Friday, November 4, 2011

Continuation of My 3 Bill Shock

I'm so damn sleepy now, but I think I better write this down first, if not my list of things to blog will just grow longer T_T *yawn..*

Anyway, remember my Haggling Day post over 2 months ago? 1 of them was about me being charged $71 eventhough I'm on $29 cap, with the reason of data excess. For complete details, please see the related post (I'm too tired explaining, you'll know why in a second).

So, after I went to the store, I made a phone to 3 customer care. Give me a break, define care -_-" First call, I explained everything blablabla.... and the guy tried to check it for me. The guy was polite so I was trying my best to contain my anger for being charged a lot. Before the guy finished checking, the line dropped.. -_-" and so my jaw -_-" I waited for 5 minutes, hoping he would call me back. Come on, you've got my number, shouldn't you call me back??? I didn't know YOUR direct number. And even if I got ur name, you didn't give me last name. How many people can have same name as you? can be none, can be hundred too!!!! Anyway, he didn't call me back.

So I called them again. This time a girl picked it up. Nice girl, I explained EVERYTHING again. And she tried to transfer me to the guy.

I was then transferred to a guy, but it turned out that he wasn't the guy I spoke to the very first time. Now count, how many times have I explained this case? 3 times!!! This 3rd guy checked and said he can't tell me what used up my data, but it was correct. -_- HOW CAN YOU SAY SOMETHING IS CORRECT if you CAN'T SEE WHAT IT WAS?????????????? but again, this guy was pretty polite, so I tried my BEST to be polite too. I kept not accepting his reasoning since 1. I don't use my 3g data connection much. 2. I use my wireless at home from TPG (Thank god it's not 3 or Vodafone -_-). He then transferred me to his supervisor.

Maybe 3 doesn't keep call log history. Because I had to explain AGAIN to this supervisor for the how many times? FORTH times -_- now you know why I didn't want to explain everything again. But this guy was the worst. He kept insisting saying it was my facebook or my wireless doesn't work. Well, hello???? I have unlimited facebook FYI since you obviously didn't check my account. AND, I am not that stupid to watch those videos or click on all those shared links. And 2nd, my wireless works perfectly fine. See what his problem is? He can't see what I downloaded or visited, but he was more than 100% sure it was MY issue. WHY CAN'T YOU BE WRONG. And then he offered me content pack! GREAT. I then said, okay, i'll log off facebook from now on, so if it happens again you can't say it's because of facebook. And then he said "Yes. If it happens again, then it must be your handset problem." What the????????? And then he added "Or our system, and then we will investigate that time." 1. So mistakes always happen on customers' side, 3 is always right. 2. So, even if 3 is wrong, basically I have to experience this many times before being investigated properly? Now I know how you work. Which makes me remember, back on my first year with 3, I got charged content pack for more than a year eventhough I cancelled it on my 4th month. When I called asking, I got 10 bucks refund max if I recall correctly. Eventhough I got charged for 12 times $3 at least. Just because my friends was working in call center field during that period that I let it go, but really I shouldn't have. But yeah, that's how you work I guess, back then and then now.

I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pissed off so I wrote a formal complaint and lodged it on 3 website. I believe it was more than 1 A4 paper long. I wasn't expecting reply. But I was determined to not continue with 3 or Vodafone after my contract finishes.
2 days after that, I got a reply, this is a snapshot of it:

"As mentioned in the earlier email that if you are using a wifi connection to connect to the internet please make sure the internet on your phone is switched off. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused as we are unable to help with the exact usage done and hope that the above mentioned information will come in handy.

We have checked the price plan as you are on $29.00 cap and it gives you 200mb of data allowance and accessing facebook is free however, if there are any picture uploaded or any video that you friends have uploaded and you are watching the video the time it is buffering is the time its downloading from the server and the data allowance is taken from the 200mb data allowance ir you are charged if there is no data allowance remaining.

Please be aware that you are our valuable customer and we look forward for your co-operation and continued patronage. . Hence, as a goodwill gesture, we'd like to offer you a credit of $50.00.

If we can assist you further, please contact us again via email or call 3 Care on 13 33 20."
And they still going on about facebook and wireless. Eventhough I mentioned soooooo many times that I don't watch videos and always make sure my wireless is on before using internet. I replied saying that and said thanks anyway.

I got that email on 2 Sep 2011. Today is 4 Nov 2011 and I haven't received that credit -_-"" were they just lying hoping I'll forget?? I replied to that same email and asked about the credit. No reply until today. This afternoon I copy pasted my email into that complaint tool again.

We'll see if they will every respond. I really don't know how to deal with them anymore. Just pissing me off -_-

Good night!

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