and praises about anything, but I'm always the kind of "yeah... i'll do it later.... tomorrow... on the weekend.... " and so on kind of girl, so yeah... it's been delayed. The one that gave me more motivation was my first Gmarket Haul ^^ I was planning to make it my first entry, however, I received BV's Giveaway Prize today and was very happy about it and so I made it my first entry :P

Thanks so much to BV for this giveaway, I'll treasure it :D Just FYI, BV is the owner of Verdict on Beauty blog which I've been following lately. She had this giveaway and I was lucky to be the winner. She has a good blog and I like her writing style.

Here's what I got :)
For full details of the items, please click here :)

Again, thanks BV!!! And I'll keep your identity a secret :D