Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Entry!!! and BV's Giveaway Prize received ^^

I was thinking to write "First Blog" instead of "First Entry", but then I remembered I did have a blog about 5 years back :P so "First Entry" then :P

I've been planning to write blog again since last year to share my complaints and praises about anything, but I'm always the kind of "yeah... i'll do it later.... tomorrow... on the weekend.... " and so on kind of girl, so yeah... it's been delayed. The one that gave me more motivation was my first Gmarket Haul ^^ I was planning to make it my first entry, however, I received BV's Giveaway Prize today and was very happy about it and so I made it my first entry :P

Thanks so much to BV for this giveaway, I'll treasure it :D Just FYI, BV is the owner of Verdict on Beauty blog which I've been following lately. She had this giveaway and I was lucky to be the winner. She has a good blog and I like her writing style.

Here's what I got :)
For full details of the items, please click here :)

Again, thanks BV!!! And I'll keep your identity a secret :D

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