Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thanks Mr Bus Driver :)

I think I've been working and using my brain too much at work lately. I forgot 3 things today:
  1. I left my umbrella in the office today and I just realized it once I was home -_-

  2. My colleague gave me the last piece of his birthday cake and because it was so yummy, I put aside a little piece of it in the fridge so I could bring home for my sister to try. It's still in the fridge -_- and again, I just realized it while I was lazying around at home -_-"

  3. The most important one. I left my wallet in my drawer at work. Stopped a bus, got on it, and searching for my wallet. As I couldn't find it in my bag, I remembered I put it in my drawer ughhhh.. the problem was, I had neither travel tens nor money on me. Not even a cent! My face must have gone red straight away. I was thinking to just sit down and hope there would be no checking on that bus, but I mean, it's obvious, I didn't feed any ticket in, and there's no beep sound either. Everybody would know I didn't pay right? I actually thought of dipping my old Easter Show ticket in :S (Yes, I still have that in my card wallet). So.. no choice.. I went up to the driver at the following stop and told him the problem while praying he would let me stay in the bus >.< The worst case would be getting off at that stop which was North Sydney and walk all the way up Harbour Bridge right? :/ Which is like 1 hour walk :/ To my surprise, he responded cheerfully "That's okay!!" I was, "Ah? It's okay?" and he said "Yeah!!" Hoorayyyyyyy ^^ I didn't have to walk ^^ phew..... At least I was LEGALLY not paying for the ride :D
So... if you are the bus driver who drove M20 from North Sydney to City at about 6.15, thank you so much!!!! I appreciate it :) And if you're not the driver but know the driver, please give my thanks to him okay? :D

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